Acknowledgment Receipts: What Are They?

Acknowledgment receipts are professional receipt forms that an employer hands out to new employees after the said employer has given the business welcoming kit, job agreement, company policy and procedures guide, and other essentials to these new professionals. Consider an acknowledgment receipt as a document of confirmation wherein an employee or customer signs the receipt after receiving specific goods or services. More so, acknowledgment receipts verify what kind of items, files, or messages a recipient receives.

What Makes an Acknowledgment Receipt Important?

Even though cash payment doesn’t always concern acknowledgment receipts, there are a bunch of reasons why such documents still matter in business. Here are verified reasons that prove the importance of acknowledgment receipts:

Verifies the Items Sent or Received

Remember that an acknowledgment receipt affirms if the recipient has received the goods mentioned in the receipt; hence, the receipt should specifically determine what every item was given or received. Whether the items involve an employment agreement, new hire’s handbook, company laptop, or any other example, these products must be stated in the receipt for confirmation. So if a customer signs the receipt, that means she/he/they acknowledge to have received the goods enlisted in the document.

Prevents Lost or Duplicate Items

Another crucial thing to note in the acknowledgment receipt’s purpose is to avoid duplicates or lost items, especially when these items could be expensive equipment or important business property. Without a receipt for verification, it is possible that a company’s laptop wasn’t received by the recipient or that a new employee ends up receiving two or more company handbooks, which is unnecessary. So to properly lay out items and confirm if everything goes exactly as planned, an acknowledgment receipt helps a lot.

Benefits More than Employers

Even though most employers are expected to hand out these receipts to employees, you should know that acknowledgment receipts also concern public relations professionals, delivery riders, and many more. For example, the PR team would send out free goods to a client and would expect the client to sign the acknowledgment receipt upon receiving the products. Campers may receive camping kits, artists may get free sketching software, or any other example as long as it will be verified with a receipt.

Covers Detailed Information

Don’t underestimate an acknowledgment receipt’s small size because even one receipt houses a variety of information. Acknowledge receipts outline the issued date, name of the item received, name of recipient, and so much more. Even though it isn’t exactly a legal document, an acknowledgment receipt can be just as important as any purchase receipt when it comes to having an official statement or acknowledgment about sent or received goods.

Administers Transparency

You will appreciate an acknowledgment receipt’s function in terms of being transparent about the sent or received products between a sender and a receiver. This type of receipt is like a notary acknowledgment except it proves that a recipient took hold of the mentioned products enlisted in the receipt rather than just assuming that a recipient has received them without actual proof. At least acknowledgment receipts display who gets the item, when it was received, who sent it, and other details important for both parties to know about.

What Are the Components of an Acknowledgment Receipt?

You already know that an acknowledgment receipt contains a series of important details, and it is necessary to specifically know what these elements are. Although acknowledgment receipts may be formatted or designed differently from one example to another, it is expected that standard acknowledgment receipts contain the following components:

Title of the Receipt: Simply having the word “receipt” on a document isn’t enough because that piece of paper could be mistaken as a loan receipt, salary receipt, down payment receipt, check payment receipt, or full payment receipt. Instead, be specific by stating the receipt’s title which is “acknowledgment receipt,” and it is usually written on the top part of the document for easy viewing.Date of Acknowledgment: The acknowledgment date refers to the exact day, month, and year that the receipt is acknowledged. The date may not matter to some people but it could be needed as a reference, such as when you are asked about the exact schedule of when you handed out an acknowledgment receipt to a recipient.Sender’s Details: The sender is a no-brainer in that it refers to the person who wrote or issued the receipt, may it be the employer, trainer, team leader, or anyone of authority. Be sure to jot down the complete sender’s details such as the full name, company name, job title or position, address, and contact list.Name of Item/Document: Leave a section to write down the names of every item, business document, or message given to the recipient; this part is crucial because it serves as the basis on what recipients must confirm if they got the items enlisted here or not yet. If there is more than one item expected, then enumerate what those items are with just enough description for the recipient to understand.Statement of Acknowledgment: Probably the most critical part of an acknowledgment receipt is the statement of acknowledgment; without this brief section, your whole acknowledgment receipt is useless. The verified statement of acknowledgment specifically confirms that the designated person to receive the item has the goods as well as mentions the significant details of what the recipient actually gets.Recipient’s Name and Signature: The recipient’s name and signature segment is basically the recipient’s answer sheet to log their full name and signature; thus, it confirms that the recipient acknowledges the received goods. This element is usually found near the end of the receipt’s message and is typically written where the signature is on top of the name in print.Notes: A free segment where you can write other last-minute details or special instructions would be under the notes section. Found at the bottommost part of an acknowledgment receipt, the notes could be about anything such as the property budget amount or value of the goods, a call-to-action statement for the recipient to reply to as soon as possible, or any other concern.

