34+ SAMPLE Landscaping Maintenance Proposal

What Is a Landscaping Maintenance Proposal?

First of all, what is landscape maintenance? It is the discipline and profession of keeping the landscape green, clean, safe, and visually appealing. Landscape maintenance is often performed in the context of a garden, backyard, park, institutional environment, or estate setting. This work may also include maintaining an area in a way to lure or deter local wildlife such as birds and domesticated animals. Landscape care in bigger regions is done with the goal of preserving habitats for wild animals. In general, this procedure is carried out to keep a location from deteriorating.

A landscape maintenance proposal is a business document that is used by landscaping firms that detail the landscaping and lawn care activities that the company provides to potential consumers. They will also clarify how much the client will be charged for these lawn care services. The action plans and activities listed in this document will be the procedures that the company will be obligated to perform once a proposal has convinced a client and an agreement has been entered. When properly prepared, this paper will persuade potential customers of that company’s offerings and finally convince them to sign up for their services. Additionally, this proposal also allows the company the opportunity to show off their different works and testimonials from their previous clients in order to secure new ones.

Important Parts of a Landscaping Maintenance Proposal

Here are some of the important components that you should keep in mind when you start creating a landscaping maintenance proposal for your company; take note that more components may be needed depending on a number of factors such as the services you’re offering, the type of customer that needs it, and so on.

Introduction. This is the first part that the reader usually sees in this proposal. This part, as stated, serves as the introduction to the entire proposal document. It contains details such as the company saying thanks to the potential customer for the opportunity to explain their business to them, and contains a statement concerning who they are, what they usually do, and where they are based at. Overall, this part should explain to the customer why the company is the right one for their landscaping maintenance needs.Abstract. This comes after the introductory part and is basically the most important part of the entire proposal document. This part of the maintenance proposal summarizes its essential meaning. In this part, the significance of the maintenance work that needs to be done, the major objectives of the work, the procedures to be taken to accomplish the said objectives, and the potential impact of the maintenance work being carried out will be listed. Additionally, this may also point out who will benefit from the said maintenance project that is carried out.Work. This part basically explains in greater detail the type of landscape maintenance work that the company can offer to their potential customer. This part of the proposal can be done by adding images to give the potential customer a more detailed outlook of what the work is going to look like along with its detailed explanations. Additionally, this section may be done in packaged/tiered lists according to the budget of the customer.Schedule. The next important bit of the landscaping maintenance proposal contains the schedule of the work that will be carried out. This part basically outlines the intervals in which the work is done, which may be on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Additionally, this may also list out the seasons in which some of the work may only be carried out, which may be in summer, spring, fall, or winter.Pricing/Payment. The next important part of this proposal would be the pricing section. This can be done in many forms, the most notable would be a table form. This section is then used by the company to communicate the respective fees that they will be charging the customer for the services that they offer. The price for each service, the number of times the service is going to be performed, the subtotal pricing, and the total pricing are what’s usually listed on the pricing or payment table.Acceptance/Signature. This is the last important bit of the landscaping maintenance proposal. This part simply contains a short closing statement from the company, once again thanking the customer for the opportunity to do business, and another statement that should they wish to go forward with the proposal, they may simply affix their name and signature to the given space along with the date of signature.

Types of Landscape Maintenance Tasks

Here are some of the most basic types of landscape maintenance tasks that can be performed by anyone:

Mowing. Keeping your lawn trimmed/mowed on a regular basis will keep it looking groomed and tidy, which is aesthetically pleasing. However, keeping your lawn trimmed has the extra benefit of keeping pests at bay, as insects such as ticks and mosquitoes like to reside in tall grass. Mowing may appear to be a simple activity, but failing to adhere to your plan can have disastrous effects on the usefulness and aesthetic appeal of your lawn.Plant Bed Maintenance. Plant bed maintenance is among the most attractive ways to improve the curb appeal of your home. The more often the work is completed, the better. Weeding often reduces the amount of labor required each time, allowing weeds to branch off and spread more slowly. Plant bed care should be done on a regular basis in the spring and fall. It is sometimes forgotten but may have a significant impact when done on a regular basis. This may be a challenging process, but it is far simpler than dealing with weeds that have grown out of control due to neglect.Aeration. Aeration is done because your grass needs to breathe, and one way to help it do so is to aerate it, which is best done in the fall. Core aeration creates microscopic holes in the grass, allowing more air, water, and nourishment to enter under the surface. Aeration also helps minimize soil compaction by pulling soil cores from these holes and placing them on the surface, allowing grass root systems to develop deeper and be more settled.Watering the Lawn. Watering your grass on a regular basis is also vital for its health. While this is a landscape care operation that may be done manually by dragging sprinklers around for extended periods of time, if you truly want the greenest grass possible, a specialized irrigation system is much more favored these days since it will guarantee your lawn is watered precisely with the proper amount. Some of the most recent irrigation systems feature weather sensors to guarantee that lawns are not overwatered or underwatered.

