What Is a Bug Report?

In computer terms, a bug report is a document that outlines the error within a software program after performing numerous tests on bug trackers to find it so that developers may solve the bugs. It might also be a report filed by users who observed the bug or utilized a bug tracker tool to find it, or crashes that rendered an application or software unusable, necessitating a request from developers to remedy it. Bug reports may also come from QA as part of their work reports, where they must run numerous tests utilizing bug reporting tools or bug reporting software to find it, create a report and record it in their bug log, and monitor it throughout the software’s development. However, in this case, it is not so much about computer bugs as it is about actual bug insects. You can still submit a bug report using a bug report form.

You might be wondering what a computer bug is. A bug, as defined by Techslang, is an error in the source code that causes the program to generate unexpected results or to crash completely. It can have an impact on the application’s performance, so it must be addressed before the software is sold or released. But the truth is that no matter how many times a software is tested for faults, there may still be a few that get through. So, it is the users’ responsibility to create their own bug and status reports and submit them to the developers. When new upgrades to the application are released, you should expect a large number of problems reports to be sent by.

Benefits of Reporting a Computer Bug as A User

If you’ve ever reported a bug, you’re probably aware of the potential benefits. However, if you haven’t done so and are using an application, someone out there may have done it for you. Thousands of feedbacks from consumers are sent to developers every day, especially if the application proved popular. Of course, they can’t please everyone, but it’s still a good idea to report a bug so they can fix it. Here’s some reason why.

It Will Be Fixed: Developers have their hands busy just building a software or program, and especially after it is out, dozens of reports will flood in. However, if you have written a solid bug report in a concise and direct manner, the developers are more likely to respond and recognize it. And it will be repaired, or you will be corrected if what you observed was not a bug. It’s still comforting to know that you simply misunderstood the function and that it operates as it should. However, if it is a bug, the developers can simply identify it and provide an update for the new version that does not contain the bug.Decrease Bugs: It is practically impossible for coders to avoid making common errors. After all, typing as fast as one can run a mile on their keyboards may cause their head to work quicker than their hands, resulting in errors or glitches. However, noting an error makes developers aware of any mistakes and gives them the opportunity to remedy it. It will help enhance their coding skills and make their code more concise. In the same way that your school conducts school surveys to gauge student opinion and determine which areas need improvement, developers want to hear from their users in order to provide a better user experience when using their program. That’s only one nick in their marketing proposals; they’d want to have more usersSoftware Running Smoothly: The software that sells the most is the one with the fewest defects. Assume you’re a graphic designer set to sign your graphic design contract, and there are specific tools you need to employ when creating projects that will be vital for your career development as your portfolio grows. However, if the tool you are using keeps crashing or simply not performing its work, you may delete it and switch to a smoother program because the crashes caused by bugs are simply making it difficult for you to complete your job efficiently. So, may keep submitting bug reports, but not everyone is as patient as you are. So acting quickly is unquestionably more profitable, especially if it advertise the program as user-friendly.Enhance User Satisfaction: The launch of a software product does not stop there. Investors want their money returned. But how will that happen if only a few individuals use it due to dissatisfaction? The plans to take the program to new heights may be put on hold because no one is using it anymore. A bug that remained on their screen or an abrupt close owing to an error is bothersome. To maximize user satisfaction, developers must deliver patches that repair problems or improve program optimization. That is how the longevity of a software is demonstrated: by the number of users and the constant improvement that will keep up with user demands as well as advancements from hardware that may require better software. The fight to be at the top is a tug-of-war situation.

Different Kinds of Software Errors and Bugs

When writing a software product report, it is helpful to understand the different sorts of software faults and bugs that exist, especially if you are unfamiliar with programming and are simply a user. Because reporting bugs may occur outside of the software’s development, it’s a good idea to be familiar with them. Let’s look at the types of errors and bugs you may have encountered when using any type of application, as well as the distinctions between them.

