Employee questionnaires are typically used by organizations to know their employees’ level of work satisfaction, business value, operational knowledge areas and awareness, and overall engagement to the company. With the help of an employee questionnaire, the workforce is given an avenue or a platform where they can specify the things that they see, feel, and/or observe. If you want to make your own employee questionnaire right now, we suggest you to first look at the employee questionnaire samples and templates that we have put together in this post to serve as your reliable references.

47+ Sample Employee Questionnaires

What Is an Employee Questionnaire?

Do you want to know what an employee questionnaire is? In general, an employee questionnaire is a data-gathering tool that is used by big and small businesses mostly for internal communication. Having an employee questionnaire that is updated and readily available can help the management of any business to look into the needs, comments, recommendations, and suggestions of their workforce. Hence, there will be a more harmonious and healthy relationship between the two parties as they can thoroughly understand why certain actions are done or why particular behaviors are shown within a specific time period of business operations.

Having a suitable employee questionnaire for every relevant circumstance can give you a more efficient time in terms of getting the data or information that you need from your employees. If you think that using employee questionnaires is only beneficial to business management, then you may want to rethink and reconsider. There are actually a lot of ways on how the employees themselves can benefit from answering a given employee questionnaire. If the business can have an idea about what their employees think, then it will be easier for them to execute plans of action that can improve or develop the experiences and satisfaction of the members of their workforce.

You have to value your people so they can become more motivated to get engaged with the realization of the goals and objectives of the business. By using an employee questionnaire, you can have higher or better chances of having fulfilled and happy employees which can then result in your business having satisfied customers. If you have pro-active employees, then it will be easy for you to ensure that they will do their best to make your customers come back for more purchases. This is actually one of the ways on how an employee questionnaire can impact your overall business operations. Again, make sure to use the downloadable references that we have listed within this discussion so you can easily come up with the best employee questionnaire that your organization can surely optimize.

Types of Employee Questionnaires

There are several elements that are needed to be put together if you want to have an employee questionnaire that can totally showcase employee experience, insights, and/or performance measures. The things and even the questions that you have to consider as you create an employee questionnaire depends on the kind of data gathering tool that you need for a particular instance. You have to know the type of employee questionnaire that is suitable for the purpose or objective of the activity that you will immerse your employees in. A few types of employee questionnaires are as follows:

Employee satisfaction questionnaireEmployee engagement questionnaireEmployee behavior, professional character, and attitude questionnaireEmployee’s operational insights and opinion questionnaireEmployee benefits questionnaireEmployee performance questionnaire for appraisal or promotionGeneral or multi-purpose employee questionnaireEmployee assessment and evaluation questionnaireProfessional employee improvement and development questionnaireEmployee exit interview questionnaire

The relevance of Employee Questionnaire Usage to Workforce Support

Using an employee questionnaire can benefit your business in so many ways. Aside from connecting the management with the workforce of your company, employee questionnaires can help you get information from the people who provide their deliverables and expertise for the continuous sustainability of the business. You have to remember that you are creating an employee questionnaire not only for your own good but also for the betterment of your employees’ employment experiences, environment, and relationships. Below are some instances or circumstances that showcase the relevance of employee questionnaire usage with the workforce support efforts of an organization.

Having an employee questionnaire can enable you to open touchpoints where you can communicate or interact with your workforce in a manner that is not intimidating.Using an employee questionnaire can help you know the things that your employees would like to change or improve so that they can have a better employment experience as well as a healthier working environment.Developing an employee questionnaire can enable your workforce to feel that they are important parts of the sample business operations which can actually add value to their pride as members of the organization.Making an employee questionnaire can help your business to assure your workforce that their insights and reasonable opinions are valid and are actually considered by the organization.

How to Optimize Employee Questionnaires for Interviews

Employee questionnaires are mass-produced so it will be easier for the management to disseminate these data gathering tools to the workforce. However, there are also employee questionnaires that are used for one-on-one discussions and interventions. If you will use an employee questionnaire for an employee interview, make sure that you will maximize the usage of the document so you can get favorable results out of the activity. Here are a few ways on how you can optimize employee questionnaires for interviews:

Know the specific type or kind of employee questionnaire that you need depending on the nature, purpose, or objective of the interview that will take place.Ensure that your employee who will be subjected to an interview will feel comfortable when it comes to answering the questions that you have prepared for him or her.Utilize the employee questionnaire to its maximum potential by including as much relevant and necessary questions in the document as possible.Make sure that the questions that you will use for the interview are not confusing nor misleading so chances of misunderstandings and miscommunication can be lessened or even be eliminated.

8 Steps for Creating an Excellent Employee Questionnaire

Creating an employee questionnaire should not overwhelm or intimidate you. Make sure that you will prepare yourself and your team as you try to make an employee questionnaire from scratch. Aside from knowing the basics of employee questionnaire development, it will also be great if you will familiarize yourself with the steps that you need to take so you can come up with the most fitting output that you can use for your data gathering activity. Below is a set of steps that can serve as your guide as you try to create an excellent employee questionnaire.

