Event Marketing

Nowadays, customers and clients like to have engagements with businesses in a more direct and personal manner. Actual, real-time online, and in-person experiences are far more valued today since these can open touch points that can help corporate entities tap its target market. This is the main reason why event marketing is used by a lot of companies as one of their main marketing programs and strategies.

As a strong and evident trend in different industries and fields of professional expertise, event marketing will surely stay as one of the highly-implemented and most sought after marketing efforts for a long period of time.

Since this type of marketing strategy can promote businesses and their offers, it is essential for you to properly plan the document’s development. Ensuring that your sample event marketing processes are well-developed can enable you to have more confidence in terms of implementing your plans of action. Create an event marketing plan with the help of references like event marketing plan template samples.

Types of Event Marketing

When trying to create an event marketing plan, it is imperative for you to know the type of event marketing strategy that you will be working on. Below are the most popular types of event marketing that are executed by corporate entities for the marketing efforts.

Corporate dinner event: Dining and having fun with your stakeholders while showcasing your business brand and offers can be a great way to establish a lasting and transparent business-to-consumer connection. There are a lot of business gala and appreciation luncheons that are organized by companies for their stakeholders to make sure that there is a strong bond among all the involved or invited parties.Product launch: Launching a new product can serve as a platform to present the business and its desire for development, growth, and expansion. Event marketing through product launches is very effective especially if the presence of media, people of influence, and sales leads are available. Social media live broadcasts: Event marketing can also be online. There are online events that are hosted by businesses on their social media accounts and websites. As an example, a special shopping event can be done live so that those who are watching real-time can get access to specific discounts, deals, and special offers.Trade shows and exhibits: A more formal type of event marketing can be observed during trade shows. In these events, businesses showcase their new offers as well as the standard services and products that they are known for. This event marketing is a great way to see if you still appeal to your market.Business conferences: Some event marketing activities target business-to-business relationships. There are businesses conferences that are necessary to be done so that businesses can market their products and/or services to other businesses. Take note that there are also business conferences where consumers are also invited.Business brand day: To show appreciation to consumers’ loyalty and continuous patronage, businesses organize an event called business brand day. For this particular day, the main goal of the business is to provide enjoyment to the stakeholders that contribute to the company’s sales and operational achievements.

Purpose of an Event Marketing Plan

Event marketing, as a marketing strategy, can enable businesses to have a stronger relationship not only with clients but also with all of their other business stakeholders. If you want to have a successful event marketing, ensure that you will first create an event marketing plan. Having this document on-hand can help you become more confident with the implementation of your event. An event marketing plan is an organizational and planning tool that can enable you to fully-execute an event marketing endeavor. Here are the main reasons why it is important for you to come up with a detailed event marketing plan:

Using event marketing must help you promote your brand as you plot your event marketing activities. Since event marketing can build and promote your desired brand awareness, properly planning your strategies; tactics; and programs during the event can give you the ability to showcase the core of your business; the image that you would like to portray; and the nature of your operations that are relevant with your target market’s needs and activities.Developing an event marketing plan should give your business the ability to upsell your products and/or services. If you will organize or host an event, you can have a presentation of your offers to all the event attendees. You can even prepare a set-up where you can sell your products and/or services during the actual event.Creating an event marketing plan can let you plan the type of customer engagement that you want to develop. You have to know how you would like your target audience to relate to your business and its products and services. Even if one of your major goals is to increase your foot traffic with the help of event marketing, you still need to ensure that the attention that you will get out of this endeavor can turn sales leads to actual clients and not remain as spectators or non-purchasing audiences.Making an event marketing plan shall give you the platform or the chance to let your customers and sales leads be well-aware of your business brand and its processes. Properly plan your event marketing activities so you can educate your audience especially in terms of how their relationship with your business can positively impact their lives. Know how to relate your products and services with the lifestyle that your target market is living. In this manner, you can allow them to be knowledgeable on why it is necessary for them to practice their purchasing power towards your business. Developing an event marketing plan must give you the capability to reach a wider audience. Through event marketing, you can generate more sales leads which can potentially be your new loyal customers. With this, your event marketing plan should serve as your guide when you already need to reach out to the people who will attend the event that you would like to materialize. 

Factors to Consider When Developing an Event Marketing Plan

Businesses can either just host or get a third-party event organizer or they can also organize the event on their own. There are also times when companies are asked to be event sponsors or co-chairs so they can market their products and services during an event that is executed by another entity. No matter what kind of event marketing it is that you plan to immerse your business in, it is essential for you to create an outstanding event marketing plan which looks into this particular factors, variables, or elements:

