50+ Sample Customer Lists

What Are Customer Lists?

A customer list is defined as it is—a detailed document that enlists all the information of every client who transacted or made a purchase from an organization. So in business, the customer list contains all the customers’ contact information like a buyer list. However, the list is more than just a phone and email contact list. It may have customer loyalty and promotion details, previous transaction records, and other notes. Thanks to customer lists, business relationships continue.

Based on a survey, businesses with excellent customer experience could grow revenues of about 4–8% above the market.

The Anatomy of a Customer List

Different organizations have varying formats, designs, and information in their customer lists. But if you are looking for ideas on what a standard customer list looks like, it would have the following details:

Names: A customer list is meant to identify every customer name. That way, you can identify how many clients are patronizing your brand, and familiarizing their names can help strengthen relationships.Contact Details: Often listed beside every name is their contact information. It will note the phone number, cellphone number, email address, and even the physical address. That way, it will be easy to reach out to every customer’s digits.Type of Customer: In business, there is a hierarchy of customers. For example, there are customers who applied for premiums or loyalty programs. And they are often prioritized by businesses about secret deals, discounts, and promos since joining premiums usually involve money. Meanwhile, a general user couldn’t experience the premium’s perks. Hence, label the customer type.Account Number: Account numbers and reference numbers per transaction make it easier to track if they are also included in the customer list. Thus, every customer has their own unique serial number for identification purposes.Purchased Items: What were the customers’ previously purchased items? Determine and describe them inside the customer list too. That way, you can tell which customer has the highest number of purchases, making that customer an asset to the company. The same goes for which customer made the biggest amount of payment.

How to Create a Customer List

Now that you know what a customer list is, including its standard anatomy, how about making the list itself? It is super easy, considering there are sample templates you can use. As seen from the sample customer lists above, simply choose your preferred template to work with and follow these steps:

Step 1: Collect All Data from Customers

You must have access to the previous and potential customers. You will have to gather all their details and write them in a draft. Focus on getting details that serve your purpose too. For example, if you need customer lists to send them promotions, you focus on gathering details that can help achieve your purpose, specifically their digits and contact information.

Step 2: Organize the Details to the Corresponding Elements

Arrange and organize all the customer data you have collected. And the elements or anatomy of a customer list is your best reference to know how to organize the data. Group the details according to names, contact details, customer type, and so forth. That way, you will already know how the layout goes in your final customer list to work with.

Step 3: Use Clear and Straightforward Descriptions

In labeling, describing, and writing all the customer details in the list, focus on clarity. Having a whole list that is hard to understand won’t make your business any better. So think twice before listing if what you wrote is understandable enough. And try to lessen complex words if you can be more direct about it.

Step 4: Conduct an Easy-to-Follow Format

Lastly, focus on making a user-friendly document. You can certainly achieve that by keeping the data as organized and easy as possible. How the format goes is even your call so be sure it is making things simpler rather than becoming more difficult. In fact, you can always add instructions to the list for clarification. Once you settle with the final format, launch it.


Why is a customer list important?

A customer list is essential for many reasons. First, its listed contact details are your best reference when you need to contact customers for a quick follow-up. Also, you can update customers immediately if you have a new product to sell or a special promotion for premium users. Most importantly, the list is a good basis for your customer report to know how to please clients more if sales aren’t doing well.

How valuable are customers?

Customers are valuable since they basically run your business. As they trust their money to purchase from your company, they boost your sales. Moreover, according to Bain & Company’s research survey, excellent customer experience helps grow revenues up to 4–8% above the market. Hence, you can’t overlook customers as assets in a business.

What are some tips to increase your customers?

There are many ways to increase the number of your customers. Some examples are:

  • Implement a customer-driven business.
  • Reward customers for their loyalty.
  • Ask for feedback.
  • Reach out to customers as people, not as a business.
  • Improve customer service skills.

There is no exact path to take in ensuring that every person transacts and trusts you, your products, or services. Building one’s customer base varies from one company to another anyway. And crafting your business’s official customer list is one of the best strategic plans to expand your customers. Learn to value your clients over time starting with a quick download and edit using sample customer lists.