What is an Employee Onboarding Checklist?

An employee onboarding checklist is a document that has a list of things that HR should do to assist employees with their first days at work. It has the details of the onboarding process. There are things that employees have to go through before being settled with their new job. They have to be introduced to the company through an employee orientation. They have to go through training to be adept with the job that they are going to have. The adjustment will be on the side of employees and HR is willing to help them to make things easier for them. It is their job to ensure that employees will be onboarded well.

To make a checklist, you should plan what you are going to put in it. Remind yourself of the onboarding process so that you will know the steps that you have to take. Whether you are going to create a remote employee onboarding checklist or a restaurant employee onboarding checklist, you have to ensure that you will not forget anything important that is needed in onboarding. Your employees may not work well if you cannot make your checklist complete. You may experience some troubles while they are on their job. You need to ascertain that you can make a complete checklist that can handle everything.

A new employee onboarding checklist is a roadmap that HR can have as they assist employees with their jobs. It can cover their tasks to send paperwork to employees and make them sign important documents. It can take care of everything so that employees will find their way on their jobs, ensuring that they can do all their tasks. You can make a checklist in Word or Excel, whatever is better for you. Or if you want, you can use a PowerPoint template so that with every slide, you can introduce everything to employees. It may not be easy to introduce to employees the internal work of the company, but through the checklist, you can have a step-by-step process.

Sample Employee Onboarding Checklist

Are you going to create an employee onboarding checklist for managers or an HR employee onboarding checklist? If you want a sample employee onboarding checklist, you can have the following to guide you:


First Week Onboarding

First 3 Months of Employee

First Anniversary of Employee

Tips on Employee Onboarding Checklist

Employees onboarding checklist is much needed so that HR can ensure that every employee will be given enough attention. You may use a new employee first-week schedule template or a free employee onboarding checklist template to ease your work if you are an HR staff. But if you want tips that you can use, you can consider the following:

Give a Welcome Letter: A welcome letter will be appreciated by any employee. You should send an email welcoming the employees. You must make the employees feel welcome. If you will do so, employees will have a light heart in regard to the company and the team. Through it, they can be enthusiastic about their work. They will have a great start with their job, making them encouraged to do their job better. You must welcome your employees so that they can feel at home with the company. If they will find a family in their jobs, they will come to love their work and that will benefit the company so much. So, be kind to your new employees and they can work better in return.Give Feedback: Feedback can help the new employees. Through feedback, they will learn if they are doing great with their work. Or if they are lacking or weak in some areas. They are new in the job and they need feedback so that they can improve their work. Feedback can help them to be better with their tasks. Thus, perfecting their job at the very end. So, as HR staff, you should continually provide feedback on the works of your new employees. This way, you can work together to provide better work for your company.Give Tasks Information: It is important that you will assist the new hire so closely in their job. Provide all the information needed for them to do the job. Do not let them work alone. Guide them very closely, ensuring that they can have everything they need to do their tasks. If you will just let them be, they will not learn so much. By guiding them, you can make them learn a work strategy to make their work better. Sometimes, we need to help others so that they can be better. If they can be better with their work with your help, there will be no reason for you not to do it. Your company will benefit if you will do so.Be Accommodating: You have to be nice to your new employees. Be accommodating to them. They should feel at home with the company so that they can work better. Through your goodness, your company will have a good image in their eyes, and it can make them stay with the company even for many years. Your company needs loyal employees that can be honest with their work. It will be possible if employees will feel at ease with the company. So, on your part, you need to be good to them. In return, employees can also be good to the company and will love their work there.Give a First Day Lunch: It somehow calls a celebration to have new employees. You can show your courtesy to them by having first-day lunch with the team members. Show the employees that they are an essential part of the company. Celebrate with a free lunch for them. You will have a chance to know each other while you are eating. New employees will be introduced to the team better. You can make the new hire feel at ease with the whole team. As a result, the new employees can work better in the company. They will not feel awkward when they have to ask something with their co-workers. Thus, you can improve productivity at work.Have Meetings: Meetings are important in every job. If you have new employees, be sure that you will include them in meetings. They may have special concerns at work that they have to speak out about in the meeting. You can give them an opportunity to say what they want to say, especially regarding their work. Through this, the new employees can find their way on how they can make their work better. They will know that every time they have a concern about their work, they will have the chance to say it. So, have regular meetings for the welfare of your jobs.Set Clear Expectations: Because the employee is new in the company, you must make sure that they will have clear expectations. You should mention all the things that they can expect from the company. This way, they will know the benefits that they can have in the company. Be clear also about the work that they will do. The new employees should know the things that they can do and the things that they cannot do. Through this, they will not cross any boundaries. They will not commit any mistakes in their jobs.

