They have to monitor the work of their employees. They have to be sure that they attend to their job everyday, adhering to the schedule that the company can provide for them. This schedule should be observed everyday that they go to work. Time log is important for managers. They can have a record of all the employee’s activities. And to better observe the effectivity of workers, more especially since there will be a time that the employees need to have overtime, a manager should keep a weekly employee schedule. The manager should keep a 7 day schedule that he or she will implement for all the workers. This especially happens to companies that have rotating work schedule. Every week, employees have to wait for their schedule for the whole week. It is an essential part of their job. In this article, you will come to know some things about a weekly employee schedule. You will learn its benefits and will know some tips that you can use in creating it. You will also learn the steps on how to make a weekly employee schedule. So if you are ready to know these things, keep on scrolling and read this whole article.

What is a Weekly Employee Schedule?

A weekly employee schedule is the way to meet the staffing needs of a company. It is a form that contains the work shift of all the employees for a particular week. Productivity should be maximize so employees should have a work schedule. They could not just go to work anytime that they want. A system of employee weekly schedule works in a company, more especially in companies that need workers to work 24 hour in a day. These companies have shift schedules that usually are rotating. Because of this kind of set-up, a weekly staff schedule is needed. Weekly employee staff schedule will provide workers for all the shifts for the day, and for all days, 7 day a week. An employee schedule can be sometimes a morning shift, an afternoon shift, or a night shift. Sometimes, overtimes are also inserted in a weekly employee work schedule. Whatever is implemented in the schedule, it will dictate the weekly life of employees in their work. They rely on the schedule for their routine for the week. Whatever is written in it will be the exact times that they will go to work everyday. It were the times that they are expected at work. A weekly employee work schedule is something that is completely followed. It is final and unchangeable.

Benefits of a Weekly Employee Schedule

Wondering why a weekly employee schedule is important in our work? Maybe you have seen a rota template and might be thinking why it should always be made. Read on and know the benefits that you can get in developing a weekly employee work schedule.

Procrastination will not happen in work. If every employee will be given a proper time to work, they will work on time, and the unnecessary chance of procrastination at work will not happen. They know that they have to work in a specific time, and they will keep it. No company hours will be wasted because everyone will be disciplined at work. Without an exact assigned time to work, your employees will be like birds flying in the air, not knowing how to make their work properly. So a weekly employee work schedule is important. It can make the workers work on the time that they need to work.There will be productivity in the workplace. To ensure productivity, employees are given a definite hour where they should work. Usually, full time employees work 8 hours a day. They have to be productive in these hours. But how they can be productive if you will not make the hours of their work definite? They have to know when to start and when to stop. Productivity has to do with time. No time should be wasted, and every minute you should produce results. So to be sure of this, you have to give employees a definite schedule. Starting in the required schedule and stopping on time will make them do the job a whole lot better rather than if you will just make them to go to work in the day and let them start and finish when they want. A schedule is a must.It is a good requirement in a work agreement. You cannot hire employees, tell them to work 8 hours a day, and just let them be at work. In their employment contract, the things about the work schedule is an essential element. The two of you will agree about it, so you have to set a schedule for your employee. It is a good thing that you should include in their work agreement. It will make the agreement more reliable, viable, and feasible.There will be a less need for workers turnover. No worker will like to work in a company or at a job that has no definite schedule. If you will have a proper schedule and the employees will have no problem in their working hours, if they will be happy with their schedule, then, there will be a great chance that they will stay in your company. There will be a great decrease for worker turnover. You can keep employees that can be loyal to your company because you can provide fairness to them by giving them a proper and good schedule. Your workers will be happy to work in your company.It will be a good tracking for the payroll. One of the best benefits of a weekly employee schedule maker is that you can have a time-tracking for the times that your employees work. It will be a lot easier to know the hours that they have worked, and it will be good for payroll purposes. There will be no problem when it comes to paying your workers.You can avoid troubles on work operation. You can avoid all the necessary troubles that you can encounter on the work operation. The operation of the job will go smoothly if the employees have their own schedule. It will make all things systematic. You can avoid disruptions and every unnecessary things.Employees can have a good schedule every week. An employee can have a good schedule where they can decide about their availability. It is good that the schedule are changed weekly. They can decide whether they can have overtime or not. It will be up to them if they want to have an extra work. Then they could have it. They will be in control for their work schedule for every week.

