50+ Sample Medical Questionnaires

What Is a Medical Questionnaire?

A medical questionnaire is an official document that contains a series of questions concerning health and medical data. And like a general health questionnaire, the medical questionnaire is used by organizations in assessing a person’s medical or health condition. Although medical questionnaires are often used in assessing the health of applicants in employment, the questionnaires can also be used for other purposes. Examples include tracking family history, evaluating an athlete’s performance in sport, or simply identifying the medical background of a patient.

According to HireRight, it is an employer’s responsibility to prepare and provide the medical questionnaire to an applicant, and all given information should meet the legal and regulatory requirements.

Parts of a Medical Questionnaire

Every company’s medical questionnaire can be different because each organization has different requirements in the first place. But generally, a basic medical questionnaire would usually contain these parts:

Title: A medical questionnaire won’t be called as such without the title ‘Medical Questionnaire’ written in the document. Hence, start the questionnaire’s straightforward introductory statement with the title in bold capital letters.Applicant/Patient Information: Who is being asked to answer the questions in the medical questionnaire? That will be answered under the applicant/patient information. List the name, address, contact list info, and other details to identify the person being asked here.List of Questions: A questionnaire can’t exist without the itemized task list of questions, right? Hence, the questionnaire should have all the important and relevant questions that concern the subject’s physical, mental, or medical health.Answers Section: There should be some room in the document to write down the answers to every question. And if writing complete answers seem tiring, the key is to provide choices, if applicable. Hence, the form works like a survey questionnaire where respondents only put checkmarks or encircle the answers rather than writing long answers.Others: Lastly, leave an others section where you can write additional notes if needed. For example, you could note answers not asked or found in the questionnaire but are crucial. Examples include life insurance info, medical history, the amount of exercise, etc.

How to Create a Medical Questionnaire

A medical questionnaire shouldn’t be hard to prepare. In fact, you have plentiful options of sample medical questionnaires, as seen above. Look for your preferred version of the medical questionnaire until you can slowly write the key details, customize the format, and produce it afterward. Also, here are some important steps to consider in making medical questionnaires:

Step 1: Consider Your Purpose

For what purpose is your medical questionnaire? You should be aware of your purpose so you will know how to design, layout, or tailor your medical questionnaire’s content. For example, it would not be right to prepare medical questionnaires meant for patients in a hospital if the intended purpose was for the applicants’ medical assessment in employment only.

Step 2: Insert the Medical Questionnaire’s Parts

Remember those basic parts of a medical questionnaire discussed earlier? Don’t forget them in your own questionnaire too. Those elements make a complete medical questionnaire anyway. So be sure you insert the title, applicant/patient information, and so forth. Most importantly, arrange the details on the questions and choices of answers rather than just inserting each element blindly.

Step 3: Prepare Clear and Direct Questions

Speaking of a questionnaire’s questions, how positive are you that the questions are clear enough? Ask for the right and relevant questions no matter what. And the key is to be direct and avoid using complex words for easy understanding. For example, an average person might be unaware of some medical terms used in the questionnaire. Simplify it instead so lesser questions get asked.

Step 4: Use an Easy-to-Answer Questionnaire

The document used for the medical questionnaire should at least be user-friendly or easy to answer. Otherwise, some people might take longer in answering it. That explains why some questionnaires include choices of answers, additional instructions, and other ways to organize the questionnaire. Finally, decide the questionnaire’s final output. Whether you want it printed or not, what matters is that the outcome is really how you intended it to be.


Who prepares the medical questionnaire?

The medical questionnaire can be prepared by anyone qualified to make it. But generally, it is the employer’s responsibility to make and provide the medical questionnaire to an applicant. Moreover, the details given must follow the legal requirements and regulations.

Who uses medical questionnaires?

Many people and organizations use medical questionnaires for varying reasons. And the top common fields that use such questionnaires are those working under hospitals, clinics, health departments, and business organizations.

Why is a medical questionnaire important?

A medical questionnaire is crucial since it answers the important questions that assess one’s health. Without it, dangers could happen. An example is a sickly person who applied to a construction company. The applicant may not look sick physically but after being surrounded by asbestos, silica dust, and other hazardous substances at work, that person might have gotten really sick. Hence, it is necessary to answer the medical questionnaire truthfully so it will be clear if someone needs medical aid or not.

Considering that a medical questionnaire asks critical, sensitive, or private details about a person’s health, then it is only natural for the questionnaire prepared to be given some care and consideration as well. Do it right or assessing one’s medical background could go wrong. And using the sample medical questionnaire templates above, you won’t have to struggle in making the questionnaire anyway. Download now!