51+ Sample School Visit Report

What is a School Visit Report?

A school visit report is a document that contains information about the learning abilities and the condition of the school after officers of the department of education has conducted a visit to it. The government has to check whether a school has been doing well or not. They must ascertain that students are learning well in the school. Without a visit, they will not be properly informed of the condition of the schools around the country. They can never guess where these schools might be lacking. Their visit will do the school good because the officers are there to offer some help to schools if ever they will need any. But how will they know the problems that need to be addressed if they will not first visit the school? They should give some time to visit schools and observe the conditions that have been happening in that school. And it is the schools’ responsibility to tell the true condition of their schools to the officers. Sometimes, the school may be visited by a higher official like a governor. When this happens, the school has to prepare its institution for the visit. Though with a governor or just department officers, the school has to show hospitality while receiving them as visitors in their schools. There are certain types of school report visits. Some of them are government school visit report, school library visit report, school health visit report, innovative school visit report, and special school visit report. A school visit report is necessary for every visit that has been done to make the visit profitable. You can show your observations and you can take action on the things that you have observed. It is better to make visibility from your visit. You will know what to do to improve schools according to your assessment.

Things to Consider in a School Visit Report

To have the best school visit experience, you need to know what are things that you have to check at schools. It can help you to give the best conclusion for the school visit report. These are the things that you should include when you are doing a special school visit report writing. Read the following and know the things that you have to check at schools when conducting school visits:

Number of Schools You Will Visit

Is the report for a school only? Or will it discuss things for a considerable number of schools? You have to be sure of how many schools will your report have. If it is for one school only, it can be a specialized report for a school that you have to consider. If it will be done for many schools, then you must adjust your writing for a report that will tailor to the number of schools that you will visit.

Time of the Day

You must consider the time of the day when you will have the visit. You can visit the school in the evenings but sometimes, it is better to see it on a normal school day. If you will visit in the evenings, you will not see the students especially if it is a primary school or high school. Unless you will visit a university with students studying at night, you will only face the school administrators. Though, it will not hinder your assessment because you will ask for important information. If you will visit in the mornings, you can be sure that you will see the students. You can have a better classroom observation. You will see in person how they are learning in school. You can have a better assessment through this.

Presentation and Politeness of the Children

In the school visit, you will look at how well the children are presented. Are they polite to you? How do the children accept you in school? Are they ready to receive you? What are things that the teachers have done to present them? You can put a very good thing about the school in your report if the students have accepted you in a good way. How well are they reacting in your visit? Are they nervous when you are having a classroom observation? You must include in your school visit report the attitude of the children when you had met them. This will reflect the bringing up of the school with their students.

Maintenance of Facilities

Another thing that you have to check at schools is their facilities. Do the schools have the facilities needed in teaching the students? Is the school complete with facilities that can make it a comely surrounding where children will learn? Check if the schools have facilities that the children will need in their everyday lives in schools. If it lacks some facilities, it can be a hindrance for students. You must ensure that every facility is maintained in the school for the use of every student. For example, a gymnasium must be complete with the necessary materials and the laboratory should have all the important equipment. If the school is lacking, you can advise them to complete their facilities or you can help them to gain support to have the facilities that they need. 

Examination Results

To get the right assessment for the learning capacities of the school, you must know the results of the examinations of the student. Through it, you can tell whether the students are learning enough or not. If the scores are low, it only means that the school needs to improve its learning techniques. The teachers should have a better teaching plan that will enable students to learn better. You can examine the teacher’s lesson plans to check if they are missing something on them. If the scores of the exams are high, then you know that the school is excelling in teaching the students. It may have the right resources and the best teachers that are effective in instilling knowledge.

Progress of Students

You must keep track of the progress of the students. To make this possible, you should visit the school once a year. You have to make regular visits to it. Through this, you can tell whether a student in Grade 7 has improved when he or she is in Grade 8. If you want to take care of the students, a regular visit to the school will be the best. You can watch the students’ progress. You will know whether their progress will be deterred or if they will excel in the next school year. If you will do this, you can be sure that all the children will learn. Knowing that you are keeping track of their progress, they might be forced to study better. So, a study visit is something that you should do.

Standard of the School

Your observation will not be complete if you will not know the standards that the school has been using to teach its students. You must examine the curriculum that the school has been using. Check whether it keeps up to the standards of the government’s curriculum. You must ensure that it keeps the policies that have been given by the government. Check the subjects that the school has been teaching. Are all the courses according to the standards of the government? Do they use the best materials in teaching? Their resources can tell the quality of education that they are giving to the students. You cannot let a school be substandard. Everything should be perfect in school to ensure that knowledge will be given to students.

