52+ Sample Method Satements

Method Statement: What Is It?

A method statement covers all the scope of work and the description of how to safely carry out a project, particularly among high-risk projects like electrical installation and construction sites. Since safe systems to perform at work will be written and presented in a series of methods, it will easier for every employee to know and observe the necessary precautions while performing their tasks.

In 2016–2017, 30 construction workers died from work. Also, 2,940 (3%) were injured while 3,530 (3.5%) experienced work illness in every 100,000 workers.

What Is Inside a Method Statement?

In making a method statement, results may vary according to what tasks will be performed, what metrics and precautions to consider, and what content best fits the whole document. But, a standard method statement would likely have the following elements:

Title: Set off your method statement’s introductory statement with a title so the document used has its own identity. And using ‘Method Statement’ as the title is self-explanatory enough.Parties Involved: This part identifies who is at risk or who is of concern in the management and risk assessment program. Thus, every employee, assessor, manager, and more will be recognized.Work Description: Write a brief description of the entire work involved like a general job description. You can mention the hours of work, task daily schedule, job roles, tools and equipment, etc.Hazard Identification: Before stating the precautions, be sure to identify all the hazards expected in the workplace. Conduct an analysis report on your project’s hazards instead of just guessing the possible risks and perils.Safety Roles and Responsibilities: Now for the meat of your statement, begin identifying what safety roles and responsibilities should be observed to prevent those hazards discovered earlier. You may create an itemized action list of steps for this section.Monitoring Arrangements: Don’t assume that everyone will just follow the method statement. Monitoring arrangements are at play to check if everything is going well. Consider this segment as your maintenance plan.Emergency Procedures: Sometimes, you need to think of the worst possible scenario. What if the unexpected happens? State your standard emergency strategic plans and procedures as well.

How to Create a Method Statement

Risks are associated with all types of work from plumbing, cleaning, accounting, sales, and more. So even if you don’t consider your job as a high risk, you never know what could happen. Make a method statement. In fact, making it is not that complex, you can follow these steps as your guide in creating a proper method statement:

Step 1: Use a Sample Statement

Make a method statement in the easiest way possible by trying out the sample method statements listed above. Those premade templates are already preformatted so finishing the statements gets simpler. More so, you are free to customize the template for your document anytime so there is room for improvements and embellishments.

Step 2: Be Guided with the Method Statement’s Elements

In case you are unsure of a method statement’s layout, use the standard elements as your guide. You already know what is inside a method statement and those are the elements, as discussed earlier. So insert the title down to the emergency procedures. And be sure to really analyze what precautions and responsibilities are worth implementing in your project since it differs for every example.

Step 3: Keep It Brief and Specific

Method statements need not become lengthy documents. Just focus on being specific and straightforward. It will not only make the statement short but is also more understandable and easy to comprehend. Remember that you are talking about a safety plan here so ensuring that everyone involved understands in the quickest way possible is the key.

Step 4: Insert Sketches, Pictures, and Supporting Documents

If you think it is easier to express some instructions and details by using pictures, drawings, and other supporting documents, do so. Sometimes sketches and photos can explain automatically rather than using confusing words. Examples include the hazard location, site facility, and more. And once you are confident with the statement, launch it.


What are other names of a method statement?

Method statements are also known as safe systems of work, safe work method statements, or SWMS for short.

Why are method statements important?

Method statements can save people’s lives. Such statements describe every sequence logically of how to perform tasks in the safest and most efficient way possible. Risking people’s health is equal to bad business so it is necessary to assess those risks and control them. Hence, incorporating a method statement into your job plan is encouraged.

Who creates method statements?

Someone reliable, knowledgeable, and responsible should write the method statement. That person should be familiar with the overall process of a project or work. Also, this person assigned should be agreed upon among the managers, contractors, and clients.

A method statement is merely a variation of a safety instruction book. Its carefully planned or managed methods are a list of steps to ensure risks will be lessened and prevented in your everyday work. So instead of reiterating your organization’s risk assessment, explain proper information sheet further by writing a method statement.