54+ Enrollment Form Templates

What Is an Enrollment Form?

Back to the basics, you are likely familiar with enrollment because that term is often used in applying as a student in school. Aside from enrolling in a class, it refers to registering as a member of a particular organization, program, or service. And to process the registration, enrollees fill in the blanks of a form, specifically the enrollment form. Hence, enrollment forms are the official documents used to apply for programs and services of choice. And such documents aim to gather the applicants’ details for recordkeeping.

There were around 2.4 million complaints recorded by the FTC in 2019.

Additionally, Statista reported that approximately 17.8% of people in the US were under Medicare coverage in 2018.

Moreover, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recorded that 56.6 million students enrolled in elementary, middle school, and high school in America.

Why Use Enrollment Forms?

Leaders of an organization, business, or any group prepare enrollment forms for a series of reasons. One typical example is to identify enrollees quickly. Since each applicant provides his or her personal information, it will be easy to know who they are. And if such enrollees have a bad history, it can be tracked and researched without hassle. Nonetheless, the forms serve as documentation once enrollees are finally accepted.

A structured or tailored document is another way to describe how useful an enrollment form is. So instead of having employers deal with numerous and time-consuming personal interviews, the forms with all the answers can save time. The only challenge is that the form must be prepared and formatted, wherein it asks all the relevant questions. Therefore, that document contains all the essential answers required to know every enrollee.

Enroll Now: Examples of Enrollment Forms

You learned that an enrollment form applies to various services and programs. But what are some examples of such programs that you can think of aside from school enrollments? If you thought of a few only, then we will give you a refresher of its popular examples. Without further ado, the examples of enrollment forms are the following:

Student Enrollment: First things first, we start with the most basic example of an enrollment form—a student application form. The reason it is so common is how important education is. In the US alone, there were already 56.6 million pupils who attended from elementary to high school. So, the pupil’s name, address, and related details will be asked for identification purposes in the form.Insurance Enrollment: When an enrollee needs insurance services, then student enrollment sheets are no longer necessary. Insurance companies will provide a special enrollment sheet specifically for insurance. And one example is Medicare, which already has around 17.8% of Americans covered in 2018. That is, according to StatistaEmployee Enrollment: Jobs and employment certainly cannot be ignored. And when employers need recruits, the applicants shall fill out the employee enrollment sheet to register. But what makes employment applications different from school enrollments is how the employee enrollment form asks about the job history, salary expectation, and other job-related questions.Hospital Enrollment: The hospital application form exists for people who need medical treatment and hospital services. Aside from the personal information, expect the hospital form to inquire about medical history, health insurance coverage, and other hospital-related queries.Bank Enrollment: For anyone who needs to credit benefit payments, loan proceeds, and other reasons to a bank account, he or she can apply with bank enrollment forms. The same goes for people who need to open a bank account. And there are strict measures asked from the form like the applicant’s credit score, credit history, and many more. That way, it will be easy to figure out if the enrollee is trustworthy or not.Summer Camp Enrollment: If you run a business that offers services related to summer camp, then a different enrollment form is at play too. The enrollment sheet here would determine if the enrollee has allergies or health problems. The same goes for finding out what activities the enrollees want for camp.Dance Class Enrollment: Class or course enrollments are not for academic purposes only. Some classes offer arts and entertainment. Dance classes, music classes, and painting courses are a few examples. And what keeps the enrollment forms different here is they would ask about the applicant’s capabilities, talents, and skills.Daycare Enrollment: Parents might have to leave for important matters. Hence, they send off their kids to daycare. And if you run a similar business to that of daycare centers, ensure that the applicants enroll using official daycare enrollment forms. Inquire not only about the parents’ info but also about their child.

What Are the Parts of an Enrollment Form?

Before you give the signal for applicants to enroll in whatever program or service you offer, are you aware of the essential elements that should be present in enrollment forms? Remember that such elements are what shapes a complete enrollment sheet. So, they cannot be forgotten. And in this section, we outlined to you the basic parts of an enrollment form.

