What Is a Research Mission Statement?

A research mission statement is the summary of the aims and visions of an individual or organization that is about to do research. It is a kind of personal mission statement. The purpose of your organization is revealed by writing a research mission statement. It can be a good mission statement if it can explain the existence of your organization. It states what you hope to attain in the future. It reflects the values and nature of your organization. It resonates with the character of the people who are working in an organization. It also shows the effect of the organization on the community. Through the research mission statement, an organization can inspire commitment and courage.

Some examples of a research mission statement are a market research mission statement, a research lab mission statement, a research center mission statement, a research department mission statement, and a research administration mission statement. In a research mission statement, you will have the chance to show that you have a good organization. By showing your values, you can show the community that you are eager to find ways to help them. You can relay a good solution for all the problems of the community. Through your statement, society can see that they can benefit from your research.

By giving a research mission statement, you can find a good work strategy that you can use so that you can gather enough funds that you need for your research. The sponsors will believe that you have a good project ahead of you if you add a good research mission statement to your proposal. You can prove that you have a good purpose for your project. Thus, it can make your research feasible in the eyes of everybody. You can have ease in gathering funds because every sponsor will see that you are going to make a project that will benefit others. It will not be hard for them to accept your proposal and give you a grant.

Be sure to create a good research mission statement. You can refer to statement examples that you can find on the internet so that you will know how to create a good one. It should have your vision values. The core values of your organization should be inserted in the statement. It should be something that instigates leadership so that we can do great things for the community. A good implementation plan should be done to prove that you can keep your statement alive. Be sure that as you do the research, you can be able to prove that your statement is true. This is to avoid your organization from having a bad reputation. Do as you say in your research mission statement. Mobilize your purpose and achieve your goals in your research mission statement.

Elements of a Research Mission Statement

There are a lot of things to consider when making a mission statement for all your research activities. Mission statements cover the entirety of your institutional goals, communicate your vision, and direct your employees, researchers, customers, and stakeholders toward your group’s purpose. As such, it is essential that you gain better knowledge of the elements of a research mission statement.

Simplicity: A research mission statement should be simple. You do not have to make it extravagant. You just simply have to put a good essence to it. Be sure that you are talking about a great mission. By doing so, even if it is simple, you can attract awe from your readers.Captivating: Your statement should immediately catch the interest of your readers. It should captivate them to believe that you are following a great cause that can help society. Use the present tense in making your statement. By doing this, you will not make your statement boring. It will be interesting for the readers.Measurable: Through your statement, the results of your research should be measured. So, anyone can tell that you are going to do successful research. Do not make your statement hard to quantify. Your mission statement should clearly declare your goals and objectives.Relevancy: Your mission statement should be relevant to the project that you are about to do. It must not go astray with the project plan. Instead, it should describe the research that you are about to do. The readers should be given a hint of the kind of project that they are going to have. The statement should focus on the topic of your research.Longevity: The strategy for your research should be relayed in the mission statement. You can talk about your long-term goals that can make the readers see that you have good research ahead of you. So, forecast a strategic plan that can talk about your goals.Purpose: You should tell a good purpose in your mission statement. This can show people that you have good research that is headed in a good direction. By having a good purpose, many will want to be a part of your research. You can attract sponsors that can give you funds to make your research possible. You can also have a good audience for your research.Capability: The research mission statement should mirror your capabilities. You should show that you are capable of doing the research. You have to let your audience see that you have the necessary skills to make your research successful. They have to see through your statement that you have all the abilities to make the research possible.Inspirational: The research mission statement should be inspirational. This is one special element of mission and vision statements. You should ensure that the person who will read your statement will be amazed by whatever you have to say. They should be inspired by your purpose. When this happens, your organization will have a good image in its eyes. You can be sure that they will do what they can to help you with the research.Clarity: Clarity is important in creating a research mission statement. You have to be definite about the things that you are saying. You cannot have a good mission statement if it is obscure. No one will understand your purpose. So, you have to speak clearly in your statement. Be definite about the things that you want to express. This way, you can communicate well with your readers.Legacy: The statement should give a legacy to your organization. It should give everyone a reminder that you have done great research. It should capture the spirit and essence of your organization. You will be known to the community according to the legacy of your statement. So, be sure to insert a good legacy in your mission statement.Focused: The research mission statement should be focused on your goals and objectives. Everyone who can read it should understand the goals that you are having. By relaying your objectives, everyone can appreciate your research. They can be a part of your goals and do their part so that you can have successful research.Emotional Appeal: Your statement should have the capacity to move others. It should have an emotional appeal. Through this, you can ensure that many are with you in your research. All will believe that you have a good purpose. Many will have faith in what you do. Because of this, you can ensure that everyone will cooperate to achieve your goals for the research.

