Daily To-Do Lists: What Are They?

A to-do list is a list that contains daily tasks, chores, or activities. It is an essential document not only to businesses but also to every individual. Why? Because a to-do list is helpful in keeping track of the things that need to be done and set aside irrelevant and unnecessary tasks for later.

In fact, the annual average absence rate in the US was 2.9% according to a report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018.

The Different Elements of a Daily To-Do List

What should a daily to-do list include? It is up to you. Your to-do list must be tailored to the tasks you need to do in the days that follow. Because of that, creating a to-do list is a personal thing. But for your preference, here are the common elements a to-do list should have.

Title: A to-do list should include a title, especially if you have other lists for different purposes. The titles should not be complicated. You can simply put “Daily To-Do List” or a more specific title like “Wish List.”Details: After the title, indicate what the to-do list is about. To motivate you more, provide your goals and progress when you completed the tasks on your to-do list.List: The last and the most important part of a to-do list are the tasks you need to finish. You can enumerate these into items or provide a table to neatly organize the content. Additionally, indicate what time should you perform or do a certain task to keep you on track.

How to Create a Daily To-Do List

Jotting down daily tasks on a piece of paper is considered a to-do list. That is why creating a daily to-do list won’t be as challenging as you think. Although you can stick to paper and a pen in making your own daily checklist, we will make things easier for you. Before starting, try to think of the task you will be doing the following day. Doing this in advance helps you remember the things that need to be done and put first your priorities. To make your to-do list even more worthwhile, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose a Template

Making a to-do list from scratch is already convenient. How much more with a template? We fully understand that people have different things to do every day. And a hectic schedule is a great compromise. So, we recommend using a template if you are to create a to-do list. It has a suggested content that you can adjust to tailor the to-do list to your daily routine. Our website offers a variety of ready-made templates that you can get just by a click of a fingertip.

Step 2: Edit the Template

Because there are a lot of templates you can choose from, you might be having a hard time selecting the best stencil for you. But do not decide yet if you are unsure about your choice. Make sure to download a template that is the most suitable for your tasks. If you could not still find one, pick the closest template to what you are looking for. After that, edit its content with an editing tool. The editing tool must be compatible with your template’s file format.

Step 3: Make Appealing, Yet Simple

Do not settle with a plain and bland to-do list when you can make it visually appealing. Because our template is customizable, you can add visual elements to it such as bar graphs, tables, bar charts, and more. But keep the balance between the design and other elements. Do not go overboard with the decor. Otherwise, it will compromise the convenience the template could have contributed.

Step 4: Go Digital

One of the best things about working with a template is that it leaves you with two options: either to print a copy of your daily to-do list or use it as an electronic form. You can do both in case you lost one of them. Digitally-made forms are the most sustainable as they do not leave any trace. By doing this, you can contribute lesser waste annually.


What are examples of daily tasks?

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning 
  • Meeting
  • Buying Groceries
  • Watering the Plants
  • Doing Household Chores
  • Doing Homework
  • Gardening
  • Finish Backlogs

Why is a daily to-do list important?

The main intent of a daily to-do list is to guide you with your everyday tasks. It is also helpful in reminding you of the activities that need to be prioritized or done first. Aside from that, to-do lists keep track of your progress on a daily basis.

When do you use a daily to-do list?

Whether you can’t keep up with your daily work schedule or not, having a daily to-do list remains helpful. Because of that, you should keep a to-do list handy in case you really need it in the future.

Keeping an eye on your daily tasks is not always a favorable thing to do. For it some, it is a chore. But to those who consider a daily to-do list necessary, it is a holy grail to make it through the day, week, or even month. If everyone has a to-do list, missing out on anything won’t be a recurring issue.