30+ Sample Notice of Cancellation Templates

What Is a Notice of Cancellation?

Have you received an electric service disconnection notice or an apartment eviction notice? Notices for cancellation work just like that. Hence, a notice of cancellation is a written notification tackling the near cancellation of services under a contract. These official forms warn parties who cause any misbehavior, dispute, or violation that a particular coverage is canceled. While cancellation letters are rampant among clients who request to cancel something, notices are made mostly by businesses that notify about an imminent call-off.

According to Investopedia, the majority of states in the US have insurance companies send a notice of cancellation within 30 days before the actual cancellation day.

On the other hand, around 63% of Americans did not cancel their travel plans despite the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 17, 2020.

Meanwhile, Statista confirmed that around 17% of American respondents agreed about canceling their online orders a few times in April 2017.

Cancellation Notices: Why Are They Essential?

Why should a notice be sent first rather than canceling the whole thing right away, you might ask? Aside from professionalism, cancellation notices are important to prepare who receives the call-off. For example, someone’s insurance policy may be cut off since that person failed to contribute on time. And the standard in the US for insurance business is to write a notice of cancellation 30 days before canceling its coverage. With the notice, there is still a chance for the insured individual to keep the policy if he or she can cover the total cost and stipulations before the deadliest deadline of cancellation.

Being informed is another importance. As clients are aware of an imminent notice, they have specific days to pay for everything or prepare to leave if they cannot handle it. More so, notices follow the legal regulations as clients might complain to authorities if they suddenly are kicked out without warning. To ensure that the message is reached, there are many ways to send notices too. Aside from an oral agreement, notices are sent in a printable letter or email. With clear communication and terms stated in the document, a positive relationship between businesses and customers commences.

When Is a Notice of Cancellation Relevant?

Do not limit cancellation notices to insurance, rental, or utility service only. Many applications benefit from these forms because a lot of examples need to cancel at some point. Make sure to know where you plan on applying the sheet before anyone who reads the document is confused. And here are examples of when to use the notice of cancellation:

Canceling an Event: Concerts, parties, weddings, film festivals—you name it. Canceling events can happen, and the reasons vary. For example, a problem with the schedule and location might occur. Maybe there are two birthday parties to be held in one venue at the same time. Thus, a notification to cancel the other party is required to prevent inconvenience. And be early in giving its form, so the group that needs to cancel still has time to look for another option.Canceling a Subscription: Many people apply for memberships and subscriptions to an auto insurance company, fashion magazine, gym membership, or Netflix, perhaps. But, seeing that the customer failed to pay for the fees for corresponding months, the businesses behind such subscriptions shall take action to note an upcoming cancellation. Customers should know what they sign up for that they may lose coverage to particular services without complying with their requirements.Canceling an Order: Online orders are quite common since e-commerce provides a stress-free transaction to consumers. And according to Statista, 17% of Americans canceled their orders online several times back in April 2017. While customers often send the cancellation latter, what if the seller requests cancellation instead? This reason is applicable when sellers are out of stock for certain orders or if buyers failed to pay for their orders. Hence, sellers share a notice to cancel to inform buyers about.Canceling an Appointment: Next, appointments and meetings with the boss, a dentist, or a hairstylist could occur. Maybe whoever set up the meeting is busy with other errands that postponing or canceling the said appointment is necessary. To show some courtesy, send the written notification ahead. The problem with sudden meeting cancellations is how the party that expects those to happen could be disappointed. But with a clear explanation and a cordial approach in writing, the receiving end may understand.Canceling a Flight: Airline companies may send out notices of cancellation when necessary, and a more recent example comes from the coronavirus pandemic. As more people are infected daily, a lot of airlines ceased to operate. But based on Statista, there were still 63% Americans that refuse to cancel travel plans while only 32% canceled because of the virus. However, airline businesses are obliged as the ones who should tell their clients to cancel any booking because some authorities banned air travel too. Canceling an Agreement: Lastly, a typical example involves the cancellation of any agreement or contract. Apply that to work, for example. An employment agreement might have introduced the guidelines about what new employees are required to observe while employed. Yet, some of those newbies ended up breaking the rules plenty of times. Hence, sending the notice is relevant since they failed to comply. The same goes for other agreements given in construction work, hospital, car service, and many more.