Benefits of a Research Mission Statement

Why do you think many will want to have a research mission statement? It is because it can help them with what they are doing. If you will carefully take a look at a research mission statement sample, you will realize that it has benefits. Read and consider the following to know some of the benefits of a research mission statement:

Having Uniqueness: Your research mission statement can give beauty to your research. You can show uniqueness that can make your research more feasible. It is a good strategic plan to show that you have good research. Many can commend your research if you will create a mission statement.Gives Motivation: A mission statement can give motivation to your team. Because your statement shows a good purpose, your team will be encouraged to work harder on the research. They can find the right inspiration to work better to make the research more successful. They know that they have a standard to follow. They have to achieve the goals that are inserted in your mission statement. So, they will work harder for all of you to attain a common goal. It will not be hard for you to motivate your team to work at their best.Monitors Progress: You can be sure of your progress because of the research mission statement. Because it will serve as your standard for your research, you can keep track of your progress just by looking if you have already attained your goals in the research mission statement. So, you can have a good pace in your work by having the statement. You can be sure that you can achieve a good purpose in the end.Community Support: You can have community support by having a research mission statement. The community will learn that you have a great project that can benefit them so they can be encouraged to help you in whatever that they can do for the research. By letting them know that you can provide solutions to their problems, they can decide to be a part of your research. Thus, you can gain a lot of support.

Tips on Research Mission Statement

Should you need tips to get started with your research mission statement, this article can provide you with some of the most useful tips for creating one. And, they are the following:

Brainstorm with the Team: You should have a meeting with your team to discuss the research mission statement. Form an action plan where all of you can create a good statement. Brainstorm with your team to have the best statement. By having many ideas, you can be sure that your statement will be strong and complete.Insert Values: To have the greatest statement, it should have values. So, you have to insert the core values of your organization into it. Be sure that it will be according to the culture of your organization. By doing this, you can have a statement that will coincide with the goals of your organization.Ask for Advice: You can seek the help of your friends and family to have the best mission statement. Show your research mission statement to them. Ask for their opinion if it is good enough. Follow their advice if they will say some things that can improve your statement. By asking for their advice, you can be sure that you can make a better research mission statement.

How to Write a Research Mission Statement

You’ve learned about the uses and benefits of a research mission statement, and you’ve gained tips before making one. Now, all you need to learn is how to create one from scratch. Below are the basic steps in writing a research mission statement, but if you want to take a peek at its format, our ready-made research mission statement templates can also guide you through and through.

Step 1: Think About Your Values

The first thing that you have to consider in creating a research mission statement is your values. Consider the core values of your organization. Be sure that your statement will coincide with your core values. Remember, your statement should represent your organization so it has to follow the standards of your core values.

Step 2: Think About Your Goals

The next thing that you have to do is think about your goals. You have to consider your goals and objectives in creating a research mission statement. Through your goals, your statement will have a good direction. The audience will see a good purpose for your research.

Step 3: Write Your Statement

After considering your values and goals, you can start writing the statement. Have the right length for the statement. Choose a great style. Use a good format for it. Insert good points in your statement. Make sure that you have a great statement by asking the advice of your team.


What are the characteristics that you have to consider in your research?

The characteristics that you have to consider in research are you should focus on giving solutions to problems, you have to create a good system for your research, and the research should be action-oriented.

Is a research mission statement necessary?

A research mission statement is necessary. It can give an identity to your research. You can show a good culture by having it.

A research mission statement helps researchers to conduct their research in a better way. It can give meaning to their work that they can be proud of it to others. So, create a research mission statement for your work. You can illustrate good values by having this statement. Well, do you need a template for a research mission statement? This post has 18+ SAMPLE Research Mission Statements in PDF. Creating a great statement will be easy for you with the help of these templates. Download now!