What is a School Business Report?

A school business report is a kind of report that is done by students in college. It talks about a certain business that students can exemplify to show that they can have a good analysis for business. It may contain financial statements and some marketing strategies that can make a business successful. It can be an annual report of a business or a certain report for a business that they can do in school. Business studies require some reporting so that professors can assess that their students are learning some skills in the field of business.

Writing a school business report is different in a writing a school report. You can find similarities between a school report and a business report, but you can also differentiate between a school report and a business report. A school business report is much more extensive than an ordinary school report. It focuses on business. It defines how a business can be run by entrepreneurs. It gives information about any certain business. Business report writing requires good attention from students so that they can have a report that is accurate and can help any business owner to further make their business succeed.

The most common business report writing subject is the financial projections of a company or a small business in school or its marketing plan that gives it an ace to advance in the market. If you are new to writing this kind of report, you can find a business report example for students on the internet to help you. You can have this as an exhibit that can help you outline your report. Business report examples can surely help you because you can have a roadmap that you can follow. You can be guided as you write and you can form ideas through these samples.

Though you may find so much content that you can put in your report, you must remember to keep your report short. Use a good format for your report, especially a good format report title page. Choose a good title that can make your report exciting. This can urge professors to give you higher grades because it can make the report interesting. Be sure to tackle the important things in business in your report. It should evaluate the important aspects of the business and should give enough information to the audience.

Parts of the School Business Report

Seeing a simple business report example, you can see that it has essential parts that make it complete. Without any of these parts, the report will lose its substance. Every part is important so that you can discuss the important information in the business. Consider the following and know some of the parts of a school business report:

Title Page

The school business report should have a good title page. You should provide a good title for your report. The title should excite the audience so that they will be interested to hear your report. You can try some titles first and let other people choose which of them is the best. You will not know if your title sounds good unless you ask someone to tell it for you. Do not make the title page overly long. Just a few words are enough. You can have it in 5-8 words. This will be enough for your title page.

Table of Contents

You can introduce each part of your report better if you will make a table of contents. The audience will see the contents of your report and it can raise their curiosity to know your report. In making a table of contents, you can use PowerPoint so that you can provide good visuals for it. Just like the title page, you should make each heading good. Be sure that it can captivate the attention of readers. Make every heading exciting that it can arouse the curiosity of any reader.

Executive Summary

With the executive summary, you will give a summary of the main ideas of your report. Some of the things that you need to focus on are the topics, the data that you have gathered, the methods of analysis, and the recommendations that you can give. The executive summary can be short or long, from a paragraph up to 4 pages long. It will depend upon the report that you are going to make. The executive summary is provided so the audience will have the initial idea of your full report. They can decide whether to read your whole report or not. Usually, the executive summary is written in the first part of the report. Though it can be written as the last part of the report.


The report can also start with an introduction. This is the part where you have to excite your readers so that they will have an initial interest in your report. You should set a stage that can introduce your study. It gives highlights to the most important topics of your report. It gives information about why have you done the report. This part outlines what you are going to talk about in the report. It also describes your report structure and your objectives.


This is where you are going to discuss all your points for the report. It is divided by headings so that your paragraphs can be easily understood. The body’s structure may depend on the type of your report and the data that you are going to discuss. You should make a deep analysis as you make the body. The headings that you can use are methods, findings, research, analysis, and graphs. The body of the report talks about the problems that you can solve with your report. It also discusses the data that you have collected. Every heading can also be divided into subheadings. Through this, you can make a more comprehensive report.


Your report should have a conclusion that will include your final word for it. This is the interpretation for all the data that you have discussed in your report. You can draw this interpretation from all the data that you have collected. The conclusion may give the audience resolutions on how the business can be improved. Or give some recommendations that can be used to succeed in business. It may also make you do additional research.


These are things that the report can recommend so that the information in the business can have a good analysis. It suggests an analysis that can help business owners to run their business better. It can provide some strategies that can be used regarding financial projections, sales projections, and marketing analysis. The recommendations should be something useful to any reader. It should help them how to understand any business better.


This is the information that you have used in creating your report. It can be any database that you have used. All these sources are referred to as references. It is the list of sources that you have used in collecting data. Without these resources, your report will not be possible. They are proof that your data is accurate and that you have got them through the right sources.


