Is making a college application personal statement hard? What are the things that are needed to be able to have a good college application personal statement? As a high school student, you will do everything you can just to present the best personal statement topics and to make the admissions committee to pass you. Well, are you a high school student who needs this thing? In this article, you will learn how to make a better college application personal statement. You will know its purpose. You will learn how to make a college application personal statement. So, are you ready to know these things? Get yourself relaxed and keep on scrolling!

What is a College Application Personal Statement?

A college application personal statement is one of the requirements that you would have in your college application. It goes together with your test scores and your school transcripts. It is needed when you would enter any college as an undergraduate or as a new student. It may be the most stressful part of admission because you have to convince the admissions committee with your personal statement. It is an essay that will make them decide whether they will accept you in the university or not. It sometimes can be called the admission essay or the college essay. If you are not so much into essay writing, this part of the admission may be something that would make you nervous. You may not know any statement format, statement example, or statement template. You are completely unaware how to start a personal statement. You do not know how it goes. Well, it is time for you to gather your will and to know what it takes to make a college application personal statement.

Purpose of a College Application Personal Statement

There are certain reasons why it is needed to have a college application personal statement before being admitted into college. The personal statement has several purposes that is why it is intended to be given to college applicants. They are the following:

The college needs to know your personality. By providing a college application personal statement, an applicant will reveal some of his or her traits and personalities. It is important for universities to know these things. They must know what kind of a young person you are. A delinquent child may ruin the reputation of a university. If they will admit too many students that are actually notorious, it will be bad for their university. They have to be careful in admitting students. They need students who are hardworking and are decisive to graduate. Every university has a reputation that they have to take care of. So they have to know the personality of every student that they would admit. They have to be sure that they are good students, that they can do good to the university. They have to be sure that you can do good to the school’s community.A student’s perspective can be revealed. Aside from your personality, the university wants to know about your perspective. If they will know these things, they will know if you can contribute for the welfare of the university. Knowing these things will make them also able to help you in everything. They must know the purpose of every student. They can grant them the course that they need and they can give consideration if ever there is a need for it. In other words, they can advise the student with the course that they can take if they will have an idea of the perspective of every students.They will know the writing skills of a student. The admissions committee will want to know the writing skills of a student. They can assess their intelligence through it. With that, they can advise the students what course to take. They will know if the student fits the course that they are about to take. The answers can rely on what should a college application pesonal statement include. They will know if the students are great in writing or not. It can include also their ways of thinking and how they can relate to a certain course. A student who may be good in essay writing may be more applicable to have a more difficult course. And a student that is not so good in writing may need to take a much more easier course. So writing skills can dictate your way to college.The personal statement can explain the student’s circumstances. The college application personal statement is a chance for students to explain themselves whatever bad circumstances that they have experienced in school. Maybe their grades are low because they have a family emergency. Or maybe because they have gotten ill in high school. Whatever circumstances that badly affects their grades, they have a chance to explain it with the college application personal statement. They can defend themselves. They can do something to convince the admissions officer that even though their grades are not that high, there is a reason for it and it is not the usual way things are. They can excel if given a opportunity to study at their school. They can do better than what their transcripts said. A college application personal statement is a good chance for students to convince the admissions committee.The reasons why you applied in the university will be revealed. The university will want to know why you applied in their school. The college application personal statement is not just a word essay example, it reveals your purpose why you want to study in that university. You must state your reasons. Why have you chosen that university? How do you think that university will help your way into college? What makes you decide to study in that university? Do you think that the university will give what you need? Your reasons for studying in that school must be explicitly explained. The university wants to know those things to know that they are apt for all your future endeavors. It is also good to know what a student thinks of your school.

How to Make a College Application Personal Statement

Now, the best part of this article. You should know how to start a personal statement. Use the following steps and you can make a college application personal statement:

Step 1: Know the purpose of your personal statement.

The question that you should be answering is –  ‘Who you are?’. In your personal statement, you will be telling the university about yourself. You will tell them who you are. You must be careful on telling this thing because the university should not have a misconception about you. You must tell something that cannot be found in your records or transcript. You must know that it is one of the main purpose of the personal statement. The university has to know the student that they will admit in their university. Your statement should give a picture of your complete personality. They should have a good understanding of you. It is not enough to tell them your accomplishments. Bear in mind that you have to present them a story about you. This story should give enough descriptions of you and how could you be as a student.

Step 2: Think of personal statement topics.

Sometimes, it will be good for you to consider a personal statement example, personal statement essays examples, or a sample college application personal statement. You can gather some personal statement topics that you can use in your college application personal statement. You have to know that every topic that you will present should be interesting and will capture the attention of the admissions committee. There are common essay prompts that colleges use and some use Common App. But if you need personal statement topics to use, you can have the following:

Step 3: Have a focus in your writing.

After writing who you are and coming up with a personal statement topic, start writing the idea that you have. Have a focus about it in your writing. Be creative in expressing your ideas. Be also sure that it can relate to your personal statement. With few paragraphs, concentrate on the topic that you have chosen. You have to succeed in the college admission, so you have to be certain with every words that you write.

Step 4: Edit it and click the ‘submit’ button.

When you are finished, you must remember that you have to go over your writing. Be sure that every sentences are good enough. If you feel that they are not, you must edit your personal statement. Do everything to make it better. You can go over it 4-5 times to be sure that it is perfect. Proofread it after you have decided that is well-written. Then upload it at the university website and click the magic ‘submit’ button!


How Can I Make a Positive Personal Statement?

To make sure that your personal application will turn out positively, you must come up with a good topic that you can discuss in your personal statement. You have to have a good idea that you can write about in your personal statement. If you can think of something good, you can make your statement compelling. You can catch the interest of the admissions officers and they can consider your writing good. So, think first of a great idea that can captivate readers. If you really want to make your personal statement positive, learn the best tips about essay writing so you can write at your best. Not only will you get skills in writing, but you can be sure that your essay will be worthwhile. Consider some personal statement examples for college, a college application personal statement format, or a college application personal statement example. Having an example to look to can give you ideas on how to make a better personal statement.

Is a Personal Statement Necessary?

Yes, it is. It is a requirement that you have to take before the university can admit you. So, you must realize that it is an essential thing. You will not be able to enter your desired university if you will not make a college application personal statement.

In making a college application personal statement, you must know that you have to give your best. Do not think that the admissions committee will not have time to read it. They will read whatever you will write. The college application personal statement is a college requirement that you must not take for granted. You must write it carefully. Anyway, if you need some kind of a template that you can use in writing your personal statement, this post can help you. It has 4+ SAMPLE College Application Personal Statement in PDF. Pick a template that fits your ideas for a personal statement. Use it and make your writing easier. Good luck to your college life!