Tips on Weekly Employee Schedule

Worried that your weekly employee schedule will not be good enough for your company? Have the following tips and make your weekly employee work schedule better:

Be ahead of time in scheduling. You have to be ahead of time in giving the weekly employee schedule. Prepare it before every week ends and remember that you should be able to provide it on weekends. The team members have to see it before every week should start so prepare it early.Take note of the availability of your staff. You have to always consider the availability of employees to work. If they are available to work, then let them work on the time that they are able to do it. You must evaluate their availability.Have a list of workers who always take overtime. You must also take note of the workers that always have availability to work overtime. Create a list having their names. It will make it easier for you to assign them for extra shifts for every week.Obey local rules. In making a weekly employee schedule, you have to consider the federal and state laws that governing your place. There are certain rules about the schedule of employees. Sometimes the jurisdiction requires to pay the workers double-time for extra hours of works. So be familiar with the laws concerning overtime and holidays.Be considerate for changes. As a manager, you have to be aware that sometimes, there can come a time that the work schedule cannot be followed. There are times that workers have important matters that they have to attend to. They can get sick sometimes or have a family emergency. So be open for changes that can happen to the work schedule.

How to Create a Weekly Employee Schedule

If you are a manager who needs to provide a schedule for the workers in your company, you may want to know a good weekly employee schedule example. Consider the following steps and use them every time you are asking how to create a weekly employee schedule in Excel or in Word:

Step 1: Know the employees.

Managers should have a basic understanding of the needs and the skills of every workers. They should know all the team members. This will help in distributing them to the shifts that they have in work. If they will come to know the skills and traits of employees, they can assign them better to fit the perfect schedule for them. Some employees may be more effective in the morning, and others are not so effective in a night shift. If you can assign them properly on the shift that better fits their abilities, there will be more productivity at work. Also, if managers will know the team members, they will know how to group them in a particular shift. They can fill in the holes that they have to fill in every matter of their job. They will know how they can make their employees to be more effective at work.

Step 2: Use the best workers in the company.

Consider the best employees in your company – their efficiency, experience, and other qualities. For example, you can put your most effective employees in the shift where your company needs a bigger rush. You can put, on the other hand, the employees with the best customer experience in the shift that customers swarm your business. If there are employees who are really good at staying awake in overnight shift, then that employees are the ones that you should put in that shift. So aside from knowing the team members, you should consider the best thing that they can do for the company, and use it as you make a weekly employee work schedule.

Step 3: Have a good communication with the employees.

To make the best schedule weekly, you should have an open communication with the employees. Sometimes, there may be a need that they can go to work at a particular shift. If they know how to communicate well with you, you can sort the problems out. You can help them to have the best shift that they need. Communication is also important so that employees can volunteer to have an overtime. It will be good for the company if employees will have this kind of work. If the communication is open, they may be more likely to have an overtime. You can have workers that can work even on Saturday and Sunday.

Step 4: Always announce the schedule ahead of time.

You have to remember that you have to be quick in letting out the schedule. Before the week starts, you should have finished it already and will let the team members know what schedule will they have for the week. Every Saturday or Sunday, be sure that it is all ready. So before the week ends, you have to talk to your team members on how they are going to spend the following week. Can they provide an overtime work? You should ask them so you can put it in the weekly employee schedule. Announce the schedule using an editable weekly employee schedule template or a printable weekly employee schedule. Write it well, with the names of the employees and the assigned schedule for them for every day of the week.


What If I Cannot Keep My Weekly Work Schedule?

You must not do that. You have to adhere on the work schedule that is given to you. You cannot go to work anytime that you want. If you cannot keep your work schedule, you may have the chance of losing your job. But if there will be a time that you have a good reason for not keeping your work schedule, you should advise your manager ahead of time. Your manager can make the necessary adjustments for you if that is what really needed.

Is Weekly Employee Schedule Better Than a Monthly or a Daily Employee Schedule?

The best frequency for an employee schedule is weekly. So, yes, it is better. Monthly employee schedule may be such a long span of time and daily employee schedule is too short. The best amount of time is weekly.

As a regular employee, you have to bear in mind that you have to keep the work schedule that your company has given you. You have signed a contract that you will be strict in going into work, that you will follow all the rules and regulations of your company. A thing that should be followed is the employee schedule. You must not miss on it. Go to work at the exact time that is written in your weekly employee work schedule. Anyway, if you are needing a free weekly employee work schedule template, you can refer to this post to have something that is downloadable and editable. This has 5+ SAMPLE Weekly Employee Schedule in PDF. Choose a free employee schedule template and create your own work schedule that can give a better harmony of work in your workplace.