Maintenance Request Form


What Is a Maintenance Request Form?

A maintenance request form asks for permission to do maintenance at a place. It denotes that equipment is in need of repairs. Mechanical or electrical repairs can be done through this form. Through the form, you can obtain the information that you need to fix everything. The information in the form enables the customer to understand the maintenance service that can be given. Through the request form, you can have an urgent request to correct a technical problem. You can have a list of equipment that needs to be checked up. You can schedule to repair them after having the form.

It will be easy for you to manage requests having deadlines by having the maintenance request form. You can avoid the possibility of being disorganized. You can be given the right information to avoid hassles when you are going to do the maintenance. You can have a good workflow in your maintenance service. Some request forms are managed with an automated system to ensure good work. It will be easy to update any request through this. Clients can get fast access to their requests. A guideline is needed for implementing any particular task. Reports should be made so that the process can be done efficiently.

Some examples of a maintenance request form are a maintenance request form in housekeeping, a maintenance request form for tenants, a vehicle maintenance request form, a housing maintenance request form, a maintenance loan request form, a maintenance work request form, a maintenance work order request form, and an equipment maintenance request form. Even tenants need a request form from their landlord to do the necessary repairs for the place that they are renting. Every tenant should accomplish the form to start the repair that needs to be done.

Not only in a rented apartment is a maintenance request form needed. It is also required when having repairs in companies. It may be needed in a warehouse with a lot of equipment. It can be required in an office to repair every computer. It should be accomplished in manufacturing companies that need their facility and machine to be repaired. A maintenance request form is a basic point on how you can start having maintenance. You can be sure that you will have the proper permission and you will not step against the rights of anybody.

Types of Maintenance

Depending on the tasks that need to be done, there are different types of maintenance. It is because there is a wide range of strategies and methods that can be used. To be effective in the field of maintenance, you need to understand the different types of maintenance. Read and consider the following types of maintenance:

Predetermined Maintenance: The predetermined maintenance contains the suggestions of the original manufacturer. This is guided through gathered data. The manufacturer gives the guidelines for how the equipment will be repaired. They will give the lifespan of the system and its parts. They will suggest how everything will be inspected. If something has to be replaced, you should rely on the guidelines of the manufacturer. You will rely on their predetermined schedule. Though, this can give a risk. You can have system failures and you may not be able to detect some problems. It can cause your maintenance team to have additional costs. Though the work is based on statistics, you cannot guarantee that the system will not fail.Corrective Maintenance: Corrective maintenance is done when you detected a problem while you are working on another work order. Corrective maintenance is known to be timely. One of the examples is when you are having a maintenance check. You can discover a problem with the equipment. After this, the repair will be scheduled for a future date. Through corrective maintenance, emergency repairs can be reduced. You can also guarantee the safety of your employees.Predictive Maintenance: You can have predictive maintenance through sensor devices. This is a particular type of condition-based maintenance. The device is connected to the system and gives true data. It interprets information and warns technicians of any possible risks. Predictive maintenance is the most advanced kind of maintenance. A lot of data can be given. But you have to know that you have to maintain the sensor devices, too.Condition-Based Maintenance: This type of maintenance can be an alternative to preventive maintenance. The systems are examined for any changes that can cause any failure in the future. You do not have to inspect on a schedule. The technicians can observe the system through variables like power, temperature, and other things. A strategy that can be used here is predictive maintenance.Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance is knowing the problems before they happen. This can be possible through regular inspections. It can be done many times per year. When inspecting any technology, check for wear, tear, or any breakdown. You should replace whatever is damaged. By doing this, you can avoid “crisis mode”. One of the benefits that you can get is you can avoid shutdown time. You can catch any problem before it can happen.