How to Create a Proper Acknowledgment Receipt

Acknowledgment or acknowledging receipts eventually comes in handy for business purposes and it is crucial that you know how to make one when such documents are most opportune. After getting a taste of the acknowledgment receipt’s meaning, importance, and list of components, you are sure to ace the basic steps of how to form an acknowledgment receipt effortlessly.

Step 1: Recognize Your Purpose

While it is clear you are about to craft an acknowledgment receipt, be sure to identify what it is for first. Are you an employer who is about to check if a new hire received the introductory documents or for something else? Set a clear purpose statement because it will help you ensure that the acknowledgment receipt’s details would go in line with your main purpose.

Step 2: Edit a Blank Acknowledgment Receipt Sample

For the main course, choose from any of the sample acknowledgment receipt templates above, and feel free to customize your preferred printable template. Each sample is editable so you can change the content, design, layout, and lots of other features. The key is to personalize the acknowledgment receipt sample wherein it looks like your own official receipt already, such as incorporating your business name in the document.

Step 3: Design Your Company Letterhead

Speaking of including the business name in the receipt, don’t forget to set a proper company letterhead on the acknowledgment receipt. This part of the acknowledgment receipt brings identity to your brand wherein you display your company logo, business trademark, business contact info, and other branding details. The point is to set a uniform letterhead for every receipt you may hand out moving forward and the details in the letter may even serve for marketing purposes, such as to make your company known upon seeing the document.

Step 4: Complete the Elements of an Acknowledgment Receipt

From the receipt’s title, and acknowledgment date, down to the notes section, make sure to incorporate the complete components of a standard acknowledgment receipt. As previously discussed, these elements form a solid acknowledgment receipt, and lacking any component will make your document less effective. Most importantly, keep the statement of acknowledgment visible on your receipt because that statement alone validates the whole acknowledgment receipt.

Step 5: Write Clearly and Professionally

Similar to how you prepare any business letter, the acknowledgment receipt should be written in a clear and professional manner. It is a formal receipt after all so there is no need to include long and unnecessary statements. The key is to keep your message straightforward or succinct so that whoever reads the document will get the gist right away as to what its purpose is and what items received are being acknowledged.

Step 6: Finalize the Receipt’s Size and Format

Lastly, finalize the size, format, and overall design of your acknowledgment receipt. Receipts usually measure around 8.5″ x 4.25″ and you may opt for a bigger size which is 8.5″ x 11″. Also, set if you want to print the acknowledgment receipt or just send it via email or online; online acknowledgment receipts are measured in pixels, specifically around 300px x 95px.


What are the standard sizes of a receipt?

Receipts generally measure around 8.5″ x 4.25″, 6″ x 4.25″, 4.25″ x 6″, 8.5″ x 3.3″, and 8.5″ x 11″.

What is the standard size of a receipt in pixels?

It is 300px x 95px; however, you may always opt for other pixel sizes for better quality or resolution.

Should I keep a copy of an acknowledgment receipt?

Yes, always keep extra copies of an acknowledgment receipt because you will likely provide a copy for yourself, for the recipient, and for the business office’s documentation.

What are some tips for writing an acknowledgment receipt?

Write an acknowledgment receipt in a formal tone, with specific words, in a timely manner, with complete details, and with extra copies.

What are examples of items acknowledged in acknowledgment receipts?

Common items tackled in an acknowledgment receipt are business handbooks, employment or job agreements, policies, welcoming kits, business equipment, and other professional documents or messages.

It is acknowledgment or acknowledgement receipt?

Actually, both spellings are correct except that “acknowledgment” is for the US English spelling while “acknowledgement” is for the British English spelling.

What is acknowledgment?

Acknowledgment refers to accepting, verifying, or recognizing something to be true.

Business-related documents, items, or messages aren’t simply handed out for free without any specific purpose; they are usually given to welcome customers, prep new employees for their job, and more. To make sure whoever hands out goods would be aware that their recipients got the said items, acknowledgment receipts are initiated until recipients sign these receipt forms to verify that they received such items. The next time this form of verification concerns you in any business matter, simply optimize a sample acknowledgment receipt template for stellar results.