What Is a Network Scope of Work?

A network scope of work is a cohesive and well-integrated project scope document that provides a clear description of the development and implementation of a network project under a specific contract. It describes all fundamental aspects of the network service and the scope of network marketing. Being included in the network service proposal and network project plan, it plays a crucial role in guiding different consultants like IT consultants, network marketing consultants, IP consultants, network designers, network engineers, and network specialists, and their prospective clients have sufficient knowledge and understanding about the overall development and implementation process of a particular network project.

Due to the increase in the new data center IT infrastructure worldwide, there exists an apparent growth in the network as a service (NaaS) market. Based on a report, the NaaS market was valued at $10.8 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach $59.44 billion by 2027, about 32.67% of CAGR during the forecast period of 2022-2027. Many businesses, companies, organizations, and industries adopt and implement the cloud for data storage and virtualization in the data center for increased availability, efficient resource utilization, ensured high reliability and security for mission-critical business applications, and reduced overall costs.

NaaS provides companies and organizations with advanced flexibility and performance gains in their network infrastructure. Thus, all types of network service professionals such as network administrators, network architects, network engineers, IT network specialists, network consultants, and other key individuals in network firms and industries should effectively create a compelling network scope of work for the continuous flow and smooth execution of their network services and IP address network design projects.

Different Types of Network Scope of Work

Most of the network engineers, business analysts, and IT managers work together in procuring network equipment, configuring firewalls, investigating network faults, updating network equipment to the latest firmware releases, and reporting network status to major stakeholders. If you are a new network engineer, it is important to have some understanding of the different types of network scope of work and common requirements that you are likely to encounter.

1. Network Cabling Installation Scope of Work

A network cabling installation scope of work contains some general information, work locations, and comprehensive details of the cabling work. This scope of work is used for the installation of a new data network solid copper cabbling to support the installation of ceiling-mounted Access Points (AP) or other areas. While creating this document, outline the cabling work details such as providing and installing a specific pure copper, platinum CMP cable from communication server rooms, testing and labeling all new drop locations and patch panels, and coordinating with the management for cabling/installation standards and routing.

2. Network Coordinator Scope of Work

Network coordinators offer professional support, and technical support, supervise other computer network specialists, as well as support the organization’s WAN and LAN, and make sure that websites are functioning properly without any issues. They use a network coordinator scope of work to outline the primary objectives and description of each task such as for membership, virtual meetings or conference calls, project management, and network engagement. If you need to write this document, indicate in the scope of work that you will maintain the website, update it in a timely manner, monitor the contract budget, and schedule meetings with DWR.

3. Appraisal Network Scope of Work

Develop an appraisal network scope of work to outline the particular appraisal position and the major roles of the working professional. Describe the relevance, position statement, and other essential tasks related to the appraisal. For the position statement, explain in this section that this document will cover all the roles of the professional and include the supporting information required. 

4. Network Infrastructure Equipment Scope of Work

Network administrators and users should secure their network infrastructure by segmenting and segregating networks and functions, limiting unnecessary lateral communications, securing access to infrastructure devices, conducting out-of-band network management, and validating hardware and software integrity. If you need to request quotes for WLAN, network infrastructure equipment, and cabling, craft a compelling network infrastructure equipment scope of work. Identify the contract start date and describe other general specifications such as the pricing quotes must be compliant with the purchasing contract of the prospective vendor. 

5. Network Scope of Work for Firewall

Firewalls are used to give protection against any type of outside cyber attack by safeguarding the system or the provided network from malicious or unnecessary network traffic. They are also used to prevent malicious software from entering a system or network via the internet. Make a comprehensive network scope of work for the firewall by detailing the network security service scope like the service features and deliverables such as conference and meeting, pre-installation site survey, policy or configuration design, high availability function test, and connectivity testing.

Basic Elements of a Network Scope of Work

A network scope of work has different elements. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive scope of work:

Executive Summary: One of the fundamental elements of a network scope of work is the executive summary. It provides a brief summary or simple overview of the document and the network design project which points out the intentions of the network engineer or network architect that will be elaborated in the overall project plan. As the compelling part of the network design project plan, it provides the mission statement of the network infrastructure and design project.Goals and Objective Statement: What do the network engineer and client want to achieve in the given network infrastructure design project? Write significant information about the specific goals and objectives of the network administrators, network engineers, network designers, network consultants, and other IT network professionals responsible for the network design project. Network Design Development: Include some details about the specific requirements of the client and a brief evaluation of the network. Attach some documents related to the scope of network design. Then, describe various network design processes and tools that will be used for the project. Project Deliverables: Add the project deliverables and milestones of your network design project plan. For example, indicate the optimal networking and emphasize that it is used for high-capacity networks based on optical technology that provides routing, grooming, and restoration at the wavelength level. Project Duration and Payment: Craft an overview of your network design project duration and payment. Include professional fees of your network design management team, network engineering team, and other network design project consultants.