Tips on Maintenance Request Form

Are you looking for a maintenance request form example? Do you need it because you need some tips that you can use for a maintenance request form? If you are looking for tips, we can help you. We can provide you with some tips that you can use. Have the following tips:

Give Feedback: You must be able to provide feedback after the maintenance team has given repairs. This is needed so that the team will know how they have worked. The feedback can help them to make their work better next time. By having feedback, they will be more careful next time they have to fill out the maintenance request form. The team has to know the status of their work. They need to know if they have been doing well or not. This can only be possible if you will provide feedback about their work. So, provide honest feedback that can make the maintenance team work better next time.Maintain a Contact List: You should keep a contact list. You should be able to know how you can reach your clients all the time. By having a contact list, you can easily ask for requests to do maintenance. It will be easy for you to have the maintenance request form. You should maintain a good contact list because you may not know when you will want to reach your customers. You can have them as your regular clients if you have their contact information. You can do maintenance for them always if you can regularly ask them to let you do it. To be able to do this, you have to keep their contact information safe. So, maintain a contact list that will guide you.Know When to Respond: You should know when you should respond after making a maintenance request form. An emergency work request is usually answered after 15-20 minutes. If it is not an emergency work request, it can be answered in 24 hours. Know when it is the right time to follow up on your request. Give enough time for the client to answer your request. It may take some time to respond to your request. So, do not be in a hurry to be answered. Know that there is a proper wait time for a maintenance request form.Document Everything: In having maintenance records, you should record everything. This is the best work strategy that you can do. You need to have proper documentation for everything. You can have a better process by having good documentation. Record all the requests and all the maintenance that has been done. Have a clear record of the work that has taken place. Track all the trends that have been carried out over time. You need to document everything. This way, you will know if you are having good maintenance for your properties.Have a Clear Process: Establish a clear process for the maintenance request form. You should know how to submit and handle it carefully. By having a smooth process, the requestors will have the right expectation. They can easily follow a step to accomplish the maintenance request form better. Their needs can be better met by having a process. You can try using an app to make everything more convenient. You can have smooth solutions in managing the requests.Have the Right Expectations: You should be able to communicate with the clients clearly. Be able to have the right expectations. This is necessary so that you can do the right maintenance for the place or equipment. You should have the right expectations so that you will not suffer any disputes. By having the right expectations, you can do the work properly without having any stress that you will have any problems.Have a Tracking System: By having a tracking system, you can manage the requests effectively. You do not need to buy the software. You can have a tracking system by having a spreadsheet that can record all the maintenance requests form. But if you want a more robust solution, you can buy a reporting app that can help your tracking system to be better.Review Requests Regularly: You have to review the requests regularly. Do this once a week. You can ascertain all the demands if you will do this. You can resolve problems if there is any issue. You will understand the needs of the requestors better if you will review requests regularly.

How to Create a Maintenance Request Form

Do you need a free printable maintenance request form template? Are you about to create a maintenance request form? Maybe you need some steps that you can use in creating. Well, we can give you some steps. They are the following:

1. Identify the Task

The first thing that you need to do is identify the task. Be definite about the work that you have to do. Remember that you are asking for permission on something. So, you need to identify the tasks that you should do.

2. Create the Request

After you have identified the task that needs to be done, you can start creating the request. Ask permission to whom the permission is due. Be polite in asking for permission. Put the details of the job, including the names of the people who make up the maintenance team.

3. Schedule the Work Order

After the request has been created, you should create a schedule for the work order. Know how you can prioritize this. Set a good deadline for maintenance. Be sure to keep everyone accountable.

4. Assign the Work

Now, it is time to turn the page into action. You should assign the work to the technicians. Make sure that the work will be completed. It does not matter if the work is short or if it is a complex job. You should assign the work to the technicians who will be adept at the work. After the work is done, the work order will be closed. Managers should do compliance requirements after this.


Why is a maintenance request form necessary?

A maintenance request form is necessary because the permission of the owner is needed to perform a certain task like maintenance. Without it, the technicians may not perform the job legally so they have to obtain the permission of their clients.

What is emergency maintenance?

Emergency maintenance is when a system has a breakdown. It can cause threats to the safety of the occupants. One of the examples is a faulty electrical box.

To ensure that you will have proper maintenance to a place, you must secure a maintenance request form that can make your work approved. This way, you will have the permission of the owner and you can do a better job with no hassles. Well, do you need a template for a maintenance request form? This post has 50+ SAMPLE Maintenance Request Forms in PDF | MS Word. You can create a great form by using these templates. Download now!