50+ SAMPLE Parking Agreement

What is a Parking Agreement

A parking agreement is a document that denotes the agreement between a lessor, the owner who permits to occupy a parking space, and a lessee, the renter who is going to rent a particular space lease. It can be a letter of agreement of two parties about renting a parking space. When we go to work, sometimes, we do not know where we can leave our car. We want to ensure the safety of our car, that is why we will search for valet parking or shared parking that can give what we need.

Rental is the best resort so we can find a place where we can park our car. Whether it is shared or a lot lease, a garage parking is a must because we need to allot a good place where our cars will stay while we are gone or at work. Making a parking lease is the most convenient way how we can secure the safety of our cars. We can find a regular place where we can park. We can pay month-to-month and we do not have to find a car park always. We can find a garage rental lease or a garage lease that can ensure that our car will have a proper place where it can stay each day.

So, a parking agreement gives many conveniences to car owners because it will ease their problems of not knowing where to leave their cars while they are away. Some of the examples of a parking agreement are a shared parking agreement, a tenant parking agreement, a monthly parking agreement, a commercial parking lot lease agreement, a rental parking agreement, a car parking agreement, a truck parking agreement, a parking space rental agreement, a parking lot lease agreement, and a parking easement agreement. As we engage in a parking agreement, we must ensure that we can adhere to all its terms and will follow the rules of the lessor so that we can ascertain that we will have a proper lot or a proper space for our cars.

Benefits of a Parking Agreement

Are you about to make a parking agreement letter? What makes you want to have a parking agreement? Before using any parking agreement format in your agreement, you may want to know the benefits of a parking agreement. We have prepared some of them. Read the following:

Clear Agreement Details: If you will have an agreement by mouth, some details may not be clear between the two parties. Having an agreement emphasizes the important details about your agreement. You will have something to refer to if you need to be reminded of the terms that you have in the agreement. You can rely on an agreement that can make both parties follow all their terms so that they can deal with each other better.Less Cost: If you will rent a parking space or have valet parking daily, it will cost you a lot of money. But if you will have an agreement, you will have a parking space that you can rent for months. You can pay monthly, paying a price that can be a special package. Daily parking is costly, and you will not be even sure of a slot for a parking space. A parking agreement can give you the convenience that you need, and it is less pricy.Proof in Court: Disputes can happen between two parties. In times like these, you will need something that can support your claims. A parking agreement is the best proof that you can have in your dealing. It has all the terms that you have agreed upon. So, if one party will break these terms, you can bring the agreement to the court of law as evidence. You can protect your rights through a parking agreement.Having Customer Value: You can have more privilege as a customer if you will have a parking agreement. Clients who sign a parking agreement may have incentives from the lessor. Because you can be a long-term client, the lessor can give you discounts and special packages where you can save a lot of money. You will experience customer value by having a parking agreement.Enhanced Parking: If you will rent a parking space daily, you will not get the convenience that you get if you will have a parking agreement. You can be sure of parking space for months, and you do not have to worry about it anymore. You can also ensure better safety for your car. Because you will be a long-term client, the lessor will know you and will take care of your car better. You can also ascertain more protection for your car. Most companies who deal with a parking agreement have the latest technology in parking.

How to Write a Parking Agreement

Do you need a parking agreement letter because you need to make a lease for a parking space? Are you looking for a car parking agreement template or a parking agreement sample because you want to have a pattern? If writing a parking agreement is your problem, we can help you. We have some steps that you can use in writing a parking agreement. Consider the following:

  • Step 1: Agreement Date

    This is the date when you have the contract. It is the formal date that is needed to be placed in the introduction. It can be the date when you have written the contract or the date when you sign it or can be both. Be clear when putting the right date. You may need its essentiality someday when you will have a dispute. The parking agreement date is written in the first section of the agreement.

  • Step 2: The Name of the Lessor

    The lessor is the owner of the property or the parking space. He or she will be the one who will permit to let the renter park the car on his or her property. The name of the lessor should be written in the agreement. It is also written in the introduction. The name of the lessor is important because you are going to pay the fees to this person. The lessor is one of the parties that the parking agreement is addressed.

  • Step 3: The Address of the Lessor

    After you have written the name of the lessor in the introduction, you must include his or her contact information. You must state the address of the lessor and his or her contact number or email address. This is important so that the other party will know how to reach the lessor. It is also needed for other purposes. Be clear with the contact information. Write the information clearly or it may cause some confusion if you will write the wrong information.

