What is a Marketing Business Report?

A marketing business report is a document written by the marketing professionals in various businesses and organizations that outlines the major points to communicate integral information about a particular business firm or company and to place greater emphasis on their marketing factors by giving closer attention to the economic and commercial side of their missions and visions.  It is used in demonstrating the overall performance and progress like business growth, and profits based on trade outlooks, statistics, regulations and market profiles. This is an important tool that many marketing professionals utilize to see and examine the effects of their marketing strategies in their companies and their consumers.

Also, a survey report conducted to marketers has shown that around 90% of marketing professionals state that their social media marketing efforts have heightened their business’ exposure.That’s why it is essential to always set up a social media account and interact with customers to gain more potential customers.  Practicing and upgrading crucial marketing skills and knowledge is significant in your marketing profession as well as contributing your understanding in marketing to business firms and organizations efficiently. A well-structured and compelling report is easily defined in the business sector. Thus, all novices or beginners should learn well on how to write a proper marketing business report.

Different Types of Marketing Business Reports

In order to summarize and analyze a specific issue, situation or facts adequately, it is important to be knowledgeable about different types of business reports for marketing. By fully utilizing business reports, managers and marketers are able to examine possible solutions to an issue or situation, to implement business and management theories for improvement, to produce diverse suggestions for future action and to demonstrate clear and concise communication skills. In this section, you will know and understand more about the different types of marketing business reports. Read the following details below:

1. Marketing Small Business Report

Do you need to create a marketing small business report? A marketing small business report is a well-structured document that provides a coherent and all-inclusive record of marketing aspects facilitated by a small business firm. It is made up of essential information explaining the overall marketing performance and status of a small business firm. This will guide the managers and key individuals of a business firm to be well-informed where the company stands, as well as where their competition does. Using this report will help them to position their businesses for a bright future by developing efficient systems in the marketing department, gaining and retaining the attention of prospects and boosting the pipeline of leads, appointments and clients.

2. Marketing Business Annual Report 

Usually, a formal business report is written on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If you need to create a marketing business annual report, you should place the summary of your business marketing strategy and goals at the forefront of your annual report. So, indicate the most beneficial takeaways and carefully elaborate the direction of your company into the pages of your report. It is not about illustrating an accurate picture of what is going on but your report should contain some recommendations on what should happen next year. Write the weaknesses of your marketing methods and clarify on how you can improve them upon next year. Preparing a marketing business annual report is a useful piece of writing that will guide managers and marketers in elevating their marketing methods and strategies for their business firms and organizations.

3. Multi Level Marketing Business Report

The book Network and Multi-Level Marketing Mastery by Graham Fisher explained that multi level marketing (MLM) business simply uses different methods to recruit sales staff and get the product in front of paying customers. Also, multi-level marketing business provides people an opportunity to become business owners or distributors of products or services and earn money from commissions or profit from sales. The bigger that your team gets over time, the more chances of you and the members earning huge income. As long as your team continues to grow, your income increases exponentially over the years. To be successful in this field, a course of action must be properly planned before going over and encouraging people to join and sign up. Writing a formal report for your multi-level marketing business is fundamental as it contains in-depth analysis covering major regional trends, market dynamics and gives country-level market size of the market business industry.

4. Market Research Report

Conducting effective market research has been aided by the readiness of business firms to make available to research scientists, product developers, and innovators the facilities for studying and evaluating their daily operations. If you need to dig deeper and determine the characteristics of your preferred customers, their buying habits, the value your product or service can bring to them and the list of your top competitors, we highly suggest that you prepare a market research report. This type of business report is useful in painting a picture of what types of new products or services may be the most profitable in today’s highly competitive landscape. Plus, creating this report will guide you in developing calculated and logical decisions about business ideas, whether they’re worth pursuing or not and especially in planning business activities and assimilating all the information about your target market and prospective consumers.

5. Market Analysis Report

Based on the book Intermarket Analysis: Profiting from Global Market Relationships by John Murphy, economists look at statistics to determine the direction of the economy and the direction of financial markets. On the other hand, chartists observe at the markets themselves. Economic statistics are usually backward-looking while the markets are forward-looking. That’s why conducting a thorough technical analysis is crucial to deeply analyze both statistics and markets. Consider drawing charts a simple method to make your analysis work easier than before. Determine if two related markets are moving in the same direction or in the opposite direction. Also, conduct data research and analysis effectively so that you are able to write a comprehensive market analysis report for your business firm or organization.

6. Digital Marketing Strategy Business Report

As we are now living in a world that embraces digitalization: from accessing the Internet, sharing more information online and obtaining information from the Internet to social interactions and shopping online, marketing digitalization is an inevitable trend that will grow immensely in the coming years. Digital marketing strategists are marketing professionals who know the digitized marketing environment, and discern the behavioral characteristics of consumers. Moreover, the biggest change is that network behaviors of consumers can be tracked by big data such as tracking of cookies, tracking of mobile digital behaviors using SDK and tracking of shopping preferences through payment data. You need to be able to integrate these technical elements and marketing philosophy in the right way. If you and your digital marketing strategy team are planning to develop unique digital marketing strategies, writing a digital marketing strategy business report is integral in order to analyze your digital marketing plan and layout in a systematic and scientific way.

