It will make us free from diseases that we can get from germs that can be found in the dirty places in our house. Let us be decisive in cleaning our house. Make every Sunday a time for home cleaning or spring cleaning. A house cleaning schedule might be a lot of help. Make a cleaning schedule checklist. Have a daily house cleaning schedule, weekly house cleaning schedule or monthly cleaning schedule. Download a printable house cleaning schedule template. Choose something customizable, something that is easy to follow.

What is a House Cleaning Schedule?

A house cleaning schedule is a checklist of all the things that you have to clean in your house. It is a schedule of all the deep cleaning tasks that should be done. You may set tasks apart daily, weekly, monthly or annually. This can have particular dates if you want. This schedule may be challenging to do. You can make it with the different editable cleaning schedule templates. House cleaning schedule is a house cleaning list that you can follow everyday to ensure the cleanness of your homes. It can contain house cleaning tips that can make your cleaning easier. This cleaning schedule can be used by all the members of the family.

You can even assign each member for a particular task. The schedule must be clear so that you will be reminded of all the things that you have to clean. It must contain the assignment to clean every part of your house and all the things in it. You can also download a house cleaning schedule app. Do anything to help you have a good schedule. House cleaning schedule must be something that would be a part of our lives. We cannot live our lives without cleaning.

Sample of a House Cleaning Schedule

There are tasks that can be done everyday, every week, every month or every year. Here are the sample breakdown of tasks.

Things that you should do everyday

Things that you should do weekly

Things that you should do monthly

Things that you should do annually

10 Housecleaning Tips That You Can Follow

We might need some housecleaning tips to make our cleaning more convenient. Follow these home cleaning tips and it will help you in your every day routine.

Tidy your bed as soon as you get up. Just after you wake up, be fast on making your bed. It can also give productivity for the whole day because you will not creep back into your bed again.Tidy your closet before you go. Have a little time to pile your clothes properly after you clothe yourself. Have a hamper where you can toss all the clothes that you do not need anymore. You can donate it or sell it afterwards.Keep wipes near side tables. You can wipe down your tables in a quick manner everytime you pick up the phone or get something on it. In that way, you will keep dust to be away from it.Have a night routine to clean your toilet. You can do this after having a toothbrush. With just a few days, our toilet starts to have yellow stains. To avoid this, allot a small time to clean it at night every other day. Take a quick scrub and use wipes in the seat.Clean the counters before bedtime. You can also allot a little time to clean countertops before going to bed. Do this after your beauty routine. Make the cleaning products easy to reach.Wipe any spill as soon as you spot any. Have the habit of wiping spills that you see. The spills stains our house as it dry so do not let to get it worse. Make a quick wipe or mop it.You must clean your mess while cooking. Clean the utensils that you used before going to the table to eat. It will tidy your kitchen. There will be no chance for cockroaches to crawl into your sink.Prepare baskets for each room. With a basket for every room, you can have places to keep your clutters. Put all kinds of things there.Have a particular spot for everything. Allot a proper place for everything like keys, coats, shoes, bags or face masks. You can put all those things there always. Do it as soon as you see that they are not on its proper places.Bring your garbage out every time you leave. If you will recall to take out your garbage pile regularly, flies will not swarm your house. Put all your trash in a garbage bag properly and take it out from your house.

How to Make a House Cleaning Schedule That Will Work For You

You probably may have a little difficulty in making a home cleaning schedule. You can try these steps and take less hassle on making a schedule for your family.

Step 1 You must think of all the tasks that needs to be done.

First things first. You must know the things that needs to be cleaned. Do a brainstorming. List down all the tasks that you should do. Look around the house to see what are the things that needs cleaning. You cannot miss anything. Remember even the small tasks that needs to be done. Also, do not forget the bigger ones. Do not forget the tasks of cleaning the ceiling or the bathroom. After writing down all the tasks, put how often you would like to do these.

Step 2 Group your tasks accordingly.

Know the frequency of each tasks. You may list them all down whether you will do them daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Allocate enough time for each tasks. With this, you will know on what frequency you can categorize them. You will be free to decide how often you will do each task. Put them in the category where you can be happy in doing them.

Step 3 Consider the time that you can have in cleaning.

You must be realistic in doing your house cleaning schedule. Know how many time is left from you from all your works. Chunk all your task lists in those times. Use tips in the cleanings that you can do quickly.

Step 4 Create a schedule that fits your routine.

Your schedule must match your everyday lives. Again, your schedule must be realistic. Once you have examined it and it will fit all your extra time, follow your house cleaning schedule diligently. You can achieve great results if you do so.


How Often Should I Clean Our House?

Clean your house everyday. You can get rid of all the dusts by doing so. It is also advisable to keep your place neat.

Should Cleaning Services Be Necessary?

No, most times. You and your family can do it by your own. You simply have to make a house cleaning schedule and follow it. It will make you save the money that you will spend in cleaning services.

What if I Could Not Follow My House Cleaning Schedule?

Make it practical. You can always adjust it if you cannot stick to it. Make your daily tasks to be weekly. Or monthly if you really do not have enough time to accomplish it.

House cleaning is not an easy task. It is tiresome. If we have a house cleaning schedule to follow through, it will save our energy for thinking those tasks. A schedule is commendable to have. Follow a house cleaning schedule and you can keep your house shiny and tidy.