This can help you to have a music concert that you have been desiring to have all your life. One thing that you only have to do is to have a music project proposal. It is essential so you can ask for a budget for your music concert. You can have a benefit concert if you want with a charity concert proposal. Or you can simply ask for a grant for any music project that you have in mind. Many organizations in the music industry consider a music project proposal and give a grant to musicians. It could be the best answer that you need to have a big break in your music career. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading as this article contains information about a music project proposal.

What is a Music Project Proposal?

A music project proposal is a letter that musicians give to an organization in the music industry that requests for a grant that can support their music project. It is an example of a grant proposal. It is a little different than a music business plan. It is actually shorter from a music business plan. A business plan gives a full profile about a group while a proposal is a more direct document expressing the desire to get a project. Making a music project proposal sustains the life of a musician and gives them the opportunity to have continuous music projects. Sometimes, the life of an artist is hard that you really need to get help in order for your career to survive. As for the life of musicians, they need a grant for their music projects so they can have a music concert.

Cost in production is high that it needs a big amount of budget that a musician is not able to supply. In this reason, the organizations in the music industry can help them. Not only can they be connected in a good firm, they can also have the budget that they need. Sponsorship is common in many music projects. Whether you have a youth music project or a jazz arts project, you can have sponsorship for your music project to be possible. There are also kinds of music project proposals. Some of them are music therapy project proposal, music festival project proposal, music concert project proposal, project proposal for musical instruments, and project proposal for music room. But whatever music project proposal you have in mind, you have to remember that you should have a good music for the funder to give you a grant. It is the most foremost thing. How can they let you have your grant if your music does not sound good? So, a good music should go along together with a music project proposal.

The Key Elements in a Music Project Proposal

You are in a hustle to make your music project proposal. You are planning to have a music concert in the next two months and you have to submit your application. But before you panic, you must first know what you should put in your music project proposal. It is necessary that it has complete elements so that it will not be lacking. Here are some of the key elements of a music project proposal:

Title of the Proposal

The very thing that you should not forget, your proposal should have a descriptive title. Make a compelling title that is not so common in the music sphere. This title should greatly describe the music project that you are going to have. You can ask others’ opinions about a good title that you can have. Brainstorm for a while and list some possible titles that can enter your mind.  Then ask them which of them is the best. Through that, you can come up with the best possible title. It is important. It is the title that a reader will first see, so it has to be impressive.

Abstract of the Proposal

The music project proposal should contain an abstract. It is a good introduction for the music project proposal. You must not confuse it with the main details of the proposal. Make a summary of about less than 400 words. This introduction should be succinct and should have a good flavor that can make the proposal attractive. You should remember these in writing the abstract:


The music project proposal should contain two or more objectives. This can give essence to the whole proposal. The funders will know that you have a definite purpose and that they will not waste their money on something that is superficial. Through your objectives, they will also have an idea of your personality because they can have a hint of how you think and how they can define your perspective.

Project Description

The music project that you are going to have should have a proper description. Describe the activities that you are going to have in the music project. Describe the type of music that they are about to see. The timeline for the project is also included in the project description.

Literature Review

To make the music project proposal impressive, you can insert a literature review. It can give credits to musician. It can show that you have a great understanding about the project. It can show that you have a good theory and practice. It can also depict your music skills.


Whatever technique that you are going to use, you should also introduce in the music project proposal. Tell the funders how you are going to make the music project successful. Share to them the methods that you have in mind. They should be aware anyway on how you are going to hold your music project. They should be informed.


You need to include your resume in the music project proposal. This will tell great things about you that your funder can have interest about. It is a chance to showcase your skills and achievements. The funder will also be informed of the main information about you. Telling who you are can give a sign to the funder that you have credibility and that you can be trusted.

Tips on a Music Project Proposal

After knowing some key elements in a music project proposal, now you are going to know some tips that you can apply in writing a music project proposal. These can be good tips on music project proposal sample.

