What Is a Corporate Mission Statement?

A corporate mission statement is a written document that briefly describes your company’s purpose, priorities, and plans as it exists to serve its target market or clients. It is a statement of the core values and ethics of a company. It defines the goal that the company wants to attain. The statement is a great motivation for employees so that they will keep the core values of the corporation. Usually, the one who creates the corporate mission statement is the founder of the corporation. It can be modified as time passes. The mission of the company is identified in the mission statement. It has the range of a single sentence or a short paragraph.

A mission is what the corporation can do today to reach its goals, while the vision is what they are aspiring for in the future. This is the difference between vision and mission. These two are interchangeable. Both of them identify the goals of your corporation. But each of them has a different purpose. The mission statement is a roadmap on how you can attain your vision statement. The two are separate written statements of your company. You can combine them to have a more favorable result. You can use them for all your business purposes. They are worth developing through the years. You should adjust them every time your business grows. Through that, you can make a perfect version of your corporate mission statement.

Some examples of a corporate mission statement are a corporate treasury mission statement, a corporate finance mission statement, a corporate services mission statement, a corporate administration mission statement, and a target corporate mission statement. In all types of corporate mission statements, you have to ensure that you can boost your brand. The bottom line is the corporate mission statement is what can make you popular. It can give flavor to your company profile. It is the best strategy in marketing. Through it, you can promote your products so that the public will like them.

The best mission statements are the key to the success of your corporation. Through it, you can popularize your brand. You can insert a good value for all your products. It can be a good tool for the strategic management of your company. By following it, your employees can follow good guidelines to make your business successful. They will be guided to be headed to your best goals. By having a corporate mission statement, you can bring out the good essence of your company. People can see that you are a good company. You are following good core values that are profitable and beneficial to everyone.

Elements of a Corporate Mission Statement

What makes a corporate mission outstanding? How can you make it great? If you want to make your corporate mission statement good, you must insert all the good elements in it. By doing this, you can have a great mission statement that can be admired by your audience. Read and consider some of the good elements of a corporate mission statement:

Substance: A corporate mission statement should have substance. It should have an appeal that will bring out your work strategy because it has to amaze your audience in a way that just by reading it, a good image of your brand is flashed to their heads. In addition, it should not be boring at all costs. It should mirror the good core values of your company to move your customers. This way, they will acquire your products and services with no hesitation.Emotional Appeal: Emotional appeal is vital for a corporate mission statement. You need to ensure that your statement has this marketing strategy. By having an emotional appeal, you can touch the hearts of the audience. They will patronize your products and services if your brand will have an emotional appeal to them. Through it, they can be loyal to your brand. They can even praise your brand to the people they know. If you want a sure status in the hearts of people, you should create a corporate mission statement with an emotional appeal.Clarity: The corporate mission statement should contain clarity. Be clear about your core values. Be clear about your goals and objectives. Be clear about what you can give to the audience. Without clarity, your statement will not have substance. So you have to be clear about what you can do. You should insert clear benefits in your statement. If you will be clear, the clients will know what to expect from your brand. This can give good communication with them.A Brand Persona: You can establish your brand identity for your customers by having a corporate mission statement. Establishing a persona may be hard without a statement. Through the statement, an image of your brand will be built in the eyes of your clients. They will know how to identify your brand. You need to get a good identity for your customers. They will come to remember your brand through your statement. They can tell whether you are a great company or not. So, build a great brand persona for your business by having a great corporate mission statement.Legacy: You should establish a corporate mission statement that can be your legacy. This statement is so good that it can serve you for years. It should not be a seasonal statement. The statement should be something that can be admired by the audience through generations. It is a long-standing statement. It should have a strong appeal to the audience. Something that can touch their hearts for a lifetime. So, you have to make your corporate mission statement great. They should think of your company as a solid business that will not have a downfall.Value: The corporate mission statement should have value. You should ensure that it could give you a good image in the eyes of the audience. They should consider your business a good one when they read it. Just by reading your statement, they can think that your products are good.Inspirational: Your corporate mission statement should drive inspiration to your customers. It should contain good values that can make your customers follow good things. Your statement should be something that clients will admire because you are following a good cause. They should be confident that they are in good hands. Being inspirational can be a good thing for the clients to patronize your products. They can continue buying from a good company. By being inspirational, you can set your products apart from any normal products. You can demonstrate a good vision that can make your company a good image.Plausibility: Make your corporate mission statement reasonable. It must be realistic. You must base your statement on true things that can actually happen. So, if you have to speak of your goals, be sure that all of them are realistic. The public should see that your company is capable of achieving your goals. This can give credibility to your business. Customers can trust your company. This is how you can create a good mission and vision statement.Purposeful: Your corporate mission statement should contain good purposes. If the audience can see good purposes in your statement, they can be encouraged to join your mission. Having a good cause is very advisable. You can bring out good people to patronize your products. You can have as many loyal customers as you want because you can have credibility in the eyes of your audience. So set great goals that can lead to good purposes. The customers will take part in your great goals if they can be amazed by them. You can have regular customers that can result in great profits.Strategic: Your marketing plan should be enhanced when you have your corporate mission statement. It should be able to create marketing strategies that can bring you many customers. By your mission statement, you should have connections to the audience. So, the statement should touch the hearts of your audience to develop a great marketing strategy. It should have great appeal to your clients. So, in creating the statement, you should incorporate techniques and tactics on how you can reach your audience.