  • Step 4: The Name of the Lessee

    After the information of the lessor, then comes the information of the lessee. The lessee is the person who will rent the parking space. The lessee is the owner of the vehicle. Sometimes, the lessee can be a third party who is going to pay the rent or the lease. Write the name of the lessee carefully in the introduction. You must ensure that the information to whom the payment is due is clear. Through this, the lessor can ensure the payment for the rented space.

  • Step 5: The Address of the Lessee

    The next thing is you have to write the address of the lessee in the agreement. It is also written in the introduction. Write also the contact information of the lessee. You must write the contact number and email address. Be sure that you will write the mailing address rightfully. There can be times that you will bill the lessee on the mailing address. Through this information, the lessor will also know how to reach the lessee for other important things. So, be sure to include contact information in the agreement.

  • Step 6: The Parking Space

    You should have information about the place where the car will be parked. Describe the parking space. You have to be clear so that the lessee will know the exact space where he or she will park his or her car. The information can be numbers of the parking spaces, blocks, or the size of the parking space. Be as detailed as possible so that the lessee will have the right expectations.

  • Step 7: Commencement Agreement

    This is the date of commencement or the date when the parking agreement will be effective. It is the start date when the lessee will avail the parking space of the lessor. It is the date when the lessor will start to get paid for the parking space. The date of commencement will be agreed upon by both parties. The parking space should be prepared by this time, for the use of the lessee. The commencement date is usually dictated by the lessee because the lessee is the one who knows when he or she needs the parking space.

  • Step 8: Termination Clause

    You should provide a termination clause for the agreement. One way or the other, the lessee will stop renting the parking space when he or she does not need the service anymore. Besides, some reasons can contribute to the want of terminating the agreement. In times like these, there should be a term that both parties can follow to be able to terminate the agreement. The lessee may not find the service good enough or the lessor may not find the lessee a good client. So, a clause is needed so that both can terminate the agreement when they find the need for it.

  • Step 9: Due Date

    There should be a certain date when the rental payment will be due. This is the due date when the lessee has to pay the lessor for the rent that he has made in the parking space. You should agree on a certain date when the payment is due. Be sure to pay the lessor at this given time. If the lessee cannot pay the lessor on time, it can be a cause of the termination of the agreement. The lessee may not be able to avail of the services of the lessor anymore and cannot park his or her car on the lessor’s property again.

  • Step 10: Rent Amount

    This is the amount that the lessee should pay the lessor. The payment is usually done monthly. Giving a monthly charge can be the best way of how the lessor can have rental for his or her property. If the lessor will ask for a daily payment, it can be costly for the lessee and the lessee may find another lessor that can give monthly payment. Month-to-month payment is the best way to avail a parking space. You can be sure that you will have a parking space for the whole month so you do not have to worry anymore. In giving a rent amount, be sure that the price is reasonable so that you can get many clients to rent in your space lease. You should write this certain amount in the agreement to ascertain that it is the price that the lessee will pay you each month or each time.

  • Step 11: Payment Method

    A payment method should be provided in the agreement. This is how the lessee can pay you with the money the lessee owes for the rental. You can provide different payment methods that will be convenient for the lessee. This way, you can have your payment surely. You and the lessee can agree on a payment method to use.

  • Step 12: Governing Laws

    The applicable laws that cover your agreement must be written with the contract. So, before engaging in the agreement, you must check the state laws so that you will know all your rights. You can enter a better agreement if you are knowledgeable about the laws. All the laws that govern your agreement should be strictly followed by both parties. Any way of breaking the law may deserve a punishment that can be brought to the court of law. It is also better if both of you will follow all the laws so that no dispute will happen between you.

  • Step 13: Signatures and Signature Date

    The date when the agreement is signed should be written in the contract. Then both parties have to sign the agreement. The signature of the lessor and the signature of the lessee should be written in the agreement. This is to signify the validity of the agreement. Without signatures, you will not have a working agreement. After the signatures are written, the lessor and the lessee have an agreement ahead of them to follow. They can start their dealing and the car of the lessee can be parked at the lessor’s property.


How much is the rent for a parking space?

The rent for a parking space on average can cost $60 – $400 per month. In American cities, the average rent can cost $225 per month. The cost depends upon the place of the parking space.

Is it better to rent a parking space monthly?

Yes, it is better to rent a parking space monthly. You can save a lot. If you will rent daily, it can be costly for you when you add it all up. You can also lose a space to park your car. To be sure that there can be a place for your car to park, make a parking agreement that can last for months.

When you have a car and you need a place where you can park it, the best way for you will be by having a parking agreement. You can be sure of a space where you can leave your car. The agreement will be the best answer for your parking needs. This post has 50+ SAMPLE Parking Agreement in PDF. If you are someone who may need this kind of template, you have come to the right place. Every template is sure to help you. Download now!