What is a University Personal Statement?

A university personal statement is a declaration in writing that you have to pass to a university so that they will admit you to college or enter their university. It is a vital part of a UCAS application. UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is an organization in the UK that helps students to be admitted to British universities. In the personal statement, you will explain your reasons for choosing the course that you want to pursue. You will show the university that you are qualified in this course and you are good at it. You have to prove that you are deserving to take the course that you like.

In your college application, you are competing for slots from other college applicants. You have to prove that you are better than them to have the slot to be enrolled in the course that you like. You have to get the offer from other college candidates. You have to showcase the skills that can enable you to study the course with ease, proving that you can pass all the subjects. Personal statements are more vital when you like to have a competitive course. The more that you will compete with other college applicants. You have to be more convincing to the admissions officers because you like a better course.

You have to stand out in your university personal statement. You need to make the university see that you are an apt student for the course that you have chosen. You need to have great skills in writing so that you can deliver a great statement that can convince the school. You need to be a good storyteller where you can exemplify your good characters as a student. You must tell your experience and the reasons why you are suitable for the course. The university should see that you can study the course with ease. This is for your good so that you will have a sure chance to graduate.

Using your skills, you need to show that you can handle all the subjects well. One way to convince the university that you are suited for the course is by showing them your sincere interest in it. If you can show that you have passion for the course, there is a great chance that you will be a good student in this course. You may be going to enroll in a course that you love and you can probably excel in it. So, you have to be sure that you can deliver a great personal statement that can get the approval of the admissions officers. This is your chance to get into the university that you want. You need to secure your admission.

Dos and Don’ts in University Personal Statement

Before you use a personal statement generator, you may want to know the dos and don’ts in a university personal statement. They can make you be better at how to write a university personal statement. Read the following:



Tips on University Personal Statement

Maybe you want the best university personal statement format. You want a university personal statement structure that will be attractive to the readers. And maybe you want some tips that you can use in your writing. We have provided some tips for you so that you can create a better university personal statement. They are the following:

Start with a Draft: Before you write your personal statement, you must know that you should make a draft first. It is essential to have a draft so that you can correct and edit your work. Make a draft without limiting the number of characters. Remember that you can edit it and shorten it afterward. The normal count of the personal statement should be 4,000 characters. In your draft, you can make it exceed this limit and choose the best words afterward.Do Not Rush: You need to take your time in writing the personal statement. No rushing. If you will rush, you may not be able to write the perfect words that can make the university take you to study at their school. Be careful in writing, making sure that your every word can convince the admissions officers. You must pay attention to each of your sentences. Be sure that each sentence is crafted carefully. This is the only way how you can ensure that you can deliver a wonderful statement.Use Perfect Words: No one can say no to a perfect thing. To be sure that your university personal statement will be accepted, you need to use perfect words in your writing. You must use the choicest of words that can make your writing beautiful and perfect. Remember, you are seeking the approval of the university. So you cannot write in any way that you like. You should be careful with your words. Your words will convince the admissions officer if you have perfect words.Focus on Your Strengths: In the university personal statement, you are selling yourself to the university. You need to convince them that you are suitable for the course that you like. To make them believe that it is true, you have to show them that you have skills that are relevant to the course. So, you must focus on your strengths and mention them to the university. They must know that you can handle the course, having all the strengths that can make you able to graduate with the course. Great Opening Sentence: You must make sure that the readers will read your whole statement. To be sure that they will have an interest in your writing, you must start with a great opening  sentence. You must start with perfect words. You need to rouse their sympathy to give you the course. You have to make them impressed with your first words so that you will not bore them. A good opening sentence will catch the interest of the readers, making them have a good impression of your statement. It is like you have to make them entertained to read your whole idea. That way, they will find a place in their heart to offer you the course.Be Honest: Honesty is a very good thing to practice in everything that we do. You have to know that you need to be honest, too in your university personal statement. The admission officers should see your sincerity for the course. Being honest will make them know how much you want the course. If it is your dream, you can be honest by telling it. You might never know that the admission officers can help you through your honesty. By being honest, you can also start to have a good relationship with the university. They will know your endeavors and they can guide you when you start studying at their school.Have Someone Proofread Your Work: You should ask your family or friends to proofread the statement for you. Sometimes it is hard to proofread our work unless we are a writer. To be sure that you will not have any grammatical errors, you should ask for the help of someone. Feedback will also help you to improve your work. They might have ideas that can make your statement  better.

How to Write a University Personal Statement

Do you need a university personal statement template or university personal statement examples? Are you about to create a university personal statement? Do you need templates and examples because you do not know how to write a personal statement for university? Well, we have some steps that you can use in writing. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Make a Plan

    Like in anything else, you have to make a plan. You can start by having a work plan that can guide you on how you will create the best statement. Maybe you need some materials that you can study which will serve as your inspiration for the statement. You may want to have great writing skills first so you can write perfectly. Ask yourself some questions that can give good answers that you can use in your statement. What course do you truly want to take? Why do you want it? What are the things that you consider in choosing a university? Consider your personality. Be reminded of your skills and interest in choosing a course. You need to sort by yourself why you can be accepted into a university. If you cannot find a reason, the university will not find any either. So you have to say something that will give them a reason to offer you the course that you desire.

  • Step 2: Showcase Your Experience

    Qualifications are needed to be accepted for a course. So, when choosing a course, you must ensure that you will be qualified for it and you have the experience needed for the course. In the personal statement, you need to showcase your experiences and make the university impressed with what you have got. Be precise in stating your experiences. The university will want to see what you have done in the past so you have to show them that you have relevant experiences that can make you suitable for the course. Enumerate your experiences from your activities in the school club up to running a blog. If anything about you is impressive, be sure to mention them in the personal statement.

  • Step 3: Justify Your Reason for the Course

    After mentioning your experiences, you can cite your achievements. These will make the university know that you are an achiever and you can probably finish your course. After that, you should cite your reasons for choosing the course that you like. Justify your decision for desiring that course. You have to prove that you are apt for the course. You should have good reasons why you have chosen it. This will make the university understand your desire. This way, they can help you to get the course that you like if they will find a good reason from you.

  • Step 4: End Smartly

    Just as the start of your personal statement is important, you should also pay attention to how you should end it. You should end it in a smart way. The ending should be bold and memorable, something that will imply to the university that you are a good student. You can emphasize the key points of your statement at the ending. Through this, the university will be reminded of your good stuff.


How can you make your personal statement stand out?

To make your personal statement stand out, you must show enthusiasm. You need to show your great interest in the course. Anyone who is interested in something will surely find their way to accomplish everything. So it is one character that you have to show to the university to convince them.

How long should a university personal statement be?

A university personal statement should have 4,000 characters. If you want a line count, you should write it in 47 lines.

The university personal statement is your ace how you can enter in the university that you like and have the course that you desire. You must put a good effort into writing it to be sure that you can get the approval of the university. Write perfectly because you only have one chance to be admitted to a university. Well, are you looking for a template for a university personal statement? This post has 13+ SAMPLE University Personal Statement in PDF. You can use any to guide you in writing your personal statement. Download now!