Doctor’s Note: What Is It?

A doctor’s note is the official document used to explain what sickness and diagnosis a person had, as written by the doctor. And doctor’s notes work like excuse letters which schools and employers require to prove that a person’s absence from school or work was really due to medical reasons. Hence, this document summarizes all the doctor’s important findings of the person of concern.

According to Human Resources Director, requesting a doctor’s note is tricky—besides justifying one’s absence from an illness, the doctor’s note may invade privacy or implement a lack of trust among workers.

The Anatomy of a Doctor’s Note

What does a doctor’s note look like? You can easily tell what a doctor’s note is when you familiarize its common elements. So in this section, identify the parts or anatomy of a basic doctor’s note.

Introduction: Set a proper introduction so that the moment you look at a document, you can tell that it is a doctor’s note right away. And you can do that by inserting the title ‘Doctor’s Note,’ the doctor’s name, name of hospital or clinic, and the date/time of when the patient consulted the doctor.Patient’s Information: After the introduction comes the patient’s essential information. Identify the patient from the name, address, and contact numbers.Medical Diagnosis: Once the patient receives the checkup and the doctor identifies the problem, the doctor eventually writes about the medical diagnosis. The same goes for a brief description of the diagnosis or illness.Medical Advice or Prescription: It is expected for the doctor’s note to include the medical prescription or advice. So what should the patient do to improve his or her health? And if the patient may need to go to the emergency room or requires urgent care, what should be done? Jot everything down in this segment.Doctor’s Signature: The doctor’s note would end with the doctor’s full name and signature to confirm all the details encoded. The same goes for the stamping of the official seal to make the note valid. And before the signature, there should be a clear statement that the patient is fit to return to work or not yet.

How to Make a Doctor’s Note

When you need to create a doctor’s note pronto, use sample doctor’s note templates. You can see each sample listed above. Just pick your preferred template, work on the details, and produce it afterward. But, don’t rush the process because giving sensitive information in the notes such as medical details should be taken carefully and seriously. Hence, you must also follow these steps in making doctor’s notes:

Step 1: Be Guided with the Doctor’s Note Anatomy

With a document or template to use, be sure you can start labeling the form from top to bottom. Use the anatomy of a doctor’s note as your guide. So down from the introduction down to the signature line, be sure you have labeled the note properly. And in inserting every element into the document, arrange them as well. Making categories, tables, and charts are welcome.

Step 2: Design the Document with Company Branding

If you are the doctor or representative of a hospital, clinic, or business, then you are expected to incorporate your branding into the doctor’s note. The document would have the business logo, contact information, signature themes or colors, official seal, etc. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do to customize a sample doctor’s note so be creative too. However, it is a no-no to use automatic or printed signatures because anyone could forge a signed doctor’s note that way. Handwritten signatures are better.

Step 3: Use an Easy-to-Follow Structure

Everybody wants a user-friendly document. By that, it means the document is easy to understand or follow. The key is to be straightforward with the details. For example, there is no need to introduce an employee or patient’s info in a paragraph form but just stick with enumerating the employee information. Doctor’s notes that are short, direct, and understandable enough are worth it.

Step 4: Finalize the Desired Output

Lastly, decide how the outcome of the doctor’s note should be. Do you want it printed or just a soft copy of it? Hence, come up with the final design and format of your doctor’s note until it is ready to be produced. And for companies that require the doctor’s note, be sure to set clear rules and regulations regarding how the submission process goes so no employee gets confused.


What are other names of a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note can be referred to as a medical excuse note, doctor’s excuse letter, or simply a doctor’s excuse.

Should a doctor’s note be required?

It depends on the company requiring a doctor’s note to mandate it or not. Whatever the decision is, it must be informed ahead. In fact, requesting a doctor’s note is tricky. Yes, it is helpful to justify an absence from the answers written in the note. But, some patients might find that practice to invade their privacy or a lack of trust.

Why is a doctor’s note important?

A doctor’s note is important to confirm why a certain person got absent for certain days in school, work, or any business. And if an illness is the reason, at least the doctor’s note would state what the actual condition was and ensure that the patient received proper treatment. More so, doctor’s notes are helpful for documentation at work, particularly in assessing if someone’s sick leave should be approved or not.

When submitting a doctor’s note is required in your business, be sure there is a clear format, design, and set of information in the document. That way, questioning anyone’s absence due to a sickness or medical condition won’t be necessary, especially if the note provides enough and relevant data. And by using the sample doctor’s notes listed above, you can surely achieve an easy, professional, and well-crafted version of a doctor’s note shortly.