What is a Design Build Scope of Work?

A design build scope of work is a clear and  comprehensive document that contains a  concise description on the development of a particular construction building or design build project under a specific contract. It demonstrates all  fundamental elements of the design build project such as  different kinds of design build project reports, deliverables, milestones, end products, and many others. This document acts as a crucial guide so that both the architect or designer and the prospective client obtain adequate knowledge and  clear understanding about the overall  construction and design process of  a building, or establishment.

According to a report, utilizing the design-build approach in various projects has increased significantly across a wide-array of market sectors and geographies, particularly in the transportation sector as 44% of design-build construction spending will grow by 18% and reach over $320 billion between 2018-2021, Thus, all types of  architects, interior designers,  structural engineers, construction project managers, technical designers, and other key individuals in a construction and design firm should effectively create a compelling  design build scope of work for the constant flow and standardized execution of their design build projects.

Different Types of Design Build Scope of Work

Sidney M. Levy explained in the book Design-Build Project Delivery: Managing the Building Process from Proposal through Construction that design-build is a unique project delivery system with a record of reducing overall project costs and bringing capital facilities on-line more rapidly, as well as facilitating collaborative effort that exists between owners, design consultants and contracts. They work together toward a common goal which is the successful completion of a building design and construction project. Here we will explain to you about the different types of design build scope of work below:

1. Construction Design Build Scope of Work

An online reference has shown that nearly 40% of non-residential construction projects are design-build. Managing a construction design build project needs the owner, contractor, designers, and subcontractors to work together as one team in order to build a project that reaches or exceeds the expectations of the owner. That’s why efficient communication, collaboration, and problem-solving as a team are the crucial elements that team members should maintain throughout the construction design project.  A construction design build scope of work is beneficial in the effective planning and execution of a certain design build project.

2. Design Build Landscaping Project Scope of Work

Elizabeth Meyer, professor and former chair of the landscape architecture program at the University of Virginia, said: “But we are also sustained, and regenerated, through abundance, wonder, and beauty. The performance of a landscape’s appearance, and the experience of beauty, should have as much currency in debates about what a sustainable landscape might, and should, be as the performance of its ecological systems.” Are you a landscape design-build firm? Having a skilled and professional team in landscape design is important so that you are able to streamline the process of a landscape project. Typically owned and operated by licensed landscape contractors who have years of experience installing landscapes, design build firms are well-versed in efficient building processes and the workflow for staging the project installation.  Additionally, landscape architects focus on ecological repair and a design or nature integration. By using a design build landscaping project scope of work, your design build team will be able to demonstrate the significant points of the construction design project that must be fulfilled.

3. Design Build Proposal Scope of Work For Renovation

If you have a client who wants a renovation in their home, one of the essential things you need to accomplish is developing a design build proposal scope of work for renovation. We suggest that you use an effective scope of work for design-build remodeling or renovation projects as it will lead you and your team to keep the uniformity of the fundamental parts of the renovation process. Through efficient and thorough discussion of the client’s project ideas, the construction project consultant and other design professionals work through the design and selection phase to create a detailed set of specifications and drawings.

4. Draft Design Build Scope of Work

Architectural drafting is one of the integral components when planning a design build project because it involves precision in the construction planning process. It guides the architect to observe and analyze a lot about buildings, structures, doorways, frames, windowsills and many others. Plus, it gives an architect and designer a clear insight of how to build and design things, helping them to put things in the right perspective.  A draft design build scope of work is useful in structuring the primary methods and materials for your client.

Basic Elements of a Design Build Scope of Work

In this section, you will learn how to construct an exceptionally-written and comprehensive design build scope of work. However, a design build scope of work has different elements. Include the following elements for you to create a profound piece of writing:

Executive Summary: One of the basic elements of a design build scope of work is the executive summary. It provides a brief summary or overview of the document and the design build project which aims on definite goals of the architect or designer which will be thoroughly discussed in the overall design-build plan. It should be a compelling part of the design build plan as it identifies the mission statement of the building project, with the inclusion of a simple description of the concept design and construction development. Goals and Objectives: What does the architect or designer and client prefer to accomplish in the given design build project? This is a crucial part of the design build scope of work as it contains important information of the specific goals and objectives of the architect, interior designer, structural engineers, technical designers, and other building and design experts working on the construction and design project. Development of Design-Build Project: Include several information of the specific needs of the prospective client and a brief evaluation of the area that will be established. Attach some drawings and documents, and the building designs with reference according to the provided requirements. Then, add the modified designs of the building and prepare the preliminary model to get for the client’s approval.]Anticipated Deliverables: Arrange the working drawings, and design specifications in the proper order for the design build project such as 3D renderings and construction drawings, computer-aided design (CAD) works, engineering reports, product quality enhancement reports, and many others. So, add the project deliverables, and milestones as well. Renovation Project Duration and Payment: While you are wrapping up your design build scope of work, you need to write a brief overview of your design-build project duration and payment. Include professional fees of your design-build team and other project consultants.