Steps in Creating Landscaping Maintenance Proposal

Here are the steps to be followed when creating a landscape maintenance proposal. They need to be effective in order to do their purpose which is to get potential customers to sign up and avail of your landscaping maintenance services.

1. Gather the Necessary Documents

This is the first step that you should follow whenever you have to create a landscape maintenance proposal or any type of maintenance proposal for that matter. In this step, what you need to do is to gather all the required paperwork that is related to the landscape or property of the client for that you wish to perform your maintenance duties. Additionally, you as a business should also perform thorough research on the prospective client’s property so that you have an idea of what’s going on and what type of services they might need from you. This is done so that you will also have a clear idea of where the proposal may go. It’s useless to offer up your snow clearing services when the place your client resides doesn’t even get any snowfall all year.

2. Perform a Site Visit

After gathering the necessary documents and performing the required research, the next viable thing to do when creating a landscaping maintenance proposal is to conduct a site survey. When doing this step, perform a more detailed check regarding which parts of the landscape need light maintenance and which ones need heavy work. During the site visit, explain to the potential client what needs to be done and what effects it can have when the landscape maintenance has been completed or if it ends up being neglected for a long period. A site visit is performed so that you as a maintenance company will have the chance to fine-tune the services that you can offer to your potential client later down the line.

3. Propose the Solutions

After performing a site visit, it’s time to propose the solutions according to what you’ve observed during the site visit. In this step, what you can do is create an action plan that can outline a proper solution that fits well with the problems that you’ve observed. When you’ve observed that the lawn may be too untidy for the customer’s liking, then a simple lawnmowing or trimming service may be what’s needed. When there are too many scattered weeds lying on the curb next to the property of the client, a plant bed maintenance and weeding may be what’s necessary. If the client wants to attract some domesticated insects such as bees into their landscape, then a proper tidying up of the garden and selection of appropriate flowers and plants will be what’s needed.

4. Create the Schedule and Payment Terms

After creating the proposed solutions that you can offer to your potential client, it’s time to move forward and create the maintenance schedule and payment terms. In this step, outline whether the landscaping maintenance service is to be performed on a weekly basis, on a daily basis, or on a monthly basis. Afterward, create the terms for payment for the services that you’re going to offer to the potential client. The payment may be done in installments or may be given after each service has been performed. It is always important to provide an organized payment estimate and an accurate timeline for the services that your company is going to offer so that the potential clients know what to expect and confusion can be averted.

5. Finalize the Document

After building all the major components of the maintenance proposal, this will be the last step to follow. In this step, you may leave your contact details such as your company’s phone number and email address so that the client can contact you if he/she is satisfied and wishes to proceed with entering the agreement. Additionally, take your time to proofread the document and make sure that it is free of errors that can deter the potential client from entering an agreement with you as their service provider. Proofreading makes this proposal document look more professionally done so it is important that you give it another look before giving it to the potential client.


Is there a lifestyle benefit to landscape maintenance?

Yes, there is a lifestyle benefit. Many studies and research demonstrate that having green spaces surrounding your property promotes physical and mental health, as well as well-being. Trees planted appropriately can offer shade, cooling, and function as windbreaks. It helps to reduce open-space upkeep while also increasing the overall security of your property.

What is topdressing?

The technique of applying a thin coating of substance over the grass is known as topdressing. Because the soil in one location has the possibility of being rich in clay, a topdressing is essential for adding organic matter to the soil and providing crucial nutrients to grass and plants. Topdressing will also aid in the growth of the grass on your lawn.

What is one advantage of maintaining your landscape?

One advantage of landscape maintenance is that it avoids overgrowth. Maintaining your landscaping helps you maintain your property appearing neat no matter what time of year it is. You can guarantee that the property is well-kept throughout the year by employing a landscaping firm to manage your yard, garden, and surrounding landscape design. When things remain simple enough, however, you save money by doing the maintenance by yourself.

In order to convince a potential client that you are the right company for their landscaping maintenance needs, a document such as a landscaping maintenance proposal needs to be well-drafted. You might find this process to be intimidating at first, but with accrued experience and skill over time, it really is a simple process to do. In this article, there are plenty of example templates of this document that you can look at whenever you need to make this document.