What is an Apology Statement?

An apology statement is a document that expresses remorse for your actions. It is an acknowledgment of the mistake that you have committed to someone. It is send to the people whom you have hurt. It denotes your sincerity for asking for forgiveness for the mistakes that you have done. It consists of apology expressions that can take away the anger or hurt of the person that you have offended. This statement or letter can be used in different situations. It is used in our business, in university, in media, in our neighborhood, in personal affairs, and in all workplace. Sorry is not easy to say. But telling it in the form of a letter or a formal statement can ease our need to apologize to anyone. Also, it can be a professional and sincere way of admitting our mistakes. It is official and our apology for the error that we have made may be more accepted. Apologetic statements are not easy to construct, unless we have the complete sincerity of asking dispensation for our offense. So, to make it not hard for anyone, you just have to state a sorry statement to make an apolology statement or letter. Give what is due from the offense that you have done. You must say sorry in the form of an apology statement.

Types of Apology Statement

There are definite kinds of apology statements. It is good that you should know the differences on the types of apology statements so that you can make your statement in the best way it could be. Read the following types of apology statements:

Personal Apology Statement

Personal apology statement is a kind of apology statement that do not have a commercial purpose. It is the statement that is given to your friends, to your family, to your neighbors, or to your acquaintances. If ever you have erred them, even to a stranger, this type of apology statement is what you will have to give. The apology is some kind of a personal statement that has been written for them.

Student Apology Statement

Maybe a student has committed some mistakes in school or university. He or she needs to give an student apology statement that states his or her remorse for the wrong actions that has been done. It is a form of a formal letter that is given to the person whom the student has committed a mistake.

Friend Apology Statement

Friends sometimes have misunderstandings. In times like these, the person who makes the offense can give an official apology statement stating admittance of making the mistake. This can show that you truly treasure the friendship and that you respect one another.

Neighbor Apology Statement

Disputes happen in a neighborhood. A neighbor may have offended another in any way, and he or she should accept his or her mistake. A statement apology letter should be given to sort things out to maintain the good harmony in the neighborhood. We should end every dispute that we can encounter in our neighborhood, and an apology statement is the best way on how we can solve the problem.

Business Apology Statement

This is the type of apology statement that is used in business. It is given to the clients, stakeholders, business partners, or suppliers to whom we have made any mistake prior to our business. It is a professional form of apology statement that has the complete courtesy of admitting an error that we have done.

Customer Service Apology Statement

When our job is customer service, we give the requests of every customers. Sometimes, we fail to give the things that they need or we make some mistakes while we are giving their requests. We should know how to say apology to customer. It is essential that we make an apology statement because customers are important. They are the life of every business and the company should not lose any customer.

Client Apology Statement

We have to take care of our clients. But sometimes, things happen and we fail in some things about our services. But how do you apologize to a client for delay or for lack of good service? To not lose our client, we need to provide an apology statement that would ask for dispensation from the client. It is the best way on how we can keep our client when we made a mistake.

Missed Interview Apology Statement

In finding a job, we have to show professionalism. If we cannot make it on the interview, we have to give a missed interview apology statement to the company that we have applied to. We should give courtesy so that someday, we can apply to them again.

Denial Apology Statement

You have to give a good tone in giving a denial apology statement. This statement denotes your rejection for the request of the recipient. You must state your refusal in the best apologetic manner that you can give. Remember, we should consider someone else’s feelings. You are rejecting the request so you have to be at least kind.

Hazard Apology Statement

When we are doing maintenance, we can give inconvenience to other people. To show kindness, we should give an apology statement for the little harm that we have done. Maintenance can disrupt other people so we should be sorry somehow and let them know that we care.

Third-Apology Apology Statement

This type of apology statement is done by someone in behalf of the person who have committed a mistake. Maybe you are a supervisor or someone who is in charge of management who has a team member who has erred. You can have an apology to the person who is offended through a third-party apology statement.

Mass Apology Statement

This apology statement is given to a group of people. Maybe you have to apologize to the community or you have to say sorry to a particular group of people.

Cancellation of Event Apology Statement

Events have an exact date to happen, but sometimes we have to cancel it due to different reasons. People are already expecting it, and we have to apologize to them for the cancellation of the event. In this statement, we can tell the reasons of cancellation and tell the date when the event can resume.

Misconduct Apology Statement

This is a public apology statement. Sometimes, there are persons who commit some unusual behavior in public, and they have to be sorry for their actions. To regain their reputation, they have to make an apology statement. They can give a press release or a sorry statement to the media. Or sometimes just an apology letter that shows complete regret for their actions.