Benefits of a Corporate Mission Statement

Having a mission statement for your business can help your employees and customers see the meaning and purpose of your company’s existence. With a better perspective at work, your employees will be guided in seeing the benefits of their job, the purpose of their tasks, and the importance of their roles. As a result, they will see the bigger picture of your company’s processes, motivating them to do better at work. But the benefits do not end there. Below are the following benefits you may have in owning a corporate mission statement.

Guide to Your Employees: The corporate mission statement is a great guideline for your employees to follow your objectives. They can use it in their everyday life in the workplace. They can consider the mission with everything that they have to do at work. They can create the best action plan that will be according to your mission. You can be sure that your employees can participate in your goals well.Having Performance Standards: You can set your standard by having the corporate mission statement. Your workers will know how they can perform well for your business. It will be easy for them to decipher the company’s standards. Through the statement, employees will be guided in their actions. They can have the perfect behavior that can make your business successful.Attracting Key Workers: You can build a good brand identity through the corporate mission statement. The public can envision your company as a good business. When you have a reputation for being good, you can attract the best talents to your company. Many key workers will apply to your company. Because of this, you will have many great employees that can make your business grow.Having a Good Framework: Through your corporate mission statement, you can have the best framework for your business. You will be headed in the right direction. You will have a firm purpose that you can follow. Having a good mission is important so that you will know how you can guide all your employees. All in the company can work for a common purpose.Help with Public Relations: It is a good strategy to have a corporate mission statement. You will have a way to make your brand popular with the public. It is a great way to communicate with our customers.

Tips on Corporate Mission Statement

As the person tasked to create your company’s mission statement, it is essential that you learn the elements of a corporate mission statement. Hence, we provide you with some practical tips on this type of mission statement to lighten your work.

Unify Your Marketing Strategy: Use the corporate mission statement as your marketing strategy. Put it in your banner. Include it in your brochures. You should make it popular. Whenever you have a marketing strategy, you should know how you can incorporate it. It can be a good part of your marketing plan and sales plan.Display the Statement in Your Workplace: You should make the mission statement visible to all your employees. So, you should display it in your workplace. Make sure that all your employees can see it every day. This way, you will be sure that they will not forget it. You should put it in the heart of your employees so that they will be eager to accomplish your goals.Revise Your Statement: You can consider revising your corporate mission statement at times. You can do it every time your company experiences changes. You can improve it to better suit the needs of your customers. You can enhance it to make it better.

How to Write a Corporate Mission Statement

Do you need a corporate mission statement template? Or do you want to create your corporate mission statement from scratch? Either way is fine. However, to help you complete your mission statement within minutes, we provide you with the basic steps of writing one.

Step 1: Begin with a Marketable Story

You should be able to tell a good story about your brand in the mission statement. It should have a marketable appeal that can bring you many customers. A great story is needed so that you can get appeal to the customers. You can build a brand identity that they will never forget.

Step 2: Define What You Do

The corporate mission statement should state the good things that you can do. Your story should make you special to the target customers. Give value to your business. Make sure that your statement will be good for the world. Incorporate the best things that you can think of.

Step 3: Review the Statement

Be able to identify objectives for your mission statement. Insert multiple functions into it. Make sure that your statement will live for a long time. Review your statement to be sure that it will work for your business.


Is a corporate mission statement important?

Yes, it is important. It has several functions that can help your business to be on track. You can revisit it as you set your goals and make big decisions. You can have the best way to serve your purpose.

How does the corporate mission statement affect employees?

Workers can have the best employee engagement through the corporate mission statement. You can start a successful company culture.

A corporate mission statement is what can make your brand popular with customers. So, you have to make it great and appealing. Be sure that your statement can attract many customers who can patronize your products for years. Well, do you need a template for a corporate mission statement? This post has 4+ SAMPLE Corporate Mission Statements in PDF. Creating a great statement will be easy for you with the help of these templates. Download now!