How to Create a Design Build Scope of Work

Construction and design-related disputes and claims were commonplace in both private and public sectors in the last three decades of the 20th century. However, the recent decades focused on following the path of design-bid build projects where costs often exceeded budgets and sparked a round of redesign, rebid, and re-budgeting. So, an effective construction manager approach in this process brings a building professional into the design build project at an early phase of design development, using their knowledge of local conditions, product availability, and a solid database of costs to avoid several problems of designing in a void. Below are some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to create a clear and systematic design build scope of work:

Step 1: Create a Clear Overview of the Building Construction and Design Project

The first step in writing a design build scope of work is creating a clear overview of the  construction building project or  simply, developing a scope statement which outlines the overall design build plan. This section comprises a wide spectrum of design build project deliverables and their special features. 

Step 2: Identify Solid Goals and Measurable Objectives

What are the fundamental steps you should  perform in order to be successful in your  design build project goals? Which initiatives are most urgent? Identify solid goals and measurable objectives to guide you in implementing your design build project goals and initiatives. Evaluate the anticipated results and shorter routes to accomplish renovation project goals and objectives.

Step 3: Describe the Scope of the Design Build Project

Your design-build project’s executive summary should provide some sufficient information or descriptions of all crucial processes and methods necessary in the  execution of the design-build project. Include the significant milestones, program with expected timeframes of delivered tasks, reports, pricing, schedule, entirety of outputs, conclusions and benefits, as well as other essential elements that must be done.

Step 4: Develop a Cohesive Design Build Plan

After describing the scope of the design build project, develop a cohesive and effective plan for your design build project. In this step, it allows you to determine where to focus and analyze the development of your design build project, as well as facilitating the accomplishment of design build project goals, vision and mission.

Step 5: Review and Execute the Plan

Review your overall construction design-build plan for the project and ensure to fully include all the critical points in your scope of work. If you notice that you overlook some sections that need additional points, we suggest that you edit and revise the document. After the proofreading and revision process, you can now finally implement the design-build plan.


What is the difference between a design build scope of work and a design build statement of work?

A design build scope of work is commonly placed within the statement of work as it covers the simple process in the achievement of the design build project goals. On the other hand, a statement of work contains comprehensive information of the major goals and objectives of a specific design build project.

What are some examples of design build scope of work?

Some examples of design build scope of work are office building design build scope of work, school design build scope of work, apartment design build scope of work, construction design build scope of work, design build project scope of work, design build contractor scope of work, design build service proposal scope of work, draft design build scope of work, design build proposal scope of work for renovation, design build of white substation scope of work, design build landscaping project scope of work, and design build procurement scope of work.

What are the key elements in a design build scope of work that should be included?

The key elements that should be included in a design build scope of work are design build project overview, project goals and objectives, intended deliverables, significant milestones, reports, and end products.

What are the different types of building construction and design projects?

The different types of building construction and design projects are kitchen area construction and design,  bathroom construction,  house exterior,  basement design,  porch design,  bedroom design, landscape design,  office area construction design, and many more.

What are the fundamental benefits of using a design build scope of work?

Using a design build scope of work can help you in many ways such as it focuses on fundamental design build goals and objectives, accelerates success rate in your design build projects, and it maintains clear communication and delegation when it comes to executing the appropriate task and activities that will be involved in the design build project.

The design-build model strengthens the skills integral to implement conventional approaches to building as well as it encourages out-of-the-box thinking to support the amateur architects and designers’ confidence and ability to explore and test new ideas. This enables them to seek intellectual challenges that foster inquisitiveness, creativity, and a breadth of perspective So, creating an effective and well-detailed design build scope of work is imperative in an architect or a designer’s work as it  aims on  design build project goals  and objectives,  heightens the success rate, and maintains clear communication and delegation of project tasks and processes. We have included several  design build scope of work samples that you can download in this article. Download them right now!