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What is Music?

Music is sound in an organized fashion. A radio may emit sounds but if it is not melodious, it is not music. An alarm may sound but this also is not music. Music has complete harmony and melody. It has a rhythm that is not too short. When vocals and sounds are combined and they create beauty, that is music. Every music project proposal knows that music should convey emotional expression. Music is humanly engineered. Usually, it is made in electronic composition.

Nowadays, music is common in YouTube music or online music. There can be a lot of free music on the internet. To play music, we may need a music mp3 or other tools. It is a great thing to have a music player. You can better focus on your work plan if you will play music while you are working. We are fond of music. It is played in all seasons and occasions. Every Christmas, we hear Christmas music or Christmas instrumental music. Music is a work of art that is dear to the heart of everyone. We can produce it using instruments like guitar or piano. Everyone listens to music.

Benefits of Music

Research says that music has many benefits. It is good for our physical and mental health. Music therapy has been widely used because it is effective. It can treat a wide variety of illnesses. Below, you can learn some of the benefits of music. Consider the following:

Healthy for the Heart: Research suggests that music is good for the heart. It lessens cortisol levels. It produces serotonin and endorphin. Because of this, the blood flow is improved. The heart rate of our heart will be reduced and our blood pressure can be lowered. Well, we know that music is truly good for our hearts. We can feel so good every time we listen to music. If we were angry, we may tend to forget this emotion as we listen to music. That is why many people find it to include music in their daily calendar. They know that music can do something good for them. Their days lighten just by listening to music.Brightens Our Mood: Music can elevate our mood. The hormone dopamine can be produced in our brains through music. This boosts our brain to lessen the feeling of sadness or anxiety. This proves that music can brighten our mood. So, if you are feeling anxious in the past few days, music is a good solution to your problem. You can divert your attention and you can forget your sadness. Aside from the scientific effect, the natural effect of music is you can have something for your mind to pay attention to. As you enjoy listening to music, you can forget whatever worries you have. Because of this, you will forget being anxious.Reduces Stress: Music can be healing. The reason why DJs continue to send a DJ bid proposal is that they love music. With music, they can have a happy career. They can be free from stress from work. Music can take away the stress that you feel. This is the reason why after we come from work, we turn the radio on to listen to music. Even how tired we feel, we can get ourselves to relax and feel comfortable. Music can take away the fatigue that we felt. This is also true when we are stressed with problems. We just have to listen to music and our worries will fly away. So, music is the best solution to stress. You do not have to suffer stress. Just listen to music and you can divert your attention to make your stress go away.Helps Us to Sleep Better: How good it is to sleep while listening to music. We know that it is easier to sleep when you hear some music. For those who have insomnia, this can be a great resort. They just have to turn their radio on before sleeping and they can find the sleep that they need. In America, 30% suffer from insomnia. Music is a great solution for these people. Just 45 minutes of music before sleep is enough to give them the sleep that they cannot find when not listening to music. Sometimes, it may even take earlier than that. This also applies to people with a lot of worries and who cannot find themselves sleeping easily. Music can help them to sleep better.Reduces Depression: Music can be your refuge. If you are someone who is depressed, you can have music as your outlet to be entertained and to forget your problems. Many suffer from depression. There are 350 million people with this illness. One of the symptoms of depression is insomnia. We know that we can sleep better through music. So, you can fight this symptom just by listening to music. When you are depressed, listening to music should be in your daily action plan. Music can help you to fight your illness. Your symptoms can be fought and depression will be reduced as a result. While you listen to music, you can find yourself relaxed and you will not have time to be depressed.Makes You Happier: Listening to music is fun. When we listen to music, we tend to sing. Singing is a good act because it can make us happy. Many say that they sing because they are happy. Our lives may tend to be lighter if we always listen to music. If we listen to music every day, our days will brighten. There will be no reason for us to be sad. Music is a good hobby that can give us complete pleasure. Research says that your brain produces dopamine when you are listening to music. This is a “feel-good” neurotransmitter. That is why we can find ourselves happy when we listen to music. You can have emotions like excitement and joy. So, if you want to boost your emotions, listening to music for 15 minutes a day will be good.Better Running Performance: You may think that anything is possible when you heard music. This can give you a good attitude when it comes to running. You can push yourself to keep on working. There is a study that found that runners who always listen to music can perform better than runners who seldom listen to music. So, if you are a runner or want a career in running, you should have music as your inspiration to win. This can be the greatest sports action plan that you can do.Strengthens Your Memory: Music can boost your brain function. Anyway, it is a language of memory. Research says that through music, you can recall information better. So, music can be a strategy that you can use when you have a test soon. You can help your brain to learn easier. Not only can you relax through music, but you can also gain the learning that you need. If you are concerned about a good memory, always listen to music and you can boost your brain to excel in learning.Good for Patients Before Surgery: They say that when you sing, you can scare away your worries. To be scheduled for surgery can be fearful. You may never know what can happen to you. To prepare yourself for the surgery, you should listen to music. Stress will not overcome you and you can be relaxed before you are going to enter the surgery room. Your anxiety will surely decrease. Music is also good after surgery. It can soothe patients while they are in bed.Help Alzheimer’s Patients to Remember: Music can help our folks who have Alzheimer’s disease. When they listen to music, they tend to remember the things that they always forget. The drama of music can awaken their senses and can make them recall the important things in their lives that they cannot remember anymore. So, this can be a good help with people who have a family member with Alzheimer’s.

How to Make Music

It is a good endeavor to create music. It can give you a good way to express yourself. Playing musical instruments may be hard for some people. Even more so, to create music. But this is something that can give you fulfillment if you will learn how to do it. The following are some steps that you can do to make music:

1. Start at the Beginning

First, you should ask yourself why you want to create music. We know that it is fun and we may want to impress our friends and family. Sometimes, you may even have the ambition to do it. No matter what your purpose is, you should know it so that you will know how you can direct your steps.

2. Get Your Gears

The next thing that you should do is to prepare all the things that you will use in making music. There can be many tools and music resources that you can use. Find the ones that you are more comfortable using. You can start by searching video tutorials on Google and YouTube. You can also learn to make music online for free.

3. Know the Elements of Songwriting

To learn the elements of songwriting, you must listen to a lot of songs. Even the best musicians learn from listening. By listening, you will know the different sections of a song. So, when it is time for you to make your own music, you will have an idea of how to make every section.

4. Record Your Music

Set up your recording area. Record your music there. There are three phases in making your music. These are pre-production, production, and post-production. Mix and master your music. When you are finished, promote your music for distribution.


How much does it cost to produce a song?

To make music or produce a song, it can cost you $600 – $2500. Know that an average studio charges $50 per hour.

What are the types of music?

The types of music are jazz, country, R&B, Indie music, K-Pop, electronic dance music, rap, hip-hop, soundtrack, rock, and pop.

Music alone shall live. With music, we can make our lives colorful. This is a great hobby that we can have whenever we are. We cannot live without music. This is something that we need for our souls so that we can relax, especially after a very long day. Always listen to music and reap its benefits.