Basic Elements of a Marketing Business Report

In this section, you will learn how to create a remarkably written and comprehensive marketing business report based on a professional marketing business report format. However, a marketing business report has different features. Include the following elements for you to create an impressive document:

Title: One of the basic elements of a marketing business report is the title. It is a compelling line of the document which features the central topic, or subject of the marketing business report, as well as to invite the reader to read the report. It is typically set in a size larger than other remaining text elements in the page.Executive Summary: This part is the significance section of your marketing business report. It provides a clear and systematic summary of the business marketing activities, methods, and strategies in a specific business firm or organization. As the crucial part of the marketing business report, it thoroughly explains the background of the report and any special methodology used in marketing and promoting the products and services of a business firm or corporation. Another area to add in this section is the significance, implications and other contributions of the marketing and promotional strategies in expanding the consumer scope of the company. .Description of Marketing Methods and Business Strategies: Describe the primary marketing methods and business strategies performed in elevating the business firm’s brand reputation and expanding the range of consumers. Define how your marketing business strategy team accomplished your marketing business goals and objectives. Timeline of Marketing Activities and Methods: Demonstrate a clear timeline of your completed marketing activities, and methods according to their time period. Include the day, allotted hours, and overall date. Draw some graphs, tables, and other visual diagrams to illustrate the marketing status and performance of the business firm. Conciseness and Precision: Your goal is to achieve clear and effective communication, and this is properly executed by keeping your message short and simple. So, determine the main points and record them in your report accurately. Avoid writing too many or complex ideas and may overlook the main point. Use sentence variety, structure, correct grammar and spelling and skillful paragraphing. We highly suggest that you detail the specific achievements in your business marketing plan.

How to Write a Marketing Business Report

Business Research: A Guide to Planning, Conducting, and Reporting Your Study stated that good writing commands attention by demonstrating its thematic importance, presenting a persuasive argument, and anticipating and answering readers’ questions before they ask them. So, remember that good writing has structure and logic. A well-organized report is not only clear; its logic and aesthetic are evident. Below are some easy-to-follow tips that indicate how to design and write a professional marketing business report:

  • Step 1: Create a Well-Structured Executive Summary

    There are many managers and executives in some companies who are too rushed to read long journal articles and business reports, but they are eager to stay current and up-to-date in their fields. Did your boss ask you to submit one executive summary every month on an article of interest? Conduct effective marketing research in some notable aspects of your business firm or company. Select an article that is interesting to your report. Then, write an executive summary in a memo format. Include a simple introduction, identify the author, article title, journal and date of publication. It is important to explain the background of your marketing methods along with the core points of the article and provide a high-level overview of the contents of your marketing plan.

  • Step 2: Specify the Goals, Objectives and Desired Outcomes

    Specify the significant goals, objectives, and desired outcomes that you manage to accomplish in the marketing aspects of your business firm or organization efficiently. Then, explain the things you have discovered, the challenges you overcame, the risks and problems that still prevent you from moving towards success in your marketing strategies, new Concepts for marketing and promotional projects, and other fundamental elements.

  • Step 3: Set Up a Clear Timeline of the Marketing Project

    What does your timeline of the marketing project indicate? You need to set up and showcase a simple and clear timeline of the fundamental elements you already conducted for the marketing aspects of your business firm or organization chronologically. Include the exact time or hours, day, month, and date.

  • Step 4: Proofread and Revise the Business Report

    Review your overall marketing business report and check if you fully define all the integral factors in your marketing business report as instructed by the managers and executives of your business firm or organization. If you notice that you miss some sections that require crucial points, we recommend that you edit and revise the document carefully.

  • Step 5: Prepare the Final Marketing Business Report

    After the proofreading and revision process, you can now prepare the final marketing business report. Include some important notes and other messages you want to inform your managers, executives and the management on the ending part of your document. Skim your marketing business report for final Evaluation and quality check.


What are some examples of marketing business reports?

Some examples of marketing business reports are marketing small business report, marketing business annual report, multi level marketing business report, market research report, market campaign report, marketing business plan report, market analysis report and marketing business summary report.

What are the benefits of writing a marketing business report?

The benefits of writing a marketing business report is to demonstrate the overall performance and progress such as business growth, and profits depending on trade outlooks, statistics, regulations and market profiles. This is a fundamental tool that many marketing strategists utilize to observe and evaluate the effects of their marketing strategies in their companies and their consumers.

What are the significant steps in writing a marketing business report?

When you write your marketing business report, write an executive summary or overview paragraph of the completed marketing strategies and methods you conducted  for the business firm or organization. Then, include the primary details of the summary like the technical analysis of the marketing plan. Set up a simple timeline of the time period as you list down all the marketing business project accomplishments for a specific time period. Add some charts, graphs, tables, and other visual diagrams to illustrate the progress and accomplishments of the business marketing and promotional programs thoroughly.

How to create a professional business report?

We advise that you carefully follow the step-by-step guide in this article so that you can create a professional business report. Also, you need to plan ahead before you write. Like how you handle a business project, be prepared and stay organized in handling your business report. Prior to your research work and writing down sections in your report, plan specifically on what you want to achieve in your business.

Carl Hiassen said: “You can do the best research and be making the strongest intellectual argument, but if your readers don’t get past the third paragraph you’ve wasted your energy and valuable ink.”  To be able to write marketing business reports logically and aesthetically, your craft in writing is made through accepting the burden of molding thoughts into something well defined and user-friendly. Still, effective business writing is simple but not simplistic as it not only develops ideas that become recognizable and accessible but also deconstructs complexity to make it easily understood for the readers. While creating and cultivating emotional connections with your audiences through messaging, marketing and engagement, you need to be skilled in writing marketing business reports. So, here are some of our downloadable and printable marketing business report samples, market research report templates, marketing plan templates, market analysis report samples, digital marketing strategy report templates, and other business reports available in different kinds of formats. Simply click our sample marketing business reports in this article and start downloading now!