Title or Header

There should be a title right from the get-go. If not, then people would wonder what the document is for. Indeed, the “Enrollment Form” label would suffice. But you can be more specific than that. Point out what enrollment example it is. Is it a training enrollment form, college enrollment form, or maybe a loan enrollment form? Label accordingly.

Personal Details

The main goal in enrollment is to identify who is enrolling in the first place. Thus, questions related to personal details must be asked in the form. Details include the name, address, contact number, email address, sex, birth date, and so forth. And if you need ideas about what the rest is, as there are quite a lot, simply download from one of our sample employment form templates.


Maybe you already have everything laid out on the sheet. Yet, the problem could be how your enrollees are confused about how to complete the form. To avoid that problem, incorporate instructions to the document. For example, should enrollees encircle, shade, or check the options of their choice in the multiple-choice questions of the sheet? Note it down. Expect these instructions to guide the applicants appropriately, so they don’t have to be rejected in enrolling.

Tables and Lines

What else do enrollment documents contain? They have tables, lines, boxes, and graphic organizers. Such details prevent the form from being wordy. You don’t have to make the forms look like a lengthy literary essay anyway. Use organizers to keep the presentation simple and easy to fill out. And how do you manage that? Adjust the format according to your preferred presentation.

How to Make a Standard Enrollment Form

You discovered the enrollment form’s definition, importance, examples, and parts. Congratulations, you are now ready to learn the basics of how to create the enrollment form itself. Bear in mind that there are standards and considerations to observe in making the form. Otherwise, errors might take over the document. And here are steps you follow to craft a standard enrollment form:

Step 1: Introduce Your Company’s Branding

Indeed, the first part of an enrollment form is the title or header. And it is expected that you will specify what the form is about from the header itself. However, will people know right away that the form is from your business? If the answer is no, then create an impact by incorporating your enterprise’s branding. Branding helps drive more people to enroll in your organization, business, or service. Also, don’t forget to add your company’s name, logo, and other ways to make the sheet more legitimate. And that is how you compete with scammers and competitors.

Step 2: Insert the Enrollment Form’s Parts

Aside from the title, you know that there are still more parts to include, as discussed earlier. Add them to the sheet individually. And be sure to categorize the content to observe an arranged look. You can group all the questions related to the personal background in one category, another group for employment, and another for educational background.

Step 3: Ask the Relevant Questions

Enrollment sheets must be straightforward. Thus, don’t delay the process by asking the most relevant questions. So if enrollees want to join your health and fitness program, then there is no need to ask them about their employment history or educational background. Instead, ask directly about their names, workout plans, and health or fitness-related queries. With that, you inquired about what’s related to the program.

Step 4: Mind the Appearance Too

Of course, do not ignore the form’s design, format, or overall appearance. Impressions are already given right from the topmost part down to the bottommost part of the sheet. Are the words legible enough? Is the format making things easier or the other way around? So when things don’t look right, aim to change them for the better. And to certify the enrollee’s application, let them affix their signatures in the signature blocks.


What is the enrollment number?

An enrollment number is one way to identify enrollees—a basic guideline. For example, there could be numerous students who enrolled in a university. So, students can be tracked according to the enrollment number assigned to them. And the number differs every year depending on the quality and number of enrollees.

How are registration and enrollment different?

Although enrollment and registration are somehow related, and often used interchangeably, there is a slight difference. You register when you sign up for a course or class. And as students register, tuition fees and related payments are involved. Therefore, students are only enrolled when the fees are paid.

Is it enrollment or enrolment?

Enrollment and enrolment mean the same thing. The only difference is that enrollment comes from the North American spelling, whereas enrolment is from the British spelling.

Having plenty of people to enroll in your program, service, or organization is good for business. But you must think about being in your enrollees’ shoes too. Do you believe the enrollment form to write is understandable and easy to complete? Impressions matter. And if there are plenty of issues from the form itself, then enrollees might lose interest in applying. Or worse, applicants might think your company’s enrollment form is unofficial. Hence, prove your credibility as an organization by providing an excellent enrollment form.