The appendix is the additional information that can support your report. It can provide explanations for your findings. The appendix may be charts, tables, or additional research that are not included in the body of the report. The appendix may be informational or analytical.

Tips on School Business Report

Maybe you need a business report introduction example or a simple business report example. You need it because you are about to create a school business report and you think some tips might help you. If tips are what you are looking for, we have already provided them for you. They are the following:

Know Your Readers: The main tip should be to know your readers. You must not focus on what you know about the report but you should consider how you can entertain your readers. Through this, you can ensure that you can provide knowledge to your readers. By considering them, you will make sure that they will learn something from your report. So, know them so that you will know how you will impart knowledge.Have Purpose: You must know that you should not write the document if you have no purpose. You need to have a purpose so that you can write a great report. You can do it by asking yourself prime questions. Who are your readers? How can you impart knowledge to them? What can you give to the readers? How can you entertain them? You need first to answer your questions so that you can create a good report that can give the needs of the readers.Good Planning: Planning is a must in everything. This is especially true in school business reports. 50% of your time should be allotted in planning. You cannot write a report just by copying information from resources. You need to understand the whole report yourself. You need to plan what you are going to put in your report to make it interesting. Planning can make you give importance to every section of the report. Thus, you can make a good report that can contain all the essential information.Make Drafts: To be sure that your report will be perfect, you should make drafts. Allot 20% of your time making drafts. By using drafts, you can correct your mistakes, thus, making you have a perfect document in the end. So be sure to allot some time in creating drafts. They can make your work to be polished.Use Concept Maps: Business data is hard to express at times. To be sure that you can relay the right information, you should use concept maps that will make the readers understand your report better. They can help you to map the structure of your document. It will be easier for you to explain the data in your report.Develop Headings: Headings are important for each section of the report. Be sure that each heading is an apt description for each section of the document. To avoid being disorganized, you must make headings that can make your report more readable. Through headings, readers will have an initial idea of your paragraphs. Having good headings can make them read your report as most readers skim through headings. So, develop great headings.Hire a Coach: A business writing coach can help a great deal in your report. If you have money to spare, you can hire a coach so that you can ask for accurate feedback. Through professional feedback, you can improve your report. You can also ensure that you can make a good report that can enable you to get high grades.

How to Write a School Business Report

Do you need a school business report sample? Do you need it because you are about to create a school business report? Well, we can provide some steps for you that you can use in writing a report. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Set Your Goals

    Before starting to make a school business report, you must first set your goals. You must know where you are heading to. This includes the type of report that you want to have. What do you want to give to your readers? You have to make clear goals that can direct you when you write the report. Each goal should be significant and should be able to give you the desired outcome. Through these goals, you can make the business report efficient. You can say that it can help business owners with their endeavors in business.

  • Step 2: Set a Timeline

    After knowing your goals, you can start planning the report. You must set a good timeline for it. You must make a work plan that can enable you to create a good report. Set enough timeline that can make you create a report that will give enough knowledge to the readers.

  • Step 3: Draft the Report

    After having a plan, you can start drafting the school business report. Start writing all the sections of the report. Craft a good title for the report. Make a great table of contents. Make a good executive summary and introduction. Relay great knowledge in the body of the report. Provide conclusion and recommendations. Do not forget to put references and appendices.

  • Step 4: Proofread and Revise

    After making a draft, you should proofread it. This will let you know if you have committed any grammatical mistakes in your writing. You can also check if your report is good enough. If you will find it not satisfactory, you can revise the report accordingly. Proofread and revise your report a couple of times until you will find it perfect. Then, submit the report to your professor.


How many lines should be in a paragraph of a school business report?

In your business report, be sure that each paragraph is not more than seven lines. This is the most considerable number to have a perfect paragraph.

Should I impress the readers with the business report?

No, you should not impress your readers, but you have to express your analysis. You need to relay information and give business analysis rather than impress your readers. Your report should be factual and accurate.

School business reports are common in business administration courses to ensure that students have adequate business knowledge. They can also start to have a small business in school that can help them to understand the aspects of the business. The report can surely help them to be acquainted in the business world. It can practice them to the knowledge that they need. Well, do you need a template for a school business report? This post has 7+ SAMPLE School Business Report in PDF. You can use any if ever you are going to create a report. Download now!