37+ Sample Business Development Questionnaires

What Is a Business Development Questionnaire?

A business development questionnaire is an essential data gathering tool that can help your business to link different segments of your organization. With the appropriate and excellent usage of a business development questionnaire, you can gather the ideas of different entities that can lead to the selection of the best decisions which can positively impact your business development program.


A functional business development questionnaire contains information or questions that range from the sales and marketing activities that the business must execute up to the operational processes that should be improved to get more desirable and impressive outputs. It will be up to you if you want to create a general business development questionnaire or if you want to have separate questionnaire documents for each of your business development concerns and/or every necessary subject matter.

You always need to be focused whenever you are dealing with your business development effort planning and implementation so you can get favorable results for your organization and your stakeholders. You have to prepare the most important questions that must be included in your business development questionnaire. Begin with the questions that are closely related to your business development needs and requirements. After these, you can also include or additional questions that are aligned with the participation of your target respondents with your business development actions.

Kinds of Business Development Questionnaires

There are internal and external segments that play vital roles in terms of the successful usage of your business development questionnaire. With this, you should not solely depend on the internal factors or elements that you are familiar with as you also need to prepare for the things that you do not have any hold or control of. Knowing how you can optimize the usage of your business development questionnaire while looking into all of these variables and matters can help you achieve your goals and objectives in no time. Aside from the things that you have to look into, it is also important for you to have an idea of the particular business development questionnaire document that your organization needs. Here are some kinds of business development questionnaires which you may use for any of your business development efforts:

Multi-purpose business development questionnaireAnnual business development questionnaireGeneral business development questionnaireBusiness operations development questionnaireBusiness product development questionnaireBusiness operations development questionnaireBusiness stakeholder interaction and relationship development questionnaireBusiness service development questionnaireBusiness brand and image development questionnaireBusiness resources and supplies development questionnaireBusiness budget and financial development questionnaireBusiness process and transaction development questionnaireBusiness sales and marketing development questionnaire

Role of Questionnaires in a Business Development Program

You have to align your business development strategies with the content of your business development questionnaire. Knowing how you can incorporate all the elements, requirements, and demands of your business development efforts in the business development questionnaire that you are making can make it more effective for you to identify which strategies and tactics for business development can work for your advantage. You can use a business development questionnaire for any of these purposes:

Using questionnaires can help the business management get an idea about the insights of different stakeholders with regards to the establishment’s or company’s business development processes and endeavors.Having a business development questionnaire on-hand can strengthen the programs and activities prepared by the organization as the assessment of the questionnaire’s results can validate the claims of the business with regards its needs for development plans.Creating a questionnaire document for the development programs of the business can increase the reliability of business development plans and strategies since there is already a document that can provide some of the major key points of the process’s data requirements and needs.Developing a business development questionnaire can make the business development program and systems of the company more effective since most, if not all, of the stakeholders of the organization, can contribute to the decision making procedure that the management will undergo.


How to Use a Business Development Questionnaire for Your Association’s and Stakeholders’ Satisfaction

Ensuring that your stakeholders have a clear perspective and awareness of what business development is all about can enable you to easily communicate and collaborate with them whenever needed. One of the ways on how you can make your employees and other involved entities familiar with business development-related subject matters is by using a business development questionnaire. If you plan to use this tool, you have to highly-consider the ways on how your stakeholders can benefit and be satisfied with the ways on how you will optimize the business development questionnaire and make use of the time that they have allotted to provide their answers and insights. Here are some ways on how you can use a business development questionnaire to improve your stakeholders’ satisfaction score:

Measure the initial satisfaction level of your stakeholders prior to the usage of the business development questionnaire’s usage and compare it with the results of another similar assessment once they have already participated in your data gathering activity.Know how the questions that you will place as well as the language that you will use in your business development questionnaire can make your association’s or organization’s members feel that their concerns are considered and closely looked into by the business management.Create a business development questionnaire based on the current issues, problems, and/or concerns that your stakeholders are involved in so they can further give an idea about their insights with regards to these matters.Identify the factors that can affect the mood, behavior, and thoughts of your stakeholders so you can consider these items as you develop the questions that you will include in your business development questionnaire.


8 Steps for Developing an Impressive Business Development Questionnaire

Making a business development questionnaire can be challenging. This is the main reason why we suggest you to refer to document creation guides and other kinds of references. Aside from the things that you can be aware of with the help of templates and samples, it will be best if you can also identify and learn the steps that can lead to the proper and effective creation of a business development questionnaire tool. Here is an eight-step procedure that can make it easier for you to develop an impressive business development questionnaire for your organization:

1Have a clear idea about the usage of your business development questionnaire as this can help you figure out all the elements that you need to include and highlight in your output.2Have a draft of the questions that you plan to ask your respondents as well as other organizational tools that can enable you to ensure the completion of all the things that must be seen in your final business development questionnaire document.3Download a printable template that you can modify so you can efficiently, excellently, and easily develop the format layout and structure of your own business development questionnaire.4Write the name and other basic information of your business as well as a questionnaire title on the topmost area of the business development questionnaire.5If applicable, ask for the date when the questionnaire has been answered as well as the name and other details of the respondents who will answer the questions that you have prepared.6Provide a short introduction and specific instructions that can make it easier for your respondents to know why they are asked to answer the business development questionnaire and how they can effectively provide clear and honest answers.7Have a systematic and organized presentation or listing of all the questions that are aligned with your business development activities and other related matters.8End the business development questionnaire by a footnote which can include additional information and a message of appreciation for the time and effort that your respondents allotted to participate in your data gathering activity.