1Set a meeting with the members of the team who will develop the employee questionnaire so all of you can collaborate especially when it comes to the scope and limitations of the questions that you will include in the data gathering tool.2Use a print template that can help you format the particular type of employee questionnaire document that you need to come up with.3Place a header and/or an employee questionnaire title on top of the document so it will be easy for you and your stakeholders to separate the specified questionnaire with all the other data gathering tools of your business.4If necessary or if you would like to, you can write down a brief introduction about the employee questionnaire’s purpose and the ways on how you plan to use the results that you will gather through the document’s usage.5Provide clear and specific instructions on how your employee questionnaire must be answered by your desired respondents.6Have an organized and comprehensive list of all the questions that you would like your respondents to answer.7Review the questions that you have already placed in the document and ensure that all of these are updated, relevant, necessary, and error-free.8Look into the entirety of the employee questionnaire so you can still correct any mistakes or errors that are still present in the document before you hand copies of it to your target audience.

Benefits of Using a Detailed Employee Questionnaire

When making an employee questionnaire, you must be particular with the things that you would like to materialize as well as the goals that you want to achieve at the end of the data gathering and assessment process. Once you begin to understand how you can maximize the usage of your employee questionnaire, then you can already list down the potential benefits or advantages that you can get or experience afterward. Do you want to know how a well-developed employee questionnaire can add value to your business and its operations? Here are some of the benefits of using a detailed employee questionnaire:

An employee questionnaire can help you know or be aware of what your employees feel with regards to a particular instance, activity, workplace policy, or program within the work environment.An employee questionnaire can enable you to get regular feedback, observations, and insights from your workforce which is very important when it comes to sustaining and improving your employer-to-employee relationship.An employee questionnaires can contribute to the growing culture of businesses as this tool can promote understanding between the management and the employees.An employee questionnaire can enable you to measure the satisfaction, engagement, understanding, and motivation levels of your workforce.An employee questionnaire can help you identify the positive and negative aspects of your operations or any other areas of your business and its processes based on the point of view of your employees.


Do’s and Don’ts for Developing an Effective Employee Questionnaire

An outstanding employee questionnaire can be created if you will closely look into all the details and elements that you will put together in a single questionnaire layout. You have to be observant, concise, and particular not only with the questions that you will specify but also with the layout features and presentation strategies that you will incorporate in the development of your own employee questionnaire. Are you aware of some guidelines and tips that can make it more efficient and faster for you to have the specific employee questionnaire that you need? Some do’s and don’ts for developing an effective employee questionnaire are as follows:

Do ask the right questions when making your employee questionnaires so you can optimize the results of your data gathering activity.Do know how you can veer away from leading questions so you will not affect the transparency of the answers that you will get.Do make the most out of the employee questionnaire so you can get as much information as you would like to from your workforce depending on the purpose of the document or data gathering tool.Do use a language that your employees can easily understand and relate to.Do identify or observe employee questionnaire development trends so you can properly set the direction for the document’s actual creation.Do think of the right strategy or tactic that you can incorporate in your employee questionnaire’s creation and usage so you can get feedback that is as helpful and as honest as possible.Do not come up with a set or a list of survey questions without knowing the actual reason on why a specific employee questionnaire is necessary to be created as this can only lessen the quality and relevance of the document that you will be making.Do not use the same employee questionnaire if you have different purposes to realize or a number of goals to achieve since the differences between employee questionnaires allow them to provide different results to the business.Do not include any questions which you think can negatively impact the morale of your employees.


Employee Questionnaire FAQs

Even if an employee questionnaire is easy to develop, there will still be items that you may want to ask as you get involved in the actual creation of the specified document. Get the attention of your team or any other entity that you think can help you answer the questions that you have in mind so you can effectively come up with an excellent employee questionnaire. A few questions that are frequently or are commonly asked about employee questionnaires include the following:

When do you need to develop an employee questionnaire?

There are different reasons why an employee questionnaire is created. With this, the time when it is already necessary to create an employee questionnaire also varies. Within the operations of a business, employee questionnaires are commonly created during the times where there is a need for employee assessment, regular interaction, coaching, promotion, profiling, and performance evaluation. As a business, you have to know the proper timing of your employee questionnaire’s development and usage depending on what you would like to achieve. It will be best if you can create a timeline or time frames that can enable you to identify the timeliness of your employee questionnaire’s preparation, development, usage, and updating.

How can an employee questionnaire affect your business operations?

An employee questionnaire can affect the operations of a business in such a way that it can promote efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity within the workforce. If a company will use an employee questionnaire, they can see the needs of the employees that they need to supply so that satisfaction levels can increase. If an employee can see the changes brought by the usage of the employee questionnaire and the assessment of its results, then that employee will most likely be more than willing to further support the operational requirements and demands of the organization. Aside from this, using an employee questionnaire can harness the relationship of the business management with its people which is a great way for these entities or parties to continuously work together to achieve common operational goals and objectives.


You have to be consistent with the usage of your employee questionnaires so you can see the trends that may occur within a given time period with regard to your employees’ thoughts and insights. Are you already thinking or planning of making the employee questionnaires which you think can be very useful and beneficial both to your business and your employees? The document templates and printable samples that we have listed in this post can surely help you to develop the particular employee questionnaire that you need. If you want to have the best employee questionnaire for your company; establishment; or organization, make sure to check out all the document creation guides and references that we have collected and presented above.