50+ Sample Maintenance Forms

What Is a Maintenance Form?

A maintenance form is a general term for all maintenance-related documents such as maintenance requests, maintenance contracts, etc. At the end of the day, maintenance forms tackle the who, what, when, where, why, and how of subjects and situations requiring maintenance. And these maintenance forms are responsible if the planned maintenance will succeed or not in actuality.

According to Statista, the worldwide predictive maintenance market was expected to garner $23.5 billion by 2024.

Also, Plant Engineering reported that 80% of maintenance staff favored preventive maintenance in 2018.

Why Are Maintenance Forms Essential?

Maintenance forms are important because they help in keeping any product, service, building, or business stay afloat. To maintain is synonymous with taking care of something. And that is just what maintenance promises you so that issues, damages, and other harmful effects won’t continue to bother you. A common example is a new apartment. You can be in awe of its fresh, clean, and new impressive structure at the moment. But without maintaining its cleanliness, foundation, and crucial parts for a long time, it could crumble down at any moment.

Also, maintenance itself is valued by all sorts of businesses. Whether you run a hotel, school, vehicle, or any type of industry, there is always room for maintenance. It is so popular that the worldwide predictive maintenance market was expected to reach $23.5 billion by 2024. Nonetheless, maintenance forms are the key to ensure operations or businesses would run continuously rather than just waiting for tiny problems to be in their worst state.

Common Examples of Maintenance Forms

You already know that maintenance forms are too broad. And since maintenance forms are eclectic, it only makes sense to get to know its examples to be more specific. This way, you would be able to differentiate each maintenance form and how they function. Without further ado, here are some common examples of maintenance forms:

Maintenance Request Form: A maintenance request form is the official authorization form to allow maintenance, repair, and similar operations to be done. So with the word ‘request,’ the document requests to complete maintenance operations.Maintenance Plan Form: A maintenance plan form is more detailed since it tackles the overall plan of how maintenance operations are managed. It will likely state who does the operations, when to do them, and the crucial part would be how everything is accomplished. With a detailed and organized plan, the work is officially defined and would least likely fail in the process.Maintenance Contract Form: The most formal document would be the maintenance contract form. In this case, a binding business contract or agreement is at hand between contractors and clients to cover maintenance of any product, building, or equipment in a certain period. And all parties should agree and sign the contract to green-light operations.Maintenance Work Order Form: A maintenance work order form is similar to a maintenance request form. The work order covers all the data of maintenance tasks to fulfill and highlights all the steps in achieving per task. And a maintenance work order helps everyone concerned in the process to fulfill all tasks at hand.Maintenance Report Form: On another note, a maintenance report form documents everything about the maintenance operations from start to finish. Just like a business report, it is used for documentation purposes to answer what maintenance procedures were established, how much the maintenance budget was, and other crucial data.Maintenance Log Form: Meanwhile, a maintenance log form is used as a record for monitoring purposes. Whether the log sheet is written or digital, it has all the data of the maintenance procedure’s starting date, time, phase, progress, maintenance operators’ attendance, and more.Maintenance Schedule Form: The maintenance schedule form marks the official schedule of the whole maintenance process, may it be a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. Just like a project schedule, it is used as a reference regarding what time to meet with the maintenance contractors, what time and date to start operations, when the deadlines or breaks are, and other schedule-related data.

The Five Types of Maintenance

Maintenance has a variety of functions from equipment, service, building, etc. And the same can be said about maintenance itself. So to be more specific about the type of maintenance to give, be sure you understand these five maintenance types:

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance, whether unplanned or planned, refers to rectifying certain damage or issue detected in operations. So from the root word ‘correct,’ correct maintenance encourages you to correct what’s wrong in a piece of equipment, product, or any other subject. Once fixed, you are positive that operations work normally once again.

Predetermined Maintenance

Predetermined maintenance is not that popular but still very important since it concerns the programs managed through manufacturing. Hence, you are not wholly concerned about a product’s state. By being predetermined, that means there are programs that manufacturers already know would fail eventually and how likely the issue or damage would happen. And they got the knowledge from previous examples and other observations in past operations.

Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance focuses on avoiding damages or issues with possible indicators or conditions to consider. This is the most challenging of all maintenance types because what procedures or steps to conduct would vary according to condition. For example, house cleaning maintenance doesn’t have the same steps during the winter and the summer due to the different weather conditions.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance involves an educated guess because you can predict when certain items would last without or with maintenance. So with the possibility of something breaking down, an effective maintenance program should ensue. But, what maintenance to conduct wholly depends on a company’s strategic plan as it would vary.

Preventive Maintenance

Probably the most common type is preventive maintenance. In fact, 80% of maintenance workers favored preventive maintenance in 2018. In this case, you can prevent the worst conditions of failure because you are maintaining products before they even got damaged. Consider this example as a sign of saying it is better to be safe than sorry.

How to Make a Decent Maintenance Form

After all the previous discussions about maintenance forms, you likely are familiar with these documents already. But, you can’t forget about the most important part of the discussion which is to make your very own maintenance form. It is too easy, especially with sample templates as your reference. In this section, you will learn about the steps to create a great maintenance form.

Step 1: Conduct an Overall Analysis

The first step deals with data analysis. In this analysis, you get to define the required maintenance work, identify what subjects need maintenance in the first place, and ensure that you can provide a decent plan for the maintenance form afterward. It is easy to say that you need an office maintenance or a vehicle maintenance, perhaps. But the challenge is to identify the best maintenance procedures that fits the products to maintain and what can meet your maintenance goals in the end.

Step 2: Use a Sample Template

The sample maintenance form templates enlisted in this article are not simply for display. They are your official worksheets to start plotting your next maintenance scheme. Remember that there are many examples of maintenance forms and your job is to pick the most relevant example for your concern. If you are planning on requesting maintenance services, then go for maintenance request forms. And the best part is you can always edit, print, and dowload each template so you won’t have to stick to versions you dislike.

Step 3: Specify the Maintenance Form’s Elements

Since maintenance forms are too general, you have to be specific from the maintenance form’s title, maintenance type, and other necessary elements. It should already be clear what example and type your maintenance form is. And the key is to categorize the form itself. For example, you can divide the form according to the names of maintenance operators, maintenance schedule, task checklist of maintenance instructions, and even the confirmed signatures between parties. Also, be straightforward in writing the details to be easily understood.

Step 4: Decide the Final Output and Update It Regularly

Before bothering to print, submit, or use the maintenance form, make sure you have finalized its content, design, structure, and format. You should be clear of its size or that if you prefer a printed form or a digital copy. Come up with a thorough evaluation as well if the instructions are accurate, correct, and detailed enough so that problems won’t take over soon. And lastly, update the form once used. For example, maintenance log forms and maintenance report forms require constant updates as to how maintenance operations are doing. With regular updates, the content inside the form will be current and reliable enough.


What are the elements of a correct maintenance system?

A proper maintenance system is said to have a maintenance strategy selection, a risk assessment, and a maintenance task interval determination.

How much does maintenance cost?

Maintenance costs vary per purpose. But generally, maintenance costs can be estimated at around 15–40% of the total production costs.

What are the benefits of having maintenance forms?

Maintenance forms can give you the following advantages:

  • It promotes safety and security.
  • It reduces the chances of small damages to become greater damages.
  • It shows how much you care for your product, service, building, business, or brand.
  • It helps you record for repair and diagnostics documentation.
  • It keeps your subjects long-lasting.
  • It saves time, money, and effort which would not happen with unsolved issues.

Maintenance isn’t just something you decide overnight. It deals with critical decisions, solid data, extra time and effort, and many more. So to ensure you run maintenance operations in the most effective and well-managed way possible, be sure to write everything down in an appropriate maintenance form of choice. In fact, you won’t have to start from scratch since customizable, downloadable, and printable sample maintenance forms are available in this post. Make one now!