What Is a Questionnaire?

Conducting a study on any topic can be very stressful. It involves a simple but time-consuming process of data gathering to complete within a specific time frame. Fortunately, collecting and recording this data can be done quickly with the help of a properly formatted questionnaire. The challenge comes in your quest to create a questionnaire that is not only relevant to your study but is also understandable for your target audience to respond to.

Types of Questionnaires

Questionnaires generally differ in format depending on the nature of their questions. Some of the commonly used questionnaire types used in business and academic settings are as follows:

Structured Questionnaire: These questionnaires are common in sales and marketing. They contain a fixed set of questions with answers that respondents can choose from. This method makes it easier for respondents to supply answers that are the same or closely similar to their own.

Unstructured Questionnaire: Contrary to the previous type, this questionnaire gives respondents the chance to provide answers based on personal facts or opinions. This makes the data collected more accurate and reliable to analyze for your study.

Hand-Delivered Questionnaire: These are pre-written questions distributed to respondents directly during a face-to-face encounter, such as most research questionnaires, allowing you to explain the purpose and meaning of those questions with ease.

Mailed Questionnaire: This is a simple type of questionnaire that you can send to respondents from far-flung areas via mail. Instructions are also available along with the questionnaire for guidance.

Download Well-structured Questionnaires

Whether it’s for a research survey or a statistical study, questionnaires are the perfect research instrument for obtaining data from a targeted population. But if you’re new to the experience, we’ve compiled a series of questionnaire samples in different types and file formats for your reference. These questionnaires are easily editable for your convenience, so feel free to download what you need to meet your research objectives in a snap!