Sample Check, PDF

What Is a Check?

A check is a traditional method of giving payments by using a piece of paper as a document that can order your bank to pay the amount you owed when you bought. So, the price that you have paid will be deducted from the money that you have in your bank. A check or cheque is a written agreement between a buyer and a seller. A check payment is commonly done in the past decades before the digital age. It is still in use today, though only some use it. A bank check or cheque can provide ease to anyone because you do not have to pay cash, especially if you have to pay a large amount of money where you should carry a huge bag of cash.

To make a check, you should use a cheque book. Get a single piece from the cheque book and write the necessary details for the check. In writing, you can use a money check pen. A money check machine is used at banks to process your checks. Today, we have a money check online. There can be certain reasons why you should use a cashier check vs. a money order. There are also different types of checks, but in using them, you should know how to reconcile your bank to avoid spending more than you have.

Advantages of a Check

Checks have been used for many years because they provide good things to the user. Because of its security and safety features, your payment methods become personal. It is so easy to purchase using a check. All sellers accept checks because transactions can be easier through them. Below are the advantages that you can have in using checks.

Safer to Send in Mail: In every sales agreement where you have ordered from a faraway place, it is safer to pay using checks. Checks are safer when delivered through the mail. If you send cash, there can be a great risk of losing your money. Because the check is just a single piece of paper, no one will have a clue that you are sending a check. For your safety, you must use a check to be sure that no one will have an interest in what you are sending. You can be sure that no one will dare touch it because checks are specifically named to the person to whom you are paying something. For this reason, checks are a lot safer than sending cash.Cannot Be Used By Thieves: To pay a check is much more advisable. If you are going to pay a large sum of money because maybe you have bought a car or a house, it will be risky to bring that amount as you are making the transaction. It is dangerous on your part and the part of the seller. Whether you are going to make installment payments or not, you still have to bring a large amount of money when you are going to pay the seller. But if you use a check, you do not have to worry about anything. You do not have to fear that you can face some thieves and have the money stolen. This risk can be eliminated as you can purchase without having to bring any cash. On the part of the seller, they can encash the money and deposit it in their name in the bank. So, the seller also will not be at risk of facing thieves. Thieves will not be interested in stealing the check because there is no way they can use it and turn it into money. Because of this, it is a lot safer to use a check if you want to avoid thieves.Being Traceable: Unlike cash, checks are traceable. It has a unique number that you can check anytime. It will be easier for you to track your money through them. Because it is traceable, it is a very safe payment method. Anytime, you can check if you have rightfully paid something. This will be very good if you have installment contracts. You can monitor your money and can pay on time at the same time. There is no way that you can track your cash when you spend them. But with checks, you can keep records of the money that you have spent. This is because every time you issue a check, you always have a copy of it. This way, you can spend better and keep track of your spending.Fast Deposit of Money: After you have issued the check, it only needs a day or two to be encashed by the person to whom you paid something. It will not make them wait for a long time just to have their payment. This is a sure way to have payment when you are selling. You can be sure that you can get the money because you will get it directly from the bank. There will be no hassle depositing the money in your name. This is advisable in any installment agreement because you can be sure that you can get your money every month or every pay period. On the side of the buyers, this is very good also because they will have enough time to have the money in their bank after payment. They have a day or two to ensure that they will have the funds for the check. So, you can buy something immediately even if your payday is still two days away.No Need for Bank Account: Not all have a bank account. When you are a seller and you have difficulties opening a bank account, you can be paid through checks. This provides convenience to your side because, through checks, you can have your payment. All you need to do is go to the bank and you can have the money in cash. This can save anyone from the hassles of opening a bank account. This is an acceptable payment method that can be used by people who do not have the requirements to open a bank account. Checks can make everything possible for some sellers.Makes Budgeting Easier: It is easier to do budgeting when you are using checks. Together with bill receipts, you can have a record that you can use when you are doing your budget. This is especially good when you are doing zero-based budgets. You can calculate everything that you have spent accurately. Budgeting is needed so we can track our expenses. Checks can help you in managing your financial needs. Money is so hard to earn. Even if your salary is big, you need to concentrate on your budget. So, checks can help a lot to achieve your purpose to keep track of your money.Being Professional: Using checks is a good way of doing business. This makes every transaction professional. If you want to have a good buyer image in the eyes of sellers, use checks because they will think that you truly have the capacity of paying. They know that you have your bank to support you. Most check users have big money in their bank accounts. So, if you want to build your credibility, you can use checks.Widely Accepted: Using checks is a widely accepted payment method. It is good when you have payment schedules. Even large businesses accept checks in their transactions. It is very advisable to use a check if you are a businessman because you can be sure that you will have easy transactions. Every transaction will be possible for you. So, you will not experience any difficulties in your business.

How to Write a Check

Is it your first time using a check? Maybe you are wondering what to write on this paper document. Writing on a check can be easy. You just have to follow some simple steps.

1. Include the Date

The first thing that you should do is to write the date. Be sure that you will be accurate with the date. Remember that the seller can encash the money after 2 days of the daily calendar. So, you need to write the correct date.

2. Write the Name of the Payee

After the date, you should write the name of the person to whom you are paying for something. Be also accurate in including the name of the payee. The bank needs the correct name that can be found on the ID Card of the payee when he or she will present the check to the bank.

3. Write the Amount to Be Paid

Then, you should write the amount of money that you are going to pay. After writing the amount in numbers, you should write the amount in words, too. Be accurate in writing the amount.

4. Make a Memo

At the end of the check, you can write a memo. This is a note that you can include in the check. This additional note can be a description of why you have issued the check.

5. Include Your Signature

The most important thing is you should sign the check. Write your signature clearly on the check. You should write your signature at the designated line at the bottom of the check.


Why do people use checks?

People use checks because it is a secure and organized way to exchange money. You do not have to have the hassles of paying cash.

What are the types of checks?

The types of checks are cashier’s checks, certified checks, employee paychecks, and personal checks. Checks may vary according to needs.

Checks are good tools for personal and business use. It has great features that can give you convenience. You can have security in every transaction. Though many have shifted to electronic payments nowadays, checks still prove that they can give great benefits to people who are using them.