50+ Sample Health Questionnaires

What Is a Health Questionnaire?

A health questionnaire is a document that contains a series of questions to record a patient’s medical history. Each question must be answered truthfully by the patient or client while the doctor or specialist asking the questions also does the work of examining the patient. And the responses acquired would answer the patient’s medical condition, level of healthcare or nutrition, appropriate insurance coverage, and so much more.

According to Statista’s 2018 survey, the lowest life expectancy rate comes from Africa.

Meanwhile, the highest life expectancy rate is found within Europe and other wealthy Asian countries.

The Anatomy of a Health Questionnaire

What is inside a health questionnaire? Albeit health questionnaires may vary from one company or function to another, common facets are also available. And standard health questionnaires usually contain the following parts:

Title: Provide a clear depiction of what a document is for. And using the words ‘Health Questionnaire’ right from the title is effective since people will understand its function immediately.Patient’s Information: Who is the patient, client, or the one being interviewed in the first place? Clarify his or her name, address, and contact details if necessary under the patient’s information.Itemized Set of Questions: Any research questionnaire should naturally have a set of questions laid out. And the enlisted questions will be the interviewer’s guide of what to ask to the patient. And instead of having one general health questionnaire, you may also divide the questions according to its types.Rating Scale: Every answer needs not be written completely in the questionnaire form if there are multiple choices or rating scales provided. And the common rating system used in health questionnaires would be the likert scale. But you can add more metrics that apply to your purpose.Comments: Give extra space for additional comments and feedback in your health questionnaire. This part is where interviewers may write down answers not given in the questionnaire and other things worth mentioning.

How to Make a Health Questionnaire

Now for the main course, are you ready to make your own health questionnaire? Don’t fret because the process is quite easy. You only need to follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare Your List of Questions

Identify your purpose in making the health questionnaire first until you can recognize the appropriate questions worth asking in the questionnaire. Be sure to list such questions in a draft first as your reference. You can also group the questions according to their types like having one category for physical fitness questions, another for food and diet questions, and another group for medical records. How you organize the list is up to you.

Step 2: Use a Sample Health Questionnaire

While it is possible to make a health questionnaire from scratch, who says you need to go for that traditional lane all the time? The easiest route is to pick a sample health questionnaire from the templates provided above. And all you have to do is fill in the finishing details in your chosen premade template—easy peasy!

Step 3: Incorporate the Parts of a Questionnaire

Complete your questionnaire by providing the parts of a questionnaire, which was already discussed in the anatomy of a health questionnaire earlier. So down from the title, patient information, down to the comments, insert them one by one. And as much as possible, arrange their presentation to promote an easy-to-read questionnaire.

Step 4: Finalize the Questionnaire’s Format and Output

Visualize how your health questionnaire should turn out by finalizing the format until its output. This part is where you decide if MS Word or PDF suits your questionnaire better. Or perhaps, whether you want your questionnaire to be printed or sent thru soft copy only. Lastly, conduct a final evaluation until you are confident with your health questionnaire to be published.


Why is a health questionnaire essential?

A health questionnaire is important since it works for many different purposes. An example is to be aware of one’s current health or medical condition. Another function is to be informed of what symptoms a patient is showing to avoid such symptoms in developing worse conditions. Also, the records acquired in the questionnaire answer the most significant survey questions like how well a person takes care of himself or herself, what diagnosis a patient needs, how ready a person is for the workplace, etc.

What does GHQ mean?

GHQ is an acronym for general health questionnaire. And it refers to the screening tool used to recognize minor psychiatric disorders to a populace, especially medical out-patients.

Which area has the highest and the lowest health or life expectancy rate?

According to Statista’s 2018 research survey, Europe and wealthy Asian countries have the highest life expectancy while Africa has the lowest life expectancy.

Health questionnaires are some of the well-known essential devices for tracking and examining people’s medical condition or general health. And if the questionnaire itself is flawed, the responses and records acquired may not help. So be sure to take such questionnaires seriously. In fact, you need not have a hard time creating questionnaires since you may use and download those sample health questionnaire templates seen above. Check it out!