Make a great resume. So you have to send a resume together with your music project proposal. You have to understand that you have to make an updated resume and one that will greatly impress the funder. You cannot give a music business proposal with a poor resume. Make something that is good. List all your past important activities that is related to music. You can list your certificates and trainings if you have. You can also list the good music events that you have attended to. The funders should know that you have a good background in music for them to accept your proposal. Also, make all the details about you as clear as possible. Use a good format for your resume. One that is readable enough that every information will be easier to understand.Impress the organization with your objectives. Any goal is the reason why anyone would walk through. A goal gives direction to everything. With great goals and objectives, you can show that your project is a good one. They will know that it is not just a common project. The funders can give a grant for a reason. You can also explain yourself better if you will tell them your goals. Only, find the best way on how you can explain to them your objectives. And remember that your objectives should be impressive. Give the funders a reason for them to give you the grant. Tell them an objective that they have not heard before so you can catch their attention. Many music project proposal are appoved because of good objectives. If this is the case, you have to supersede those proposals. Give a reason for your proposal that could benefit not only you but also the people around you. If the funders will see that it is for a good cause, they may instantly accept your proposal.Make the project description as detailed as possible. To avoid confusion, you have to give the full details of your music project. Be clear about the scope of the project. Tell all the activities that you are going to have within the project. Tell the funders what they will expect in the music project. If it is a jazz arts project, tell them so. It is important that they will know what they can see. If they will watch your music event and they will see a different project than what you have introduced in your proposal, they might not give you another chance of a grant again. So, if you want a regular funder, you have to be definite about the project description. If funders are not in confusion and could understand completely the scope the project, they can be persuaded to give you a grant.Send the best music video sample. You can always have an attachment with the music project proposal. You can include multimedia. You can include a music video sample. This will showcase your talent and can tell them what they could expect from you. It is best that you will show them how well you are in music, so they will be persuaded to accept the proposal. A musical proof can make them to say yes. Especially, if you can send them a good one. Record a music video and send it to the funders, so they can have an idea of what kind of a musician you are.

How to Make a Music Project Proposal

If you are in a haze on how to write a music project proposal, you may want to try these steps in writing a music project proposal. It has simple steps on how you can succeed in your music project proposal.

Step 1: Research all the programs in the music industry.

Before you will make a music business proposal, you should search for organizations and programs that could give you the grant. It is for you to know where to go. It is also needed so that you will know where you will address your proposal. You can search online for all the available programs near your area. This will be a good resort because it will not be hard for you in case you have to see the funder in personal.

Step 2: Meet with a granting agent.

Before writing the proposal, you may try to consider a granting agent. Agents can help you because they are professional in these things. Their job is to help someone to get a grant, so if they have helped other people in getting a grant, they might can help you, too. Discuss with them the details of your music project. Make a draft of your proposal and show it to them. They can help you in making the best proposal.

Step 3: Write the music project proposal.

After having a draft of your music project proposal, you can now write the actual music project proposal. Be careful in writing it, ensuring that you will not forget to write even the smallest details. After writing, read it and read it all over again. Proofread it. It has to be perfect because asking for a grant is not a joke.

Step 4: Submit the application. 

After you have made your proposal perfect, then it is the time to submit the application. Send it to the funders with all the good wish that they will accept your proposal. Wait until they could response to you and when your application is successful, you can start your music project. You can have a music concert and can have a big leap in your music career. You can repeat these steps all over again if you have many music projects in mind. Who knows if funders can have the good heart to give you a grant always?


What Should Be Your Best Advice to Make My Proposal Accepted?

The best advice is that you should make a music video sample as an attachment to your music project proposal. It is important that you will give a reason for the funders to give you a grant. If they will see that you are good, they can be persuaded to accept your proposal. They cannot refuse a musician that has a very good music. If you can impress your listeners, you can also impress the funders and can make them to say yes to you.

There are so many musicians today. One thing that we do not know is that they live somehow through music project proposals. They make proposals and look for programs that can give them a grant. If you are one of these musicians and you are new in the industry, you may want to try to use the available downloadable templates that can be found in this article. They may help you in making your music project proposal. You can find a good music project proposal sample. Use one of them and who knows if that one can make the funder agree with your proposal? Wishing you the best of luck!