What is an Elementary Research Report?

An elementary research report is a research paper that is made by elementary students. It is a report about the research that they have done. It has no difference from a college research report. Though it is a lighter version because it is for elementary kids. Elementary research needs a report so that students can express the knowledge that they have learned through the research. If you are having a research in elementary education or if you are having a research paper in elementary education, you will know that even kids can make research that can give them knowledge about the things around them. Research about elementary students can tell that kids need this thing so that they can advance their knowledge in various subjects. Through the report, kids can learn to have a narrative style as they do the writing for their elementary research report. Making research on elementary can prepare the kids for their future careers. They can have career readiness and they will be more ready to conduct researches when they reach college. Whether a student is in 5th grade, 2nd grade, or 4th grade, research can be done according to the topics that can be given by their teachers. Students must be resourceful while having research. They should know how to get the right sources for their research. Through the best sources, they can also give the best report that will reveal what they have observed throughout their research.

Elements of an Elementary Research Report

Maybe you have seen a free elementary animal research report template. You may have noticed that it has some elements that have composed it. Yes, an elementary research report has essential elements that you need to include. Like a college paper, you need to make it complete. Here are some of the elements of an elementary research report:

Title Page

Like college research reports, an elementary research report should have a title page. You should make a title for your research. Since you are a kid, you can ask the help of your parents to help you create a good title for your report. Consider the topic of your research. You can make a good title out of it. You have to know that your teacher and your readers should know the subject of your research through your title. Make a good title that will lift your research. Something that can give a good impression to it.

Table of Contents

A table of contents may be optional. If your report will be going to be 2-3 pages, then there can not be a need for a table of contents. But if it will be 10-20 pages, then you should make a table of contents for your report. In making the table of contents, you should divide your report into parts or sections. Make a title for each part. The title should describe the parts of your report. Make the table of contents complete. You can be creative in making it because it can add a good impression to your report.


You should make a summary at the beginning of your report. This summary should be like an executive summary. Give your audience a preview of the contents of your report. Introduce key points in your report. Through your summary, the audience will understand your research without having to read the whole report. The purpose of the summary is to make your audience have an initial interest in your report and read it from start to end. These are the characteristics of a summary:


Even if the report is only been made by elementary students, they have also to make an introduction in their report. The introduction must be good and should be compelling. It should describe the goodness of their research. They have to get the initial interest of their readers through the introduction. In other words, the introduction should be impressive. It should talk about the importance of the research. It should show why your research is unique.


The discussion is the body of your elementary research report. Here you should spell out your conclusions. You should give an account for your recommendations. There are key points that you have to remember when giving information about this section:


The assumption is the conclusion for the report. It should be arranged properly. The main conclusion should be put first. Define the major issues so that you can interpret them better. Use the objectives that you have stated in your introduction. Use a number list so that you can present data better. Be logical about facts. Be specific and keep it short.


You should provide recommendations for your research. These are things that can be done in the future. The actions that should be done should be oriented. It should be feasible. It should coincide with the conclusion. Make a list of possible recommendations. List them according to importance.


Even as a child, the kids have to know how to cite sources. They should learn that sources are important to support their research. They should also know that they should avoid plagiarism. Help them in providing sources of the work that they have done.


The appendices are the materials that you have used in your research. These can be tables or graphs that can explain some things in your research. Add these to provide better information in your report.

Tips on Elementary Research Report

Are you looking for an elementary research paper outline template or an elementary research report template? Are you looking because you are searching for some tips that you can use in writing? If tips are what you need, we can provide them for you. Read the following and apply these tips in your elementary research report:

Plan Ahead: You should teach your students to plan ahead before starting their research. Planning can make them prepare for everything that they might encounter in the research. They can provide steps that they can use as they conduct the study. They can make a checklist that can dictate to them what to do. Students will not cram and will have the proper procedure from conducting the research up to creating a report. They can be systematic and they can submit their report on time if they will plan before time.Select the Best Topic: Guide the kids in choosing a topic. They must pick a topic that interests them the most. There can be a wide range of topics, so students have to choose carefully. Give them guidelines on how they can pick the best topic. Mention factors that they have to consider in selecting a topic. Let them know that the topic that they will choose should have sufficient sources. Make them choose a topic that they know they can conduct well.Notes Color Coding: Since they are kids, you can suggest to them to make color-coding to their notes. This will make them analyze all the information better. They can separate each idea into topics that can make up the report. They can write more easily if they will color their notes.Use Wide Resources: To conduct the best research, you need to have wide resources. Search on everything where you can find information for your research. You can go to your library. You can surf the internet. Whether you will research on journals, books, or the internet, be sure that you will go deep in researching. Do not be contented with a little information. Get a sufficient amount of data where you can get the right conclusion. Wide resources can make your research more reliable. Through deep research, you can find the information you will never think you will find. You will have a better presentation in your report if you have the best data.Be Good in Google: Teach your students of how to make the best research. One of the best tools that they can use is Google. It can provide a wide array of information if you can only be patient in researching. You can give them keywords in their topics so that they can find more information. You should tell your students to not stop until they have found sufficient data. Google can give them what they need. There are many kids’ research websites that provide knowledge that can be used in elementary research.

How To Write an Elementary Research Report

Are you capable of teaching students how to write a research paper? Do you know how to write a research paper for kids? If you are skilled in writing a college report format, then the elementary research report is easy for you. But if you are wondering how to write it, then we can provide some steps that you can use. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Know the Instructions

    First, you have to know the instructions of your teacher. You have to be aware of how you can conduct your research. Because they are kids, you have to guide them on how to do research. Spoon-feeding is done with kids. So, you have to provide instructions that will direct them and will give them steps on how to execute the research.

  • Step 2: Identify Your Topic

    To conduct research, you must first choose a topic. Select a topic that interests you the most. You can pick a topic about history like about Civil War or you can choose a topic on science like animal research. In choosing a topic, be sure that you can have wide sources where you can get the best information. But make sure that you will not be overwhelmed with much information. If you are out of a topic, you can search on the internet or textbooks in your library. Then make a work plan to start your research.

  • Step 3: Start with a List

    Then should make a list of questions. These questions are about the topic that you have chosen. Through these questions, you will find answers that can make up all the information for your research. Choose your sources where you can find answers. You can use the internet. You can find answers in encyclopedias. Newspapers can also provide information. Or if you like, you can conduct interviews.

  • Step 4: Use Note Cards

    To make the process of your research writing easier, you must use note cards. In each note card, put facts that you have learned in your research. You can use these note cards so that you can assess all the information and can put them in proper categories or headings. You can also assess whether you are having enough information.

  • Step 5: Analyze Data

    Do the research. Find answers to the questions that you have. After finding answers, analyze all the data. You should arrive with the best conclusion. Through analyzing, you will also know the recommendations that you can give for your research. Highlight all the important information so that it will be easy for you to present them when you write the report.

  • Step 6: Write the Report

    After gathering all the important information, you can start writing the report. You can start by using a draft. Know all the elements that you have to include in your report. Know the components that you have to consider. If you do not have the best writing skills, you can refer to an elementary research report template so you can have a pattern.

  • Step 7: Edit and Proofread

    After writing, be sure that you are going to submit a perfect paper. Edit it a couple of times to be sure that you are making a compelling report. To make this possible, you can make your sibling read the paper for you. He or she can advise on how you can make your report better. After editing, proofread your work to see if there are any grammatical errors. After that, you can submit the elementary research report to your teacher.


What is the Format that Can Be Used in Elementary Research Report?

To get the best format for your research report, you can find examples on the internet. Use tables, numbers, and illustrations in your report. Do not forget to provide references and appendices.

What are the Examples of Elementary Research?

There can be many topics on researches that are made by elementary students. But the most common researches are social studies research projects, language research projects, science research projects, and history research projects. Every project is unique and should be given proper care.

It may be a challenging job for an elementary student to make research. They are still young and they are new to this thing. But teaching them how to conduct research will make them aware of how knowledge is gained. Are you looking for a template for an elementary research report? This post has 21+ SAMPLE Elementary Research Report in PDF | MS Word. If you are a kid who is about to create a report, you can use any of these templates. Download now!