28+ Event Invitation Letters

What Is an Event Invitation Letter?

An event invitation letter is one of the most sought-after business invitations out there. Just as its name suggests, it is a written letter that contains the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a specific event and is sent to a specific group of people who are invited to the proposed event. And whether the event may be formal, informal, or semi-formal, what matters the most is that the letter answers the significant questions regarding the program. Also, only those who received the official event invitation letters via email or printable letters are allowed to attend the event.

According to Statista’s 2019 research survey, around $657 was the average cost per attendee in North American conferences or tradeshows.

Why Are Event Invitation Letters Needed?

An event invitation letter is important to formally invite a specific group of people for an upcoming event. Receiving the letter grants that certain exclusivity wherein not everyone is invited but if you got an invitation letter, clearly the host or organization behind the event wants your presence. Hence, guests are being targeted exclusively as they are valued. Also, invitees won’t have to be under the radar regarding the event’s purpose, time, location, and other specifications. Thanks to the detailed letter, all questions regarding the event will be written.

Furthermore, there are all sorts of events out there. You can organize a business conference, seminar, birthday party invitations, Christmas dinner, charity event, and so much more. And since events are nuanced, you can set up curated event invitation letters per event. You only make certain adjustments per letter or purpose, like in how you should be professional or formal in writing for a business sponsorship event letter but more personal and informal to an anniversary party. And you can use such invitations to estimate the number of invitees or as the attendees’ gate passes during the event.

What Are the Important Topics to Discuss in an Event Invitation Letter?

Indeed, event invitation letters are used to invite specific individuals for an event coming soon. But how can you be sure that you got all the important questions answered in one short letter? In this segment, you will learn the significant details worth discussing in a standard invitation letter. And these elements must be written into your next event invitation letter so you won’t fail or confuse invitees once the event comes.

Event Purpose: First things first, an event invitation letter should have a distinct purpose. You can simply state in the event invitation letter’s title as to what the whole event is about. But a brief statement of purpose is the better way to go. For example, the title could be “Company Anniversary Invitation Letter.” But why does it need to be commemorated? And how many years to be exact is the company anniversary? The purpose of the event should cover that.Event Schedule: Of course, a very crucial detail to an event invitation letter is the event visual schedule. Maybe you assumed that all your invitees are available during the date and time of the event but the truth is they are not. Hence, specify the date and time of the event in the letter and that the schedule is still how many weeks from now. That way, they likely have no plans yet and they can reserve the coming schedule specifically for the event being planned. Also, knowing when the attendees are free or not helps in scheduling or rescheduling the event, depending on where the majority goes.Venue: Besides the schedule, the event venue should not be taken for granted. What if reaching the event’s location actually takes two hours to get there? At least guests can prepare for the long travel rather than experiencing the hassle on the day of the event itself. And if you have special travel packages or transportation to offer for your guests, then state them in the venue information as well. The same goes for special instructions like what nearby establishments in the venue are, in case the actual place is hard to find.Program Details: Any event sure has a strategic plan on how the program goes from start to finish. Hence, introduce the attendees to the program flow right from the opening remarks down to the closing ceremony. At least everyone has an idea of what to expect during the event. An example is when certain attendees are expected to make a speech at specific parts of the program. Thus, these speakers would know when to take action according to the flow of the program or the estimated time mentioned in the program details.Names of Event Organizers and Special Guests: Do not forget to mention the names of the people who worked hard to organize the event. Without them, the event would not happen in the first place. And if certain attendees have questions, include a brief contact list of the organizers in the letter for easy access. Also, mention the names of every special guest invited. Maybe there is a celebrity guest speaker invited and that can motivate the invitees to join the event too. Also, the names written here are a useful reference on who to thank during the event’s closing remarks, particularly in making a toast and sharing special words of appreciation.Dress Code Details: One of the memorable aspects of an event can be what the attendees are wearing. So make sure everyone gets the memo of what to wear. Otherwise, some guests may look very out of place in terms of their fashion. Thus, clarify the dress code in the letter may it be according to the theme, signature color, or if the event requires formal, casual, or down to a lavish avant-garde ensemble. Warn people ahead so they can prepare how to dress.Reader’s Reason to Join: As invitees read the whole details of the letter, they would surely want to know why they were invited. And this is a critical element since this is where you convince readers why you value their attendance. For example, you encourage a specific invitee to join because she/he/they has been a valuable member of the company and deserves to be part of the company’s celebration. Whatever the reason is, make sure to keep it true and convincing.

