What is a High School Statement?

Maybe you are asking this question, ‘What is a high school statement?’. Generally, schools make their students make this statement to prove that their students have a good statement of purpose in their school. A high school student should have a vision statement or mission statement that can show that he or she has a good objective. Something that coincides with the core values of the school. A high school statement is a personal mission statement that brings out the values of a high school student. It is closely related to a personal statement, a thesis statement, a theme statement, a statement of purpose, a vision statement, or a mission statement. A high school personal statement can be a great preparation for high school students for the college admission essay or college application statement that they have to take as they will enter college. By being skilled in a high school statement, they will have a great writing experience that they can use in those things. It can hone their skills in writing. When it is time for them to use these skills in college, they can have a great advantage that they can do best.

Elements of a High School Statement

Every high school thesis statement has its own elements that make it a compelling piece. If you will study different high school personal statement examples, you can see that it is composed of some principles essential to make it complete. Here, you can read the following elements of a high school statement:


A high school statement should have motivation. This will tell how you have come up with your decisions. It consists of motivation that will give value to why you do things. If you will tell a story in your high school statement, you can show how you have come up with that story and what motivates you. Motivation is important because it is what makes us move to do things. Through the right motivations, we can come up with perfect things because we are guided with valuable motives. It is also good to know what motivates a high school student. We can have a better direction for our school that we can use with other students. We will know the interest of the students and what makes them successful. Students may be motivated by their families or by teachers that are good at instilling learning. They may be motivated by learning tools. Whatever motivates students, they can have a reflection of it in the high school statement.


Every high school statement is usually inspired by a student’s aspiration. Students may tell their goals in life and the things that they aspire. They can tell what good goals keeps them to continue doing things in school. Aspiration is important so that students can excel in what they do. They will have objectives that they could dream of. Through aspirations, we may be able to reach to achieve things that we can never think we can have. If a high school statement is strengthened by aspiration, students will surely make their personal statement good. It will reflect their desires, hopes, and aspirations in life. It will conjure a positive outlook. It will have good purposes that can give approval to anyone who will hear it.

Hard Work

Another thing that is reflected in a high school statement is hard work. It tells how much students have achieved in their entire school life. They may be thankful for all the hard work that they have done, together with the people who have helped them to reach success. A high school statement mirrors hard work because students are highly proud of every achievement that they have gotten in school. School is not easy at times. It requires a lot of effort to finish every school works and a lot of diligence to study and pass every exam. Through the personal statement, students can relay their experience as they do every task in school and as they surpass every difficult situation that they have encountered. Hard work is something that they can be proud of. Without sweating, they may not be able to finish the schoolyears.


As a high school statement is also called a statement of purpose, it should have one special element. That is purpose. In your speech or essay, you have to include a sense of purpose that will tell your purpose in life, especially in school. Of course, any student has a purpose to graduate. But you have to elaborate on this matter and you should define your purpose. Without a purpose, a high school statement will become void and empty. You need to add essence to the statement by stating a purpose that can give relish to it. A purpose in the statement can give direction to it and the audience will know that your objectives are valuable. It can also indicate that you have learned a lot in your school that you can come up with a good purpose.


Your high school statement should be clear. You must do this to not bore your audience. Be clear with the vision and mission. When citing them, introduce them first in sentences that are brief and concise and will not make their meaning obscure. When you are telling a story, be clear in delivering it. You should tell why you are telling that story or why you have come up with that idea. Clarity can capture the attention of your audience because they understand what you are talking about. They can earnestly listen to you or read your high school statement if you can give clarity. You may not have a lot of space or time for your high school statement. If you will spend what you have on trivial things, your high school statement may become meaningless. So, if you want to have a great high school statement, be clear about everything.


You have to know that you have to compose well the high school statement. Your thoughts in your statement should have unity. Your sentences must correlate well with each other. You have to present your ideas in a manner that nothing will be confusing. When you are going to tell stories, relay them in a manner like doing great storytelling. Present matters perfectly with coherence so that the audience can understand everything you mean. Every idea should go along with one another. Everything should fit perfectly well.

