To do a deep cleaning is important because we have to make sure of the cleanliness of our kitchen. To make things easier, we have to keep a kitchen cleaning checklist or a kitchen cleaning list. This will remind us of all the cleaning that we have to do. It can have different frequencies, which are daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. A kitchen general cleaning checklist or a kitchen spring cleaning checklist will give us instructions on what we are going to do in our daily kitchen. In this article, you can learn new things about a kitchen cleaning checklist. You can have a free kitchen cleaning checklist with different frequencies. You can have some tips on how you can clean your kitchen. You can also know the steps on how you can do kitchen cleaning. So brace yourself and read on!

What is a Kitchen Cleaning Checklist?

A kitchen cleaning checklist is a list of things that you have to do in cleaning your kitchen. Things can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. All the lists point to taking care of every part of the kitchen. Any kitchen should be cleaned. More importantly, because we are in the very dangerous time of Covid. So, a Covid kitchen cleaning checklist is needed. If you have a restaurant or a restaurant kitchen, then you should have a restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist. If you have an office, an office kitchen cleaning checklist should be made. These kind of checklists are needed to ensure that we can be in a kitchen place that will be safe for us. A kitchen should be free from all the bacteria and from every germs. So we have to clean it regularly. The kitchen clean up checklist is what will help us. The things that we need to do will be clear. We just have to keep the checklist as our reference every time it is time for us to clean the kitchen. So keep a checklist and you may clean your kitchen well.

Sample Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Here is a free kitchen cleaning checklist that you can use. It has four frequencies – daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly – which means they were daily kitchen cleaning checklist, weekly kitchen cleaning checklist, monthly kitchen cleaning checklist, and quarterly kitchen cleaning checklist.

Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Quarterly Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Tips in Kitchen Cleaning

Are you a housewife? Or are you a single person that can rely to no one in cleaning your kitchen?  We have some tips that you can use as you clean your kitchen.

Buy a can rack. Many of our foods are packed in cans today. To get things organized, you must buy a can rack. You can place all your canned goods and canned drinks in it. All will be in a proper place, and it will be easy for you to get them each time you are looking for a specific food or drink.Group items that are the same. To be better organized, you must put together like-items. You can do it when arranging foods in your pantry or in your fridge. You can group items that are in bottles or items that are in sachets. You can group them also according to categories. It will be a lot easier for you to find them when it is time for you to get them.Have a good time for the cleaning schedule. Set a good time that you can allot for cleaning. Choose a time that you can clean the kitchen without disruptions. You can insert the cleaning time in your routine. Maybe you can do it after you have eaten your dinner or before you go to sleep. Cleaning on a weekly basis, however, can be done on Sunday when you have no work to do.Put a garbage bowl in your kitchen. There are times that you are peeling foods in the kitchen. You may want to eat some fruits or you are cooking vegetables. You can set aside a garbage bowl where you can put the fruit skins or vegetables skins. This can make your kitchen neat and you can avoid the chance of putting the skins somewhere.Use lemon in cleaning your cutting boards. If you want your cutting board to smell fresh and be clean, use a lemon in cleaning it. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it onto the cutting board. Put salt and scrub it continually. Unnecessary stains will be removed and it is so comely for the cutting board to use after that.Clean your plates with baking soda. Want to remove scratches on your plates? The answer is to use baking soda. Put some water into baking soda and use it in cleaning your plates. You will see that your plates will look like they are new. It is magic and a tip that you should apply.

How to Clean the Kitchen

After you have made a kitchen cleaning schedule, the next thing that you need to do is to clean the kitchen. Are you in a blur? You can use the following kitchen duties checklist or steps in cleaning your kitchen:

Step 1: Gather your energy and take a deep breath.

First, you need to calm down and take a look at your kitchen. Relax. Your kitchen is such a small place and you can clean it in a matter of time. Maybe it is a little messy, but you can sort all things out. Gather your energy that you can use in cleaning and be set to go.

Step 2: Face the counters.

Take a look at the counters first. Get a clean rug and dampen it with water. Then clean the kitchen counters. Remove stains that you can see from it. If there are stubborn stains, you can get a detergent to wash them off. Wipe until the counters are shiny clean. It will be good to eat in a place that is so nicely cleaned. It can also give us a better atmosphere in dining.

Step 3: Clean the sink with hot water.

