50+ Work Samples

What is a Work Sample?

A work sample is a tangible example of the work of a person that is provided to employers in the hiring process. This sample demonstrates the skills and abilities of the job applicant in a particular field or industry. For example, if someone applies to be a writer, they must show a writing sample to prove their abilities. On the other hand, in a graphic design job, one must show graphic design samples. Types of work categories differ to the job that an applicant is applying for. They can send a work samples PDF or links to their work.

Work examples for job applications or work samples in a resume are ones of examples of work samples. There can also be work samples in research and school. Some examples of work samples are research work samples, student project work samples, work plan samples, work experience samples, and work bio samples. For better work samples, you can use a work samples template. Through it, your samples can be more organized and will have better readability. The best rule of thumb is to present your best samples so that employers will be impressed with your skills. With this, you can be more likely to get the job.

Tips on a Work Sample

When we make work samples, we have to ensure that employers will like them. We cannot send mediocre work but we have to show our best skills. We will give our best so that employers can get impressed with our work samples. To do this, you may need some tips that can enable you to create the best work samples. The following tips are some of the strategies that you can apply to have great work samples:

Choose Your Best Work: This will be the time to impress the future employer. You cannot just give any work that you have. Be sure that you can provide your best work. To be sure of this, you can ask the opinions of your friends or family to know which of your work is the best. If you want to impress employers, they have to see your best work which can show that you have the best skills. When you can do this, you can be more likely to be hired because employers will know that you are adept at the job. It can be easy for you to do the work that they are hiring for. So, when you fill out a job form, they will know that you are proper and qualified for the job. Do not just show a portfolio sample, but be sure that you can provide your best. By doing this, you can get the initial attention of employers and they will be interested to hire you. They can consider your skills and abilities. You can show them that you know what you are applying for and you are skilled in the industry. Because of this, your chance to get the job will be higher. Through your best work, you can have the job that you desire.Follow Instructions: Some work samples are customized by employers. They will assign a certain task that can demonstrate your skills. For this type of work sample, you must carefully follow instructions. Read the instructions of employers carefully. Make sure that you will understand everything before starting to work. Be familiar with the task list first. If you miss a certain instruction, your work sample will not be according to their standards and it will not be accepted. By following instructions, you can do what employers want you to do. You can be sure that you can provide a work sample that they can approve of. Through instructions, you can create a perfect work sample. You will not waste your time by creating a work sample because employers will accept your work.Show Diversity: When you are providing work samples, be sure to include diversity in your work. Do not provide samples of the same kind. Provide a variety of work samples. Employers should see that you have wide skills in the industry. By showing that you can do a lot of things, they can be interested in your skills. Show that you have perfect skills that can suit any work list. Though there can be various requirements with the job, you can follow through. Your diverse work can prove to employers that you are versatile and can do every work. This can also mean that it can be easy for you to be trained for other things. Through diversity, it will be easy to impress employers.Contextualize Your Work: Provide a context for your work samples. Make a brief description for every project or task. This can be a short work checklist that can give employers sufficient details about the work samples. You can tell the purpose of the work and your role when you created them. By doing this, employers can have a better understanding of your work samples. Your work samples can be more presentable. It can also make your work samples more noticeable. Employers can better appreciate your work samples if they have contexts.Keep It Concise: If you will include so many works in your work samples, employers may get confused with its great quantity. They cannot dig into your work samples so the chance is that they will not be able to look at them carefully. You must consider quality over quantity. A few work samples are enough if you can be sure that they are your best samples. You do not have to include so many types of work. If you know that you can impress employers with just a few samples because they are the best, then this will be enough. Do not make employers dig into your work samples. Remember that they are busy so they will not have the time to look at so many samples. A few samples with the best quality will be perfect. Keep your work samples concise.Edit and Proofread: Be careful in sending work samples. Be sure that they are free from errors. That is why it is a must to proofread your work samples before submitting them. If you have plenty of time, you can edit your work samples to be sure that they will be perfect. By editing and proofreading, you can present your best work.Choose Relevant Work: When sending work samples, make sure that they are relevant to the job you are applying for. You cannot send irrelevant work samples. They will be meaningless. If you want to prove that you are qualified for the job, relevant work samples are what you need. You can give employers a good basis to hire you. This is because you can prove that you can do the job. You can prove your skills and abilities to excel at the work. This is the best strategy when you are applying for a certain job. Through relevant work samples, you can entice employers to hire you because you already know the job.Tailor for the Audience: Consider the preferences and expectations of employers. Tailor the work samples according to the needs of employers. For example, if you are applying for a graphic design job, you must know what specific designs they need. If they need thumbnails, you must provide examples of thumbnails. If they need carousels, then provide examples of carousels. If you have relevant samples, you can be sure that they can consider you for the job because they have found what they are looking for. So, take some time to understand the expectations of employers so you can deliver accordingly.

How to Create Work Samples

Creating work samples can be crucial. Depending on the quality of your work samples, you can or cannot impress employers. So, you need to be great at creating work samples. You can have the following steps:

1. Identify the Purpose

First, determine your purpose for the work samples. Are you going to showcase your skills to employers or clients? Do you need them for a special project or job applications? You must be aware of your purpose.

2. Choose the Work

The next thing that you should do is choose the work for your work samples. You have to pick your best work. Make sure that they can demonstrate your skills and abilities. They must show your proficiency in the industry.

3. Consider the Format

Then you should organize your work samples. You can create them to be in PDF documents and have them all in a link. Choose the best format for your work samples.

4. Test It Out

Before submitting your work samples, you must test them. Be sure that they work on all devices and platforms. Make sure that your work sample can be functional. Also, you must get feedback before submitting them to be sure that they are great.


What are the benefits of work samples?

The benefits of work samples are objective evaluation, predictive validity, efficiency, real-world relevance, demonstrating fit, improved candidate experience, and differentiating yourself from others.

What are the various forms of work samples?

The various forms of work samples are writing samples, design samples, coding samples, presentations, and project samples.

What industries require work samples?

The most common industries that require work samples are writing, graphic design, and filmmaking. Work samples can also be needed in software development, education, and project management.

When you can present work samples, some companies can instantly hire you because you can show that you can be adept at the job. It can provide complete ease in job applications because you will not have difficulties showing that you are suitable for the job. That is why it is recommended to provide work samples to employers so that they can easily decide to hire you. Make great work samples to be hired.