How to Write an Acceptable Notice of Cancellation

Now it is time to apply what you have learned about cancellation notices by actually making that document. Remember that clients are bound to read this notice’s content. And failing to write things clearly and correctly would spark a conflict. Nonetheless, do not be scared to make it since an acceptable cancellation notice is doable. Here are the steps in writing an official notice of cancellation:

Step 1: Input the Basic Information

When someone sees the document, make sure to answer the basic questions. First, label the sheet as a notice of cancellation since that label alone will send a clear message about its content. Next, identify the parties. State your business name or personal name along with other identification details from contact number, address, and so forth. You can add a short description of what the gist is to inform the reader quickly.

Step 2: Balance a Professional and Cordial Tone

After setting the introductory statement and party information, you proceed to the terms, conditions, and details. But, review your tone upon writing. Assume that a cancellation notice may give anxiety or disappointment to some clients. For example, you might have all the words “cancellation” in bold and capital letters to strike fear that the receiver must settle a payment he or she missed immediately. Be professional instead. And add a little mix of being friendly so the receiving end respects your message. Sounding like a threat might end in the worst circumstances.

Step 3: State the Reason for Canceling

Other clients might be unaware of why they received a notice in the first place. Thus, jot down what rule was broken or whatever the reason was for reaching that decision. Others usually reiterate their regulations to remind the client about what he or she did wrong. However, such causes must be investigated, or else the other party might complain about not doing such things. And there is no need to keep the explanation lengthy anyway as long as it delivers the gist briefly.

Step 4: Attach Supporting Details

To make the statements more believable, insert the evidence. Maybe you have copies of documents that prove if the other party failed to fulfill corresponding payment obligations. The typical way of managing that is to attach receipts to showcase how much the client’s balance current balance is. The same goes for showing when was the last time that customer has contributed to the company. With proof prepared, customers have no escape from such accusations.

Step 5: Provide a Solution to Help

Remember when you have to set a friendly tone? Another way of observing that is to help clients fix their situation. If a client wishes to continue experiencing particular services, then state what to do. Is it to pay for the total fee according to its final deadline? Or you provide other alternatives for them to make up with the violation? This segment is useful to lessen their frustration and confusion since tips are offered for their benefit.

Step 6: Sign the Form and Submit It Early

Lastly, affix your signature to prove the form’s validity. For some business documents, they only input the company logo, brand name, and related details as those are already credible enough. Whatever works in making the sheet valid, do it. Moreover, submit the notice a few days, weeks, or a month before the cancellation. And of course, review the entire thing before the submission to ensure it does not contain errors.


Who should send a cancellation notice?

Who makes and submits a cancellation notice is someone with the authority to implement the cancellation or termination of coverage. As mentioned before, clients who wish to cancel or terminate services, agreements, and the like send out cancellation letters instead of notices.

What should I do after receiving a cancellation notice?

Read and understand the full details inside that notice form. Next, recognize what you can do to avoid the cancellation. If you cannot do anything about it, then you have no choice but to wait for the cancellation date. Hence, simply allow it to occur.

How do you prove the reason for the cancellation?

First, indicate the statements about cancellation if there was an agreement or contract settled. Then, incorporate the documents for evidence in the notice. It could contain pictures, screenshots, receipts, and other examples that help prove your point. Validate such documents too wherein there is an actual investigation done. Otherwise, unconfirmed statements make notices turn null.

Business means business, but showing some respect cannot be ignored. As the company expected to cancel someone’s coverage, be sure to inform ahead. Before canceling that service, there was already an agreement introduced anyway. Therefore, clients are aware that any service may be canceled according to the reasons mentioned under the contract. Besides warning properly, notices promote order between customer-business relationship. And it takes a well-thought-out notice of cancellation form to start making it happen.