50+ Sample Employee Forms

Employee Forms: What Are They?

Employee forms are important business documents. Most employers use this form for various reasons like keeping a record of employee information, processing payment and salary, requesting vacation and sick leaves, and so much more. Moreover, employee forms can be one of the following: job application form, emergency contact form, leave application form, agreement form, performance improvement plan, and any other forms used by employees in their workplace.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found out that the unemployment rate in the US was 6.7% in December 2020, close to double the 3.5% rate before the Covid-19 pandemic in February of the same year.

The Different Elements of an Employee Form

Employee forms vary depending on what it is used for. This means that every form used by employees in the workplace has different elements from each other. Because of that, creating your employee form should be tailored to what process it serves. Here are the common elements of employee forms that you can refer to.

Title and Labels: Titles are important not only to an employee form but also to all types of documents. It should not be missing as it helps you recognize the form from the clutter on top of your desk. With a title, you can differentiate an employee form from an estimate form or a payment form. To make it stand out, titles are placed on the topmost part of the form written in bold font style.Employer Details: The employer details should come right after the title to establish ownership of the form. The details must be consist of the company name, complete business location, and contact information. More often than not, logos and slogans are included in this section. Employee Details: One of the most crucial parts of any employee form is the employee details. Why? Because by indicating the employee details, you know who fills out the document, from what department the employee comes from, and why the employee feels the need to fill out the document. If these details are lacking from an employee form, it is ineffective. Purpose of the Form: There are different forms used in the job application process, leave request, payroll, work assignment, and so on. Thus, it is important to keep in mind that no employee form is one-size-fits-all. For example, you cannot use the emergency contact form to collect information for employee appraisal. If you want every workplace operation to be smooth, use the right form.

How Do You Create an Employee Form?

The best way to create every employee form is by using a template. With it, you do not have to start from scratch. If you are having trouble finding printable templates, start by browsing through our website. There you will discover a collection of stencils fitting for every business need. Whether it be a project proposal or a vacation checklist, we have them just for you. To get started with your employee form, follow the steps and tips below.

Step 1: Select a Template

Before choosing a template, make sure you know what process the template will be used for. After that, select the most suitable template for that process. Being specific will ensure effectiveness in your business document.

Step 2: Choose an Editing Tool

The advantage of using a template is that you can modify it using an editing tool. However, you just can’t use any editing tool of your liking because you have to ensure it is compatible with the template’s file format. To know this, go to the template’s source website. Compatible editing tools should be featured there.

Step 3: Modify Your Template

Using the editing tool, start modifying the template. Refer to the list of different elements to keep you guided and for added convenience. A template comes in with a suggested content that you can leave as is or adjust. If the template you have does not align with the purpose it serves, consider adding relevant parts in your form.

Step 4: Go Digital

Other companies opt to process forms electronically. You can do this too as it is more convenient than printing hard copies. Additionally, electronic forms are more sustainable because it does not leave any trace. Hence, it is the best opportunity to introduce environmental policy and eco-friendly operations in your organization.


Is a paycheck slip an employee form?

A form usually consists of fields and blank spaces in which you can fill in with the needed information. And a paycheck slip does not qualify for that category because it already has content. Thus, a paycheck slip is not a form.

What are the different types of forms that you can see not in the workplace?

  • Declaration Form
  • Enrollment Form
  • Loan Application Form
  • Membership Form
  • Receipt Form

Why are employee forms important?

Employee forms are important because it helps both an employer and an employee process different concerns in line with work. With this form, processing leave requests or employee appraisals will be more challenging.

An effective data gathering process is one of the foundations of a successful employer-employee relationship. Aside from that, it also contributes to secure record-keeping and fast transmittal of information within the workplace. For more useful templates, visit our website and get the chance to sign up for any of our subscription plans.