How to Make an Employee Onboarding Checklist

Do you need an employee onboarding checklist template or an employee onboarding checklist example? Are you going to create an employee onboarding checklist? Well, you have to know that we have prepared some steps for you that you can use in creating a checklist. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Make a Background Check

    Before you can onboard an employee, you must check his or her eligibility. You must do a background check to ensure that whatever he or she has written in the resume is correct information. You should also check if the employee has any criminal record. You should also make the employee pass a drug test first before proceeding to onboard. You must do these things before you can officially hire the employee. This process is called job requisition which ensures that you will have a good employee for your company.

  • Step 2: Prepare Paperwork

    You should start gathering documents like tax documents, payroll details, employee forms, and different contracts and agreements. These are the paperwork needed so that the employee will become an official employee in your company. These are the documents needed for the employment of the new hire. You should also prepare the employee handbook that the new employee can review. If ever the new employee will have questions about the job, you should provide a way how he or she can reach you. You can print the job description so that you can explain it better to the new employee.

  • Step 3: Provide Equipment for Work

    The new employee cannot work if you will not give provision that he or she can use for the job. Equipment and devices should be given to the new employees before the day of work. Some of these provisions are computers, phones, and software. Other peripherals can also be included. These things should be prepared so they can be ready when the new employees will start working.

  • Step 4: Prepare the Workstation

    Aside from equipment, you should also prepare the workstation for the new employees. They deserve a good place where they can work comfortably. You can decorate the desk as a warm welcome to the employee. You should also prepare the email account and the login details of the new employees. Coordinate with the IT team so that they can provide these things for the new employee. At the new employees’ workspace, you should also provide office supplies. As much as possible, you can offer new employees a simple gift like a mug or a cup. Through this, the employee will feel welcomed in the company.

  • Step 5: Conduct an Orientation

    Now, it will be the time for you to introduce the company to the new employees. You should conduct an orientation that will acquaint them with the company and its core values. The new employees should know about the company culture. It can help them to fit in while they work at your company. After the orientation, you can make the new employees sign the paperwork. You can introduce an organizational chart to them to review the departments of your company.

  • Step 6: Do a Building Tour

    Then, you must perform a tour for the new employees. Go with them as you show them the place where they will work. Make them acquainted with the building where they will work. Guide them to their workstation. After doing this, give them a warm welcome. Introduce them to the team members. You can send them a welcome letter to their email to give them courtesy for accepting them in the workplace. Show some kindness to new employees so that they will feel at home with the company. This thing may matter because you can have a good employee if you can show them kindness even at the first time.

  • Step 7: Facilitate a Training

    After the new employees have been guided to their workspace, you can start to conduct training for them. Training is needed to ensure that new employees will be apt for the job that they have to do. Assign a mentor to the new employees so that there will be someone who will help them with their work. After the training, you have onboarded a new employee that can contribute well to your company.


Is a checklist for onboarding employees important?

Yes, it is important. Onboarding employees may be a busy day for you. To not forget anything important, you should have a checklist that will remind you of everything that you have to do.

Who are in charge of onboarding new employees?

HR is in charge of onboarding new employees. They are the ones who will conduct the orientation. There are even times that they will be the ones who will conduct the training. Though most times, training is facilitated by team leaders of the department where the new employees will work.

If you are an HR staff, you should ensure that new employees will be onboarded well with their job. To ensure that you can do everything that you have to do, you need a checklist that will guide you. You can ascertain that you can do your job well. Anyway, are you looking for a template for an employee onboarding checklist? This post has 4+ SAMPLE Employee Onboarding Checklist in PDF. You are welcome to get any of these for free. Download now!