Size of the School

You should consider the size of the school. If the school is small, you can predict that it cannot give the best quality that bigger schools can give. You must adjust your assessment on how big or small the school is. A bigger school should have a better reputation because it may be running for a longer time and it should have perfected everything in giving knowledge to the students. It should have better school management that has made the school a perfect place. The size of the school matters in giving your assessment because you cannot expect a small school to achieve better than a bigger school.

Tips on School Visit Report

Maybe you are needing a school visit report format because you want to get some tips that you can use in writing. Examples may do you good but we can offer you some tips that you can apply. Read the following:

Jargon-Free Language: In writing a school visit report, whether you are writing a government school visit report or a special school visit report, you must remember to avoid jargon. Use natural language in writing. You must not confuse your audience with technical terms. Your report will be more comely if you will use a language that can be understood by anybody.Be Accurate: In your report, you have to be precise and accurate. Include only things that you have truly observed in the school. Do not be biased because this will give a wrong conclusion for the school. You cannot help the school if ever it is needing help if you will not tell the truth that it requires improvement. You have to be honest to provide the things that can be needed for the school.Sandwich Model: You can make a ‘sandwich model’ for the school. This means that your feedback should be sandwiched with praise. If you have learned anything good in a particular school, be sure to give it praise for the good thing that it has done. The school will be more motivated if you will show appreciation for its good deeds. The teachers and the students will become more inspired.Use Guidelines: In your evaluation, you should set some guidelines that you can use for having the assessment. Set standards so that you can measure the learning capacities of the school better. List the important things that a school has to follow. In your visit, check these things and see if the school can keep up to the standards of the government.Be Timely: You have to be timely in making visits. This means that you need to have regular visits to schools. Visit the schools every year or every two years so that you can ensure that you can track the progress of the school. You can also have a better observation through this. You will be updated on the latest learning capacity of every school.

How to Write a School Visit Report

Are you considering a school visit report template or a school visit report sample? Do you need a visit report writing example? We understand that you may be needing instructions on how to write a school visit report. We have prepared some steps that you can use. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Plan the Visit

    Strategic Planning is an important part of the school visit. You have to plan what you are going to do when you conduct a visit to schools. How can you fulfill your purpose? How can you conduct the best visit? There are certain factors that you have to consider like the time of the day and the number of schools that you will visit. You have to be also prepared for the questions that you are going to bring to the school. So, plan ahead of time before taking a visit.

  • Step 2: Identify Your Goals

    You may need to have a vision statement in your report. You have to create smart goals that you will accomplish in your visit. This will direct you to know the benefits that you can have in your visit to the schools. Goals are necessary so that you can ensure that the schools can improve through your visit. List some goals that you should achieve before your visit. Be decided that when you visit the schools, you will ensure that you will do everything to keep up with these goals. It is for the welfare of the schools. As an educator or an official of the government, you need to have this concern so that schools can improve to give the best learning to students.

  • Step 3: Connect with Teachers

    When you are on a visit, you should know how to connect with teachers. If you will be good at it, the teachers can better tell their experience. You will know the difficulties that they are having in school. If you can make them tell their obstacles, then you have a greater chance to provide solutions to the problems in school. Interact with the teachers in the best possible way through having panel discussions and planning meetings. Let the teachers speak their minds out so that you will know the true condition of the school. It is good that you will have the most accurate information.

  • Step 4: Talk to Students

    To get a piece of better information about the progress of the students, you must talk with them. Ask their opinion about the learning techniques of the school. Know if ever they have been experiencing any problem in school. Know what they think about the school. Ask them if they are learning easily or if they are having a hard time. It is important to know how they are dealing with things in school. You will know the actual condition of the learning capacity of the school through their voice.

  • Step 5: Examine Resources

    Of course in your visit, you need to examine the resources in the school. You need to have an assessment of the results of the examination of the students. You need to examine the resources that the teachers use in teaching. You have to analyze whether the school is needing more facilities to ensure better learning. Examine the school all throughout. You must not pass even on little things that can be a reason for hindrance on learning. You have to make a thorough investigation for you to write the best report.


What is the Main Goal of a School Visit Report?

The main goal of a school visit report is to improve the learning environment in every school. This can be only possible if you can troubleshoot the problems that a school has been experiencing. You can know these problems through the visit.

How Can You Have an Evaluation for the School?

You can have an evaluation after assessing the actual condition of the school. You will examine its learning styles and its ability to instill knowledge to students. You can know everything by asking the teachers and students’ experiences, and by checking all the available resources.

Checking the school through school visits can help educational officers to assess the actual condition of schools. They can evaluate how a school is instilling knowledge to students. Through this, the welfare of schools is ensured. Are you looking for a template for a school visit report? This post has 50+ SAMPLE School Visit Report in PDF | MS Word. Pick any that you will want to use. They are free. Download now!