1The brand that you would like to showcase as a business entity: It is important for you to have strong branding efforts during the event marketing program. Knowing how to incorporate your brand with your processes can give your audience more memory retention towards who you are as a business and how you can supply their needs as your customers.2The participation of your business in the event marketing process: Do you want to be a sponsor for an event? Or are you planning to host and organize your own marketing event? Whether you are a mere participant; a sponsor; or the main organizer of an event used to market your business, it is essential for you to always know the scope and range of your participation so you can properly and thoroughly prepare all your deliverable.3The type of event marketing that you will host: You can either go offline or online during your event marketing. There are offline or in-location event marketing like product launching-events while there are also online event marketing processes like real-time website seminars and social media live broadcasts.  4The audience that you plan to gather: You have to make sure that you know the market that you would like to penetrate or target. It is important for you to know their needs, demands, wants, and expectations so you can supply any of these in a timely manner during the entirety of the event marketing planning, development, and implementation duration.5The impression that you would like to get before, during, and after the event marketing execution: How would you like to be perceived by your sales leads and target market? The perception of your audience towards your business is an essential factor that can impact the potential successes of your event marketing. Know how you would like to be viewed by your stakeholders so you can plot and execute activities that can enable you to get the response that you want to have.6The promotional and advertising strategies that you will incorporate in the event marketing: Your event marketing should be guided by core strategies and tactical materialization. You have to properly plot your event marketing so you can optimize your efforts and maximize your benefits.

Event marketing is an important strategy that you have to develop and implement if you want to have a wider market reach and a bigger market share. You need to know effective event marketing trends to ensure that you are updated with how you can connect with your audience accordingly.

How to Create the Best Event Marketing Plan

Are you planning to make an event marketing plan? If you are unsure or unaware on how you can develop an impressive event marketing plan, fret not as we have listed a guide that can serve as your reference for this undertaking. Below is a simple and basic step-by-step procedure that you can follow so you can come up with the best event marketing plan which can help you step a foot forward ahead of your competition.

1Create an event marketing plan draft: Write an outline containing the important key points that you want to discuss in the event marketing plan. Having an event marketing plan draft can help you organize the flow of your discussion. 2Download a suitable event marketing plan template: You can create an effective event marketing plan if the document is well-formatted. Use a printable and downloadable event marketing plan template to begin the layout development of the specified document.3Organize and finalize the layout structure and standard content of your event marketing plan: Ensure that you will modify the pre-formatted structure of the event marketing plan template. Once you are already satisfied with the document layout, you can already place the header of your business; the name of the event marketing undertaking; the title of the document; and other standard event marketing plan details within the document.  4Develop an introduction: You have to make sure that your stakeholders are fully-aware of what the particular event marketing plan document is all about. Give them a brief presentation of what to expect inside the document with the help of an informative introduction. 5Present your plans of action and timeline of planning and implementation: The timeliness of your event marketing plan should be given utmost importance. With this, you have to list down all the activities that you would like to incorporate in the event marketing. Give a timeline which can present the time frames of planning processes as well as the duration of the actual marketing event. 6Specify the involvement of event marketing stakeholders: Designate work tasks and deliverable appropriately. Have a list of the entities who will be involved in the event marketing. After this, present their responsibilities and obligations as well as the deadlines of their tasks based on the timeline that you have created. 7Discuss your event marketing tactics, strategies, and processes: Aside from your actual event marketing action plans, you also have to support your presentation with tactics and strategies. The procedures that you will follow and the basis of your action plans must be explained so you can convince the management and other business stakeholders that your event marketing plan will work for the business’ advantage.8Share your desired output: Present your goals, objectives, and vision to your stakeholders. Be open for suggestions and recommendations before using the event marketing plan. More so, you have to review the document prior to its actual usage so you can make sure that you have not missed any important information or variable that is necessary to be seen in the specified document.

Why Invest in Your Event Marketing Plan?

An event marketing plan can help you become systematic when it comes to planning your actions towards the development of your event marketing. Being organized with your event marketing processes can bring you a lot of advantages and benefits especially during the actual implementation or materialization of the actual event. A few of the reasons why we highly-recommend you to create an event marketing plan for your event marketing activities are as follows:

An event marketing plan can make your efforts unique. You need to be original when it comes to the execution of your event marketing so you can become more memorable and identifiable as a business brand. Learn how to set your event marketing activities apart from those that are being done by your direct and main competitors. It is essential for you to have unique ideas that can make your event marketing truly a success. With the usage of an event marketing plan, you can have the plotting and planning time that you need to thoroughly think of the program of your event marketing as well as the specific activities that you will implement.An event marketing plan can help you stand out from your competition: A strategic event marketing plan can let you lead in the marketplace. If you can be successful with your desire to materialize an event that can spread awareness in the marketplace about your business, then you can have higher chances of being the business-of-choice of your target market. Through an event marketing plan, you can appropriately think of ways on how you can interact with your desired audience. Hence, transforming your sales leads to actual sales can be easier, more efficient, and faster.

It may be overwhelming at first if you think of all the things that you need to acquire, go through, and immerse in for the development of an event marketing plan. However, you should not feel intimidated by these elements as there are ways on how you can easily but still effectively come up with an event marketing plan.

An editable event marketing plan template can help you have an efficient time when formatting your timeline and action plans for an event marketing undertaking. Make sure to check out the event marketing template samples that we have listed above so you can be properly guided during the development of your own event marketing plan document.