Benefits of Apology Statement

Maybe you will think, why do we have to say sorry? It is important. We must be concerned of someon else’s feelings. Anyway, an apology statement is not worthless. Read some of its benefits:

You can show that you are human. Empathy apology statements only show that you are a normal human being who has a conscience. You can be sorry when you have erred, especially if you have hurt someone. You are not somebody who is hardhearted who does not care for the feelings of others.It is a proof of respect. Respect is very important. We need to respect others. We also want to be respected. If we want that thing, we must show respect to other people. We cannot do everything that we want. We have to say sorry if we have erred.You can have a good reputation. An offense can ruin our reputation. But if we will apologize for our errors, we can gain the respect of others. They will see that we are responsible for our actions, and they will have a good image of us. They can even admire our humility. We can gain a good reputation for giving a personal apology statement.You can keep what you have. Maybe you have made a mistake in your workplace. You have to give a company apology statement or an apology letter for the company. An apology statement for boss is maybe what can save your job. You can keep your job if you can amend your mistake. The apology statement is the first thing that you should do. Or maybe you have erred a friend. Through an apology statement, you can keep the friend that you have hurt. Your friend can forgive you because you are sorry. So, if you care for the things in your life, be sure to send an apology statement every time you make a mistake. You may lose what you have if you will not do it.You can practice goodness. To say sorry may be a hard thing. There are people who are not used in saying sorry. Pride comes even if it is true that we are the one who has committed an offense. But if we will have humility, it will be easy for us to make an apology statement. We owe that to the person that we have hurt or offended. Shew away the pride. Be responsible enough to admit your mistake. It will be good for you to practice this thing. You must show goodness in your life.

How to Write an Apology Statement

Do you already know how to write an apology letter? Have you already seen an apology statement sample or sincere apologies examples? In case you are new in making an apology statement, you can consider the following steps:

Step 1: Admit your offense.

The first that you need to do is to acknowledge your offense. How can you say sorry if you not first admit that you have committed that offense to somebody? You must first admit that you have erred. To be able to make the best apology statement, it should start by yourself. Never think of any excuses but completely admit everything. If you will make an explanation of defense, you may not be acknowledging your fault. To express that you are sorry, recognize your fault.

Step 2: Be sincere in apologizing.

Sincerity should be seen in your statement. If you are showing a pretense just to solve the problem out, the offended may see it and may not forgive you. You have to let the person that you have hurt know that you are really sorry for your mistake. You can do that by using the best sentences that will show your remorse. Express complete courtesy so that the offended will see your sincerity. You have to remember that you have offended someone, so you owe that person to show sincerity in saying your apology.

Step 3: Give solution to the problem.

If you can do anything to amend your offense, you must do it. Tell the recipient that you plan for the solutions for the problem that you have caused. Be responsible for any matter that should be done to fix your errors. Offering a solution only means that you are truly sorry for your mistakes. You are willing to fix everything, and do everything just to straighten everything out.

Step 4: Request for forgiveness.

All of us make mistakes. Just admit your fault and ask humbly for forgiveness. It may not be easy. But as a decent person, you must do it. You have hurt somebody and it is a very bad thing to do. Forgiveness is necessary so that both of you can go on well after the offense. It is good for the heart and both of you will have nothing to carry from the incident.

Step 5: Give the statement with humility.

After you have made the apology statement, you can send it to the person you have erred. Before sending, read it a couple of times to be sure that you have said the right things. You must not offend that person again so be sure with your words. You can let someone to read your statement to be sure that it is decent and good. Then, if you are sure with your statement, deliver it to the person whom you have made a mistake. And pray hard that he or she will accept your apology and will forgive you.


What if My Apology Statement is Not Accepted?

It is up to the person that you have offended to accept your apology or not. Commonly, apology statements are accepted not just because it is formal, but because you have made an effort to ask for their forgiveness. Whatever is the reaction of the recipient, you must remember that you still have to give an apology statement if you have committed an offense.

When Should I GIve an Apology Statement?

If you have made an offense to somebody, you should give an apology statement. You must acknowledge your mistake and you should ask for forgiveness. Especially in business, you need the formality of giving an apology statement.

If we have made a mistake to someone, let us be sure to say an apology to them. It is the proper thing that we have to do. We cannot let a mistake to ruin who we are or to ruin any relationship that we have. We cannot let it spoil our work or whatever we have. So, if you have committed an offense, be ready to make an apology statement. Do you need an apology statement template? This post has 6+ SAMPLE Apology Statement in PDF. You can pick one that you like. They are downloadable and editable. Do you need to say a sorry statement to anybody? Download now and make your own apology statement!