How to Write a Network Scope of Work

If you are struggling to start and finish a scope of work or SOW for your network design project, you need to define any deliverables, timelines, milestones, reports, and end products that are anticipated to be provided by the network engineer or network designer. We provide some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to create a clear and systematic network scope of work to assist you in the preparation of your document.

Step 1: Create a Simple Overview of the Network Design Project

Write a brief and compelling scope statement that defines the overall network project business plan. This section provides wide-ranging network design project deliverables and their core features. Be honest and straightforward while writing the background of your network design project.

Step 2: Specify Major Goals and Measurable Objectives

What are the crucial steps you must do in order to fulfill your network design project goals? Which initiatives in your network design project most need immediate attention and intensive focus? Identify main goals and measurable objectives to help you in reaching your network project goals and initiatives. Think about the desired outcomes and more precise routes to accomplish the network design project goals and objectives. For instance, write in this section the scalability, resilience, performance, security, adaptability, affordability, and usability of the network.

Step 3: Explain the Scope of the Network Design Project

When detailing the scope of your network design, prove that your network design team will work together with the clients to solve specific challenges by focusing on several areas such as security issues, upgraded network performance, IP configuration, internet connectivity, and network maintenance. Add the valuable milestones, network design project with expected timeframes of delivered tasks, journal reports, pricing, schedule, completeness of outputs, conclusions, and advantages, as well as other essential aspects that must be carried out.

Step 4: Develop a Network Project Plan

Construct an effective and in-depth action plan for your network design project. In this section, you must understand fully well where you need to concentrate and evaluate the development of your network design project processes, as well as elaborate on the progress of the completion of the major purpose, goals, objectives, deliverables, risks, assumptions, milestones, schedule, budget, and administrator team working practices of your network design project.

Step 5: Review and Implement the Scope of Work and Network Design Plan

Skim the content of your overall network scope of work and make sure to fully integrate all the fundamental points in your scope of work. If you see that you overlook some sections that need more critical points, edit and revise the document immediately. After proofreading and revising your document, you can now finally execute the scope of work in your network design project plan.


What are some examples of network scope of work?

Some examples of network scope of work are network equipment scope of work, basic network scope of work, network cabling installation scope of work, network infrastructure equipment scope of work, network coordinator scope of work, and network installation proposal scope of work, network infrastructure equipment and cabling scope of work.

What does network design scope identification mean?

Network design scope identification means if the network design is for a set of LANs, a building or campus network, a single network, a set of WAN or remote-access networks, or the entire enterprise network.

What are the requirements for designing a good network project?

The requirements for designing a good network project are verifying the business goals and technical requirements, specifying the core features and functions to fulfill the needs, conducting a network-readiness assessment, developing a solution and site acceptance test plan, and writing a systematic network project plan.

What are the different types of network services?

The different types of network services are personal area network (PAN), local area network (LAN), wireless local area network (WLAN), campus area network (CAN), metropolitan area network (MAN), wide area network (WAN), storage-area network (SAN), system-area network (SAN), passive optical local area network (POLAN), enterprise private network (EPN), and virtual private network (VPN).

What is a good network design?

A good network design should adhere to firmly-established principles such as hierarchical design and information hiding while applying a core, distribution, and access layer design.

Why is a network plan essential?

A network plan is essential because it allows more robust network design and enables better performance. It guides the network administrators and network engineers to create efficient and quick networks to offer the best platform for all kinds of applications that the users prefer.

What are the different kinds of network planning techniques?

The different kinds of networking planning techniques are the Critical Path Method (CPM), the Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique, the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), and the Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM).

What is an IP address scope calculator?

An IP address scope calculator is a tool used in calculating the network and broadcast addresses, and mask bits, and determining the resulting IP broadcast address, subnet, and more. It searches the number of potential subnets for any provided network address block.

What are network scope options?

Network scope options are used to establish additional network details when a host is designated an IP address and to set the default gateway, DNS server, and many others.

So, writing an effective and well-coordinated network scope of work is integral in the work of network administrators, network architects, network engineers, and network specialists. Describe the network design project goals and objectives and outline the network design project tasks and processes to help the readers of your document fully understand your project plan. We have included several network scopes of work samples that you can use in this article including network coordinator scope of work, network agencies scope of work, formal network project scope example, network support services scope of work, etc