Use a dish soap, and using hot water, fill your whole kitchen sink. To save time and energy, you can soak other kitchen things in it. There are things that may need soaking like the dish rack, small drawers, and turntables. The hot water can remove stubborn stains from them. You can wipe them off after minutes of soaking. Your kitchen sink will look new and it is one good way of sanitation. It is essential to be done, especially in this time of Covid 19.

Step 4: Take care of the refrigerator.

One of the things that needs to be cleaned regularly in the kitchen is the refrigerator. It is where we stock our foods, so we have to be sure that no bacteria can live in it. Clean out the fridge. Take out foods that cannot be eaten anymore. Sort out leftovers. Clean the inside and out of the refrigerator. Clean the stains of half-rotten foods. It can be a source of germs, so be sure to wipe them all out. Have a thorough cleaning with your refrigerator. You must get rid of all the bacteria and germs. It should not reach your foods. It may be dangerous for your health if ever.

Step 5: Remove dust in the high places.

As days go by, dust can cover our kitchen cabinets and drawers, most especially on the high zones. Get a featherduster or a damp rug, and remove all the dust that you can discover. All these things must be removed because it can fall to our foods unknowingly. What a gross thing it could be! So, we have to dust off the whole kitchen. If we will not do it, insects like spiders will live in our kitchen. We would not like that.

Step 6: Have a thorough cleaning inside the cabinets.

We really have to do a deep cleaning. Not only should we clean the outsides, but we also have to be sure that the insides are clean. So dive deep inside the cabinets and drawers. Using a damp cloth, wipe the inside of every cabinets and drawers. If you have not cleaned your kitchen for a long time, surely there are a lot of dirt in it. You may need to sweep it away in that case. Do not leave your cabinets any spots. Clean it thoroughly. Clean the corners, and remove every dirt that you can see. Your kitchen must not be clean only on the outside. You have to ensure that insides are also clean to avoid rats and other pests.

Step 7: Mop the kitchen floor.

You have to have the routine of regularly cleaning the kitchen floor. Food spills could have fallen on it everyday, so you have to make sure that it is clean. Keep a rug that can be dragged to wipe it off from time to time. Sweep the floor daily. Mop it also to remove stubborn stains. You have to be sure that it is free from spills because you cannot afford the chance of any of your family to slip on the floor. So to ensure the safety of your family, mop the floor regularly.

Step 8: Clean the kitchen appliances. 

Kitchen appliances are pricy. You have to take care of them so that you will not buy a new one again. If they will have a lot of dirt, they can get stucked and will not operate anymore. So regularly clean the microwave, the oven, the coffeemaker, the dishwasher, and any other kitchen appliances. Have a trorough cleaning with them. You can do it on a weekly basis. But on the daily basis, you can wipe them in a quick manner, and you should clean them for a while after using.

Step 9: Empty the garbage can daily.

You must not forget to take care of the garbage. You must empty your trash can everyday. Use a garbage bag, so it will be easy for you to collect your daily garbage. Everyday, be sure to take it out from your house. If you will leave it there for days, it may stink and can give a bad odor to your kitchen. Bacteria also will be present in the air. So, to ensure total safety, be sure to take out your garbage everyday.


What is the Hardest Part to Clean in the Kitchen?

The hardest cleaning that you can do is when you are cleaning the stubborn stains in your kitchen. Maybe you forget to clean your sink or kitchen counters for a while, and grease and stains have accumulated on them. It needs deep scratching or deep cleaning. Sometimes it even needs a good detergent to wipe them off. Another thing that is hard to clean are the insides of the cabinets or drawers. Sometimes, dirt has accumulated in them because of time, and they are a little hard to clean. You even have to bent low and reach inside the cabinets, or if they are high, you have to reach over them.

How Essential it is to Clean the Kitchen Everyday?

It is very essential. We have to make a daily cleaning in our daily kitchen. Dishes should be washed everyday. Stove top should be wiped everyday. Kitchen counters should be cleaned everyday. We also need to sweep and mop the floor daily. To add to these, the trash can should be emptied daily, too.

We keep our foods in our kitchen. We really have to make it clean. We cannot afford to get any kind of diseases if we will let our kitchens to be dirty. So, a kitchen cleaning checklist is a must-have. Are you about to make a kitchen cleaning checklist? You can refer to this post and it can give you 12+ SAMPLE Kitchen Cleaning Checklist in PDF. You can pick a template of your choice and use it in making a kitchen cleaning checklist. Hoping you can get your kitchen as most clean as possible!