Tips on High School Statement

High school mission and vision statements and personal statements for school are important. Some schools require it so students must learn how to make it. They must research how they can make a good one. They can learn from many tutorials on the internet and they can search for tips that can make them create a better high school statement. Read the following and consider the following tips on a high school statement:

Include Stories: In making a high school statement, you must know that you should write stories. Do not just make statements. Making statements alone can make the high school statement boring. It will sound flat and you cannot get the approval of your audience. Using stories can make the statement vibrant. The audience can give an ear to what you are saying because they are being entertained. Stories can truly relish your statement. It can become interesting and it can even be memorable for the audience. So, in creating your high school statement, you must learn some skills in storytelling so that you will know how you can tell a good story. It needs some skills so that you can present your story ideas better. How can you tell a good story if you do not even know how to deliver it? You have to give some extra effort to it so that you can deliver your story well.Limit the Stories: Though you have to deliver great stories in your high school statement, you have to know that you have to set a quantity for the stories that you are about to tell. If it is possible, you can limit it by telling 2-4 stories. Telling more than this can prolong your high school statement and will make your audience bored. So aside from considering the quality of your stories, you have to consider their quantity also. Tell only stories that are most relevant to you. The ones that you think will capture the interest of many. Choose the best from the stories that you can make. Pick ones that you can deliver well. You should give better importance to stories with the greatest ideas or concepts. If you have something to say that you know that is never been heard before, then be sure to pick that one. Do not use generic stories that have been heard many times. Make your statement a personal one. Derive stories from your own experiences.Formal But Friendly: In writing a high school statement, you have to remember that you have to write in a formal tone. But you must remember that you need to be friendly, too. Do not be super formal like you are leading a military troop. You have to be conversational with your audience. By doing so, you can have a space in their heart that can make them listen eagerly to what you are going to say. You cannot communicate well if you will not be friendly. Not forgetting to be formal, you need to make your audience at ease with your high school statement. But of course, do not forget to be formal all the time. Deliver the high school statement in a professional manner.Be Yourself: In your high school statement, you have to portray yourself in a good manner. You can portray yourself directly or indirectly. You can relay to your audience your personality and character. You can describe your attitude and how you handle things. Remember that you should be yourself. You do not need to portray some perfect persona that the audience will like. Be yourself. It is the best way on how you can come up with the best high school statement.

How to Create a High School Statement

Have you seen high school vision statements samples or school mission statement examples? Do you need to write a high school statement of purpose? Many schools have a rubric in grading a high school statement. Maybe you need some instructions so you can make a high school statement better. Consider the following steps in making a high school statement:

Step 1: Be Careful with the Instructions

First, before writing a high school statement, read the instructions given for the personal statement. It may be telling about a particular thing that you should address. Maybe it wants you to explain a change in your life. Or something about an event that has happened. Before writing a high school statement, be sure to follow the guidelines in your school. You may make a wrong mission and vision statement. You must ensure that you are following the core values that were observed in your school. Through this, you may know how your writing will fit.

Step 2: Select a Good Topic

To be sure that you can deliver a great high school statement, you must consider choosing the best topic for your statement. Pick a topic that you can deliver well. Something that you can easily have great ideas and where your thought will flow swiftly. If you have some stories in your mind, you can choose this as a topic and you can elaborate on the contents. Or if you can think of a good topic, you must know how to come up with some good story about it. Remember also that you should pick a topic that can capture the interest of your audience.

Step 3: Make an Introduction

Be sure to start strong. Make a short introduction about everything that you will have to say. You must make sure that this introduction will be compelling. It should be something that can get the attention of your audience. If you can begin strong, you can capture the initial interest of your audience and they will read or listen to your whole high school statement.

Step 4: Share a Story

Next to the introduction, you can tell your story. You can tell some stories that you have experienced in your high school life. It may be some difficulties that you have experienced in studying and how you overcome them. Your stories should be appealing so you have to choose the best stories that you can give.

Step 5: Give a Conclusion

You start strong. You should also end strong. You have to give a good closing for your statement. Make some remarks that can give a conclusion for everything that you have said. Consider a good drama. It could mean nothing if the ending is not good. So, you have to know how you can give a good ending to your statement.


What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a public statement about the vision of excellence in an institution. It tells how a school can achieve its vision. It may consist of goals and objectives that are set out for the school to do.

What is a Vision Statement?

A vision statement is a public statement of an institution that describes its goals for the future. It is closely related to its mission statement.

High school students can make a great high school statement if they can share their stories better and deliver them in a formal but friendly tone. They have to show some motivation, aspiration, and purpose in their writing. Are you about to make a high school statement? Do you need a template that you can use? This post can be a solution to your problem. It has 18+ SAMPLE High School Statement in PDF. Download now!