Or maybe the church has one big goal that it wants to achieve like building a new church house. Or maybe just having a goal to strengthen the ministry. Church planning comes in every time the ministry has a goal. They have to build an action plan that can make their missions possible. In this article, you will learn some things about church action plan. Its benefits will be discussed. You will also learn how to make a church action plan. Are you someone who needs these things? Then, brace yourself and keep on reading!

What is a Church Action Plan?

An action plan is an effective tool that is used in planning. It is a proposed strategy for goals and objectives. A church action plan is the plan used to focus on the priorities of the church. It is something that can improve the ministry. Church growth is something important, and it will be easier to achieve if there is a transforming church action plan. Church strategy is needed so that the ministry will have something to use to go further with their plans to achieve its goals. The action plan may give roles to every person in the church so that together they will build the mission of the ministry. The plan is a strategic plan that will provide definite steps so that the ministry will have progress. In every goal that the church will have, they will make an action plan that can be a roadmap for all the things that they can do for the church. All the people in the church will just refer to it and they can follow the strategies needed for the goals of the church.

Benefits of a Church Action Plan

The church makes a church emergency action plan or makes a sample strategic plan for church ministry because it helps them to improve their church. It has numerous benefits. It is better than doing impromptu things. The church people will be more disciplined in achieving the goals of the church and they can expect success better. Here are some of the benefits of a church action plan:

The mission and values of the church will be clear. An action plan promotes the values and the mission of the church. It is done accordingly to it. Having the church action plan will emphasize what is the church is living for. Your actions will be according to what your church believes. As you achieve goals, you will also magnify the values of your church. Thus, it will give a good image to your church, and everyone else will see its value.You will know the priorities of your church. Through the church action plan, you may identify all the priorities of the church. It is a systematic approach for all your goals. You may be able to separate the important matter from what is not. The goals are clearly written in the action plan. You will have a better understanding of it because you can evaluate it as you make the action plan. Priorities can be discovered and you will know what are the things that you need to do to make your church better.It can give a clear direction. Planning will tell you what you are supposed to do. You can have a definite direction that you can follow. It is hard to move when you do not know where you are going and what are you set out to do. But through the strategic plan, you will know the steps that you will have to take. It can be a clear roadmap that can point you to right directions. You will not grope from nowhere on what you will do next. It will guide you in all your ways in the church.You can do a good decision making. The church action plan can make your pastor to have a good leadership. It will guide him or her to wise decision making. The plan is already there. It is premeditated and has expected good outcomes. Making decisions according to what you have planned for the ministry can give right decisions. You already know that your resort are planned and that you cannot go wrong with it. It will be easier also to decide on matters because the only thing that you need to do is to follow the church action plan.It enhances teamwork. The action plan is a guide for all of you to do. It may have assigned roles to each one of you. Thus, everyone will have their part to do and you can have a good teamwork. Communication will not be hard for any of you. You just have to discuss what is written in the action plan and follow it. As all of you follow the church action plan, you will see that you are one church that is united in deeds. It can bring unification and can strengthen the whole ministry. You will be one good church that is good in teamwork.It gives more success. Church strategy like any other strategies is a good technique that can give success to the ministry. You will plan beforehand and all your actions will be definite. All your mission action will be premeditated and there will be a less chance of failure. It will be easier for the church to make its vision come true. All can come into action through the plan, and your church can accomplish things together. No goal will be impossible for your ministry to achieve.

How to Make a Church Action Plan

Action plan for a church may seem hard to do. But it is essential to do it so that your ministry will achieve its goals. Action plan for church growth is something that any ministry should give importance. If you are convinced in making a church action plan, you can have the following steps to make one:

Step 1: Involve all your church members.

Maybe the first thing you have to do is to have a consultation with all your church members. Consult them to let them know that they have to take a part in the church action plan. Everyone should be involved. You are a church and it is a part of serving the Lord. You can have corporate meetings. You can also give them questionnaires to know their opinions about the church action plan. It is a good aspect so that you can make a shared vision. You should develop a strategic plan together.

Step 2: Have a mission statement and a vision statement.

The vision statement will be the heart of the ministry. It is an ideal on how you will strategize in your plans. All of you should have a shared vision and you should make a vision statement that tell your goals for the ministry. It will state what your church will want to accomplish. Its topic should be the most important for your church. It should encompass your Christian faith. The mission statement is almost the same with the vision statement. You only have to be definite about all the things that you should do. It tells why your ministry exists and what it is set out to do. Having these statements can direct you on what you are going to put in your action plan. It will be a pattern on how you are going to mold your actions. It is very important so that your church will achieve things that are only aligned with the beliefs of the church.

Step 3: Make a SWOT analysis.

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is a good tool on how you can target resources for the church. You can know opportunities that can improve your strategies. It can bring growth and development to your ministry. To start the SWOT analysis, you may consider the following:

Step 4: Develop a strategic plan.

After you are done with the SWOT analysis, it is time for you to write organizational goals. You can use SMART goal and answer the following questions:

When you are sure with the goals, then, you can develop the action plan. Choose strategies for all the things that you need to accomplish. Set roles for every church member so that everyone can take part with the mission. You are a ministry. And you can prove your love by helping one another. Know the things that you can include in the church action plan. Ask the following questions:

Step 5: Communicate the action plan.

The church action plan is a thing that should be used everyday in your ministry. Discuss it with your church members. It is a document that they can use to make church strategic planning effective. Distribute the church action plan sample to the Mission Community. It is better that many will see it. Create a flyer or put it in your newsletter. You can also refer to it on the sermons. Review your action plan regularly and use it as you make any priority in the ministry.


How Can a Church Expand?

Churches can expand through the help of an action plan. They can share their mission and vision and people can see the goodness of the church. It can also give strategies on how they can get new church members by doing a church campaign that can be promoted by the church members themselves. If the church can also engage online, and through an action plan, they can gather more attendees. It is like building a brand identity. The strategic plan can attract people to go to their church.

What is the Best Way to Make a Church Action Plan?

You can search for ministry plan template or mission action plan template. A template can give you ideas on how you can create a church action plan. You can even edit it and use some of the things that are in it. The easiest way to have a church action plan is to develop goals for your church. Call your church members to ask their opinions so that they can contribute to the action plan. Involving them can make you to gather ideas and can confirm to you that they will really cooperate. You need them to execute the action plan. Collect some ideas so that you can make an effective action plan that can give growth to your ministry.

God is not an author of confusion. Even at the church, we have to make a systematic approach in doing things. A church action plan can point us to the best direction on how we can make our ministry grow. We will be instructed of the things that we should do and we can identify our priorities. Are you decided to make a church action plan now? You can get a template using this post. It has 14+ SAMPLE Church Action Plan in PDF. Pick any that you like. Download now!