What Are Holiday Lists?

Holiday lists are defined just as they are named—these are documents that list down every holiday respected annually. The enlisted holidays will be arranged according to what holidays will be celebrated first until the last, starting with January until December. And such lists are usually prepared at work so employees can begin planning when they will take their annual or vacation leave. More so, the list shows which holidays are paid or not, what holidays are celebrated in your area or not, and other related matters.

Based on 2018 statistics, 34% of American consumers between the age of 18 and 29 use holiday promotions in purchasing electronics.

What Are the Parts of a Standard Holiday List?

There is no ultimate rule of how your holiday list should look like. But, there are common factors noticed on every holiday list out there. And standard holiday lists usually have the following parts:

Title: Ensure that the document you use for listing holidays should have the title ‘Holiday List’ right on top. That title automatically sets the introductory statement that the document specifically lists all the holidays.List of Holidays: What is even a holiday list without the itemized list of holidays? Be sure to enumerate all the holidays from day one until the last holiday of the year. And the itemized lists are usually arranged in numerical order. Or perhaps, they are categorized into tables or charts.Dates: Listing all the holidays is alright but still incomplete if no specific date is given. Holiday lists are like schedules to make sure everyone is reminded clearly of when the holidays happen and how near they are about to happen. A more specific example would be to write ‘December 25 – Christmas Day.’Labels and Categories: Some holiday lists are more detailed where more labels and categories are given. An example used in the working environment is to divide the holidays according to which are paid holidays and special holidays that aren’t paid. Also, some may label which holidays are respected only by a certain state, country, or religion. On the business side, some would note when to accept holiday promotions. Like how 34% of American consumers have used holiday promotions for buying electronics in 2018. That is, according to Statista’s research survey.

How to Create a Holiday List

Now that you are introduced to what a holiday list means and what its common elements are, start applying your knowledge in making the list itself. The process is quite simple. But the main challenge lies in ensuring you have the correct list of holidays and a few considerations. To find out the correct way of doing it, kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Research on the Holidays of the Year

Always do your research first because holidays may change from time to time, just like how the dates change in the calendar every year. By researching, you will find out the exact dates of every holiday, which holidays are generally accepted or not, and more. The same goes for knowing the difference between national and international holidays, the holidays that are only celebrated in a few places, etc. Most importantly, get ideas from reliable sources whose information is up to date.

Step 2: Pick a Template to Use

With your drafted list of holidays from research, you will transfer such content to a sample template of your choice. There are plenty of sample holiday lists already laid out as seen above. Select a template to work with because you can eventually write down the necessary information and customize the rest of its content, including the format and design.

Step 3: List and Arrange the Enlisted Holidays

Listing requires some arrangement too. Maybe referring to your holiday list is hard to follow because the dates of each holiday weren’t arranged in the proper sequence. Start from the very first holiday which is January 1 – New Year. And how you arrange your elements is also your call as long as everything is organized and understandable.

Step 4: Input the Necessary Labels and Categories

You are expected to put the parts of a holiday list that were discussed before. And you should know that the labels and categories are part of the significant elements in the list. The key is to jot down the labels according to your purpose. Same with how if you are concerned with work, it would matter to label according to which employees can use the holidays for their paid or unpaid leaves. And if you are making a list for the family, you categorize it according to when you will go out during the summer or when to start packing.


When did the concept of holidays start?

Holidays can be traced back all the way to ancient religious practices. Many religious activities were held with significant dates until holidays became a thing. They were also used by the rich for pilgrimage until holidays were mandated by the government.

What are the types of holidays?

The common types of holidays known were the local, national, international, federal, religious, and unofficial holidays.

Who makes the holiday list?

Anyone can make their own set of holiday lists for whatever purpose that may be. But the only important consideration there is to write accurate holiday names and dates.

Whatever your purpose is in knowing all the holidays for the year, always have a quick list as your holiday reminder. And this is where you use a holiday list—your best reference to check every single holiday to expect in a year. In fact, you won’t have to begin from scratch, thanks to the sample holiday lists given above. Download, edit, and mark your holiday calendars now!