Advantages of Creating an In-Depth Business Development Questionnaire

Once you are already preparing for the opportunities that your business can take for its future growth, you have to know how the usage of business development questionnaires can affect your action plans. Are you familiar or do you even have an idea of the benefits that you can get if you will develop an excellent and highly usable business development questionnaire? For you to further appreciate the specified document and to be even more motivated to make one for your organization, the advantages of creating an in-depth business development questionnaire include the following:

A business development questionnaire can contribute to the successes of your decision making procedure since you can get a number of recommendations, opinions, and suggestions from your stakeholders.A business development questionnaire can enable you to get an idea of how you can further improve your business and the different areas of its operations with the help of the entities who are involved in your day-to-day activities.A business development questionnaire can let you and your team prepare for the things that you have to acquire, get, or gather so you can execute your desired business development results and outputs.A business development questionnaire can help you interact with your stakeholders which is very important if you want to promote collaborative efforts towards the achievement of your business development goals and objectives.A business development questionnaire can enable you to look at your business development efforts, sales strategies, and plans in a different perspective which is a great way for you to have a clear overview of the actual steps that you must execute so you can bridge the gap between your current and potential business conditions.

Do’s and Don’ts for Making a Detailed Business Development Questionnaire

If you want to continuously attain milestones and get your desired successes and achievements as a corporate entity, it is necessary for you to give your fullest efforts when it comes to connecting and interacting with different stakeholders. Proper networking can help you get insights from entities that can actually add value to your business operations. Through this, you can experience business growth may it be through business expansion; new marketplace and market segment acquisition; sales strategies development; market reach widening; and brand awareness development. When finalizing your business development plan, you have to consider the results that you will get from using a business development questionnaire. Some guidelines that you should always keep in mind as you make a detailed business development questionnaire include the following:

Do select questions that are aligned with the information that you need so you can already begin your decision making processes or the actual implementation of your business development program.Do use a formatting guide that can help you come up with a well-developed, organized, and highly-structured business development questionnaire.Do have clear, understandable, and specific questions that can help your questionnaire respondents relate to these and easily provide their honest answers and/or opinions.Do know the area of your business development program where the business development questionnaire’s result assessment will be incorporated or used so you can properly identify the content that should be seen in the document.Do identify your desired respondents so you can prepare your business development questionnaire accordingly depending or based on the participation of the respondents to your business operations and/or business development efforts.Do execute a business analysis activity prior to the creation of your business development questionnaire so you can look into the current condition of your organization before identifying the questions that you will ask to your target audience.Do not use any leading and misleading questions as these can only lessen the effectiveness and overall quality of your business development questionnaireDo not make any business development questionnaires without a scope and a set of limitations as you always have to be particular with the range of the document’s usage and desired results.

Business Development Questionnaire FAQs

Do you want to ask any reasonable or relevant questions which you think can help you improve the business development questionnaire that you plan to make? Do not be shy or intimidated whenever you are immersed in this circumstance. Feel free to ask all the questions that you have in your mind as doing this can enable you to become more aware of the things that you have to look into as you create your own business development questionnaire from scratch. Here are the frequently asked questions about business development questionnaires:

Is it really necessary to develop a business development questionnaire?

Business development is a crucial part of business growth. With this, you have to fully prepare your workforce and your organization with the opportunities that should be considered and taken as well as those that should not be entertained. Your business development processes can be implemented even without the usage of a business development questionnaire. However, it will be better if you can have a document or a data-gathering tool that can enable you to see your plotted business development efforts from different perspectives and angles. Knowing what your stakeholders think about the specified subject matter can lead to the development and materialization of decisions that can contribute to the growth of your business. Hence, we highly recommend the creation and usage of a business development questionnaire.

How can your stakeholders contribute to the effective development and usage of a business development questionnaire?

For your stakeholders to do their part for the effective development and usage of a business development questionnaire, it is your job to prepare and orient them accordingly. As an example, your employees who will be tasked to make the business development questionnaire should be immersed in your business development planning activities. In this manner, you then can develop questions that can help you thoroughly plot all the necessary business development actions that you need to execute in a variety of time frames. With regards to your business development questionnaire respondents, you need to set clear directions or instructions on how they can provide useful answers. Allowing your stakeholders to be well-aware and knowledgeable on how they can contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the business development questionnaire’s creation and usage implementation can give you an easy time to collaborate with them any time.

The document development guides that we have listed in this post can give you an easy time when making your own business development questionnaire. If you want to have an excellent data gathering tool, make sure to refer to the existing business development questionnaire samples; document templates; and other forms of references that are available for you to look at and download from this post.