What Is a Project Grant Proposal?

A project grant proposal is a formal letter requesting a grant for a specific project. It is commonly used by students, researchers, professional artists, non-profit organizations, and even entrepreneurs who plan to launch a new product. This proposal is given to various corporations in hopes to gather funds as financial support. Some examples of a grant proposals include fundraising proposals, research grant proposals, non-profit grant proposals.

The purpose of this document is to gather funds from grantors. Thus, it is essential for this proposal’s content to be very convincing to your readers. After all, your grantors and stakeholders wouldn’t want their money to go to waste. So, you have to present evidence that your project will be beneficial to them.

Components of a Project Grant Proposal

Seeing any project grant proposal example, you will notice that it has essential components. The proposal will not be complete unless you complete all these sections. They are what can make your proposal effective. Read and consider the following components of a project grant proposal:

Cover Letter: You should include a cover letter in your proposal. This is where you can express your interest to have a grant from the corporation. Without a cover letter, it can be hard for you to express your sincerity in getting a grant for your project. This document can emphasize your courtesy to the corporations. You can use it to encourage stakeholders to give your request. It can be a great start for you to begin your proposal.Abstract: Afterwards, begin your proposal with an abstract. This section can consist of 250 words or less. This is where you will give a summary of the contents of your proposal. You must give the point of the direction of your proposal. You should describe the information that can follow. You need to be a great storyteller in stating an abstract. You must write succinctly so that if the audience will like your abstract, it can only mean that they can like the whole proposal.Introduction: Then, you must give an introduction. This is where you will start to get the readers hooked on your proposal. A great storytelling technique is also needed. You must ensure that while reading the introduction, you can keep the audience reading the proposal up to its very end. You can mention how great is your project, saying some important good things about it. You can nail the proposal if you have a great introduction. This is because you can get the initial interest of the audience to your proposal.Problem Statement: What follows is the statement of need. You need to mention a problem statement that defines a problem that your project can solve. This is how you can show that your project is necessary. The stakeholders can see that their money can go into a good cause if they can identify a problem that they can give a solution to. This is how you can justify your project. The more solution you can give to the statement of need, the more you can convince the audience that you have a great project. Be good at identifying a problem statement because this is a way how you can get your proposal approved.Goals and Objectives: You must mention some goals and objectives for the project. This is how you can show that you are following a good vision. The stakeholders might approve your proposal if they will learn that you have a good reason for the project. A good purpose can encourage them to give you a grant. Your goals and objectives can make them impressed if you have good ones. So, create some goals that they can admire, something that can instantly make them say yes to your proposal. Goals can be ambitious, but if you can make them reasonable, they are good reasons for your request to be granted to you.Methodology: You need to provide a methodology for your project. This is what can make the audience understand your project. This is where they can also assess how much budget you need for the project. Through the methods that you can provide, you can let the audience know that you are capable of doing the project. They will know the steps that you can take. Write the methodology for about 1 page in the proposal. You have to elaborate on the directions that you should follow.Evaluation Plan: A evaluation plan should be given in the proposal. You need to measure the results that you can get for your project. You have to state its effectiveness. The evaluation plan should correspond with all your goals. You must express here that your goals are possible. This will get the audience to determine that your project is feasible. So, make an assessment for the success of your project. The stakeholders should know that your project can be done through the evaluation plan that you can give.Program Budget: You need to provide a budget plan for the proposal. You are asking for a specific amount, so you have to set a budget that you can request. You must calculate all your expenses for you to set a reasonable budget that you will need for the project. In asking for a grant, you must be sure that you can mention a budget that can help the stakeholders understand the necessity of a grant for your project. Be truthful in stating a budget. Do not overestimate the budget or underestimate it. You must mention the exact budget that you need.Sustained Impact: Lastly, this is where you will express if you need continuous funds for the project. In this, you need to state a great project that can live for years. No stakeholders will want to give future funds to projects that seem to be just short-term. But if your project needs future grants, too, you must state it in the proposal. Through this, you can get stakeholders that can support your program regularly.

How to Write a Project Grant Proposal

Do you know how to write a grant proposal for research? What about a grant proposal for your non-profit organization? If this is your first time making a project grant proposal, then worry not for we got you covered with our easy-to-understand steps in writing a project grant proposal. They are the following:

Step 1: Create a Great Cover Letter

You may not know it, but a great cover letter is the best secret on how you can make your project grant proposal approved. You need to create a strong cover letter that can convince the stakeholders that you have a sincere interest to get funds from them. This is where you can justify your interest in getting a grant. If you can get the heart of your audience with your cover letter, you will have a great chance that they can consider your proposal. The cover letter is less formal so you can be friendly with the readers here. Through friendliness, you can compel them to read your whole proposal.

Step 2: Begin with an Executive Summary

You can start your proposal with an abstract or an executive summary. The executive summary must be brief but succinct. The executive summary is also known as the proposal summary. It contains the synopsis of your proposal. You can introduce your business with the executive summary. You can even mention your market. Be to the point and write it not more than 2 pages long. Give enough idea to the funder where you are going to use the money. Provide enough description for your project.

Step 3: Introduce Your Organization

You must not forget to give enough information to the audience about your organization. Introduce your organization, telling your missions and history. The stakeholders must know who you are and what your organization is doing. If you are up to good things, this will help you to make the stakeholders convinced. Share as much information with the stakeholders, even telling them a story about your experience. You can also include a biography of your key workers, to make the stakeholders acquainted with the people in your organization.

Step 4: Write a Problem Statement

The problem statement is important in a grant proposal. You have to make the stakeholders believe that your project is important. So, you need to mention a problem statement or a need statement that can justify your project. You can address a problem in the community and you can show the stakeholders that you can provide a solution for it. Research may be good for an underlying problem. You can mention that your solution can be effective even if other solutions may have failed. The problem statement will show quantitative data that will give answers to the problem.

Step 5: Use SMART Goals

After having the problem statement, you must be apt in mentioning your goals and objectives. You can use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals to better show your objectives. You must state the desired result and how you can measure your success. To make the stakeholders convinced, you must show that they can have benefits from your project. Or you can tell them the good things that can result from their investment.

Step 6: Provide a Strategic Plan and Budget

Now, it is time for you to give a strategic plan. You must show how you can attain the success of your project by mentioning your key workers and facilities, as well as your project timeline and required budget. Then, state your project management plans and project deliverables to impress your grantors and stakeholders. Through this, you will have a better chance that your proposal will be approved.


What are the different types of grants?

The types of grants are operating support or unrestricted funding, capital support, and project development grants. You should be familiar with the types of grants so that you will know what type of grant will you be asking for.

What are the tips for writing a project grant proposal?

The tips for writing a project grant proposal are to allot plenty of time in writing, choose your funder, get advice, know your audience, and create an impact for your project.

Your projects will not be possible unless you can get grants to support them. To have a grant, you must be skilled in writing a project grant proposal. So, start honing your writing skills so that you can write an effective and winning grant proposal that can make corporations say yes. So, are you looking for a template for a project grant proposal? This post has 21+ SAMPLE Project Grant Proposals in PDF | MS Word. They can help you in writing a project grant proposal. Download now!