How to Create a Well-Crafted Event Invitation Letter

There is no need to worry about making the event invitation letter because it is quite easy to do so. And since you already had a full introduction about the event invitation letter’s meaning, purpose, and important topics to include, you surely have an idea how a standard event invitation letter looks like. So in this section, you can already start applying what you learned by familiarizing the steps on how to make event invitation letters properly.

Step 1: Review the Full Details of the Event

First of all, how knowledgeable are you about the upcoming event to discuss in the event invitation letter? Maybe you know what the event’s purpose is but not so much on the specific flow of the program, venue, and more. Hence, talk with the event organizers and hosts of the program to be sure of the details regarding the event. Whether you plan about a business meeting minutes, fundraiser, or any other example, what matters most is you have the correct and precise information so you won’t go wrong on what to write into the letter.

Step 2: Download a Sample Event Invitation Letter

The reason you find writing event invitation letters a lot easier is how you can just download and save professionally made templates. With a premade sample template for your letter, you never need to create one out of scratch. Just use the template to be guided on how the usual content and format look like. Also, you can tweak the format, data, and other details in the letter. And you may print the letters or just save soft copies to send via email. Make the most out of the samples listed in this post now!

Step 3: Insert the Elements of an Event Invitation Letter

Once you have selected the appropriate sample template you want to work with, begin inserting the elements of an event invitation letter, which was already discussed. From the event purpose down to the reason why the reader should join, incorporate them into the letter to complete the necessary details. Otherwise, you might have the purpose, venue, and schedule but other elements like the program details and name of organizers were forgotten. Also, you can add more elements that you think are worth mentioning in the letter.

Step 4: Follow the Standard Letter Format

For sure, this would not be the first time you create a letter. You surely have come across explanation letters, apology letters, legal letters, and more. And you would know that there is a standard format to each letter out there, despite their different functions. And the four main elements for such letters are the salutation, introduction, body, and conclusion with signature. So follow that structure to set a flow to your letter. The salutation is where you greet your attendees. Follow it with a sample brief introduction regarding the event invitation letter. The heart of the whole letter would all be stated in the body text. And you would end the letter with a conclusion or closing statement with affixed signatures below.

Step 5: Keep Things Short and Concise

Most letters are simply one-page business plans. So you need to know how to tie up details by ensuring they all fit in one document smoothly. And the best way to do that is by writing the event invitation letter concisely. Just keep your words simple and short so readers won’t have to take too long to read and understand the message. If there seems to be a lot of details, then learn to be more straightforward. And at the same time, write in a polite manner. Mind your language or tone because you cannot simply invite people irreverently, right?

Step 6: Finalize the Letter’s Output and Timing to Send Them

Lastly, you need to visualize how the letter’s final output should turn out like. Should it be printed or not? And do you need the document in a different size or perhaps texts with bigger fonts? Hence, a clear format is essential. And once you are through assessing the letter, think about the timing before sending them. As much as possible, send your invitation letters early so people have enough time to respond to the invitation. And that also means you encourage invitees to RSVP so you won’t be left unsure if they will go or not.


What are the parts of an event invitation letter?

Any event invitation letter would have the subject line, letterhead, sender’s address, date, recipient’s address, salutation, main body, and closing statement with signature.

How much is the cost per attendee?

Generally, the cost per attendee depends on the event and budget for the event. For example, a lavish event would likely cost more than a casual event. But based on a report, the average cost per attendee is $657 in North American conferences and tradeshows back in 2019.

What kind of document is used to make letters?

Basically, any document can work as a letter may it be bond paper, Oslo paper, or even a torn paper from a notebook. And usually, these letters are folded carefully to fit in a square or rectangular business envelope.

The next time you plot a special event, don’t forget to devise a well-thought-out event invitation letter to cordially request people in attending to that planned day. Although asking people to join may sound intimidating, especially if you are the one assigned to do the invitations, it doesn’t need to be that way when you state the correct details in the briefest, easiest, and friendliest way possible. And thanks to sample event invitation letters, you won’t have to undergo the daunting process of making letters from scratch. Download a template now!