Arithmetic Error: Mathematics! Isn’t that, right? You were just looking for templates when the subject of Mathematics appeared. Don’t worry, it won’t be as terrible. To put it simply, take out your calculator and divide a number by 0. It may display the term “error,” which is not surprising given that division by zero is undefined in math. Don’t even ask me why. That, right there, is an example of an arithmetic error, and if the developer did not expect that type of input from its users, it might cause an issue and result in a crash. Yes, another one for your bug tracker system to monitor.Error: This one can be harder to pinpoint. Assume the software is up and running smoothly. That would imply that there is no problem, right? No, not exactly. The fact that the program is running smoothly does not guarantee that it will achieve the desired result. That is why it is difficult to track because it may just be a minor part of the program and will only provide inaccurate results for specific inputs. Yes, it’s the same as dividing by zero. Arithmetic error is a type of logic error involving mathematics.Syntax Error: One of the most noticeable issues for a developer is syntax errors. First and foremost, if there is a syntax problem, your application will terminate. When it comes to writing code, there are precise guidelines to follow, just as how we might be picky about grammar. To execute the command without error, you must adhere to the right syntactic rules. Using a ‘was’ instead of a ‘were’ will earn you a zero from your English teacher, but in this case, omitting a parenthesis, or missing that vexing semi-colon, will not give you a disapproving glance, but it will highlight a glaring mistake in your program.Resource Error: You may see the resources that a corporation spent on a product in an annual report or financial report. They set a budget for creating or purchasing a product, as well as resources for personnel, and the report will reveal whether they have surpassed or are still on track. Similarly, with programming, you are given a set amount of space on your computer for your software. As a result, if an error, such as an infinite loop, happens and continues to take space without exiting the program since it is a loop, the memory allotted for that program will run out and the program would ultimately crash.

How To Write a Bug Report

Whether you are reporting a physical bug insect, or a computer bug discovered in software, the properties are similar. And this is how to write a bug report.

Step 1: Bug Description.

If you’re not an insect enthusiast or don’t know anything about computer languages, it could be difficult to identify what the bug is. Still, when creating a bug report, make sure to be as descriptive as possible. For developers, it will assist narrow down the problem, and for the person doing the inspection, bug sightings may be more numerous in the area, which will aid in determining where the bugs have nests and may cause further harm.

Step 2: Screenshots or Picture.

If you are using a phone and notice a bug that you wish to report to your landlord, take a picture as soon as possible. Some people will not accept your word for it, and you may have to wait till you see it again before your landlord believes you. In the event of a software bug, you can take a screenshot with your phone or PC. On a computer, you can click the ‘Alt’ button and the ‘PrtScn’ key at the same time, which is normally located at the top right of the keyboard, and then open any image editing program and paste it by pressing CTRL + V keys, and lastly save it. If you want to take a picture using your phone, go to the camera app and press the button that indicates to take the photo. This would be the visual proof when you submit your written bug report.

Step 3: Severity

The gravity of a situation will be determined by how dangerous it is and how quickly measures should be taken. The more serious the problem is assessed to be, the faster action will be taken. Make sure that when you submit your bug report, you express the appropriate level of concern about the seriousness of the situation. Again, whether it is about an actual bug insect situation or a computer bug. Since the severity would determine its priority, it would warn the appropriate individuals who could act against it. If an insect is deemed dangerous, an inspector or bug terminator may be required. Similarly, a computer issue may necessitate urgent attention from developers in order to alleviate the user’s dissatisfaction and frustration.

Step 4: Suggested Actions.

It is critical to highlight not just what appears to be the problem, but also what you believe to be the solution in your bug report. After all, you are the one who is inconvenienced by it, thus your opinion and proposal would be quite important for developers or landlords to take action. In the case of computer problems, developers may wish to know how to improve user satisfaction and optimize their software in the appropriate direction.


Why Is It Important to Report a Computer Bug?

Multiple checks and other bug reporting methods are used during the software development process to find and fix bugs. These preliminary checks and security measures are required so that when the software is launched, it produces the least errors possible. As a user who reports a bug, you will not only help your fellow users detect it, but you will also be able to get the greatest version of the product you are using because the developers will have the opportunity to fix it.

Are Bugs (Insects) Dangerous?

There are several bugs that carry venom that are lethal to humans. There are also creatures, such as ants, that will sting you painfully but are not as deadly. Conversely, bugs can also reflect a place’s cleanliness. So, yes, bugs can be dangerous to you depending on their type, which is why you need be very careful and cautious around them and make sure your area is clean and free of crevices or damp places where they can thrive.

Who Do I Report My Complaint About Bugs (Insects)?

If you rent, you can make a complaint with your landlord about any pest problem, and they can take action or report it to Pest Control. However, in extreme circumstances where your safety is jeopardized, it is better to file your bug report immediately to Pest Control or departments that can take quick action in terminating it, such as the Department of Agriculture.

Computer bugs and insect bugs both have the ability to compromise your privacy or safety. So, before you let it get out of hand, create a bug report using the free bug report templates available on Sample.Net!