54+ Sample Quality Checklists

Quality Checklists: What Are They?

A quality checklist is usually used when importers want to know what is the best way to clarify their product requirements, both to the supplier and any inspection staff that might check an order before shipping. In general, it is a written guide for product content, packaging, color, barcodes, appearance, possible defects, functions, and special requirements. Some call a quality checklist “inspection criteria sheet” or inspection checklist.

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The Different Elements of an Effective Quality Checklist

A quality checklist is composed of many different components. Commonly, the following elements are what should be included in your quality checklist. However, based on what type of item you need to ship, you may or may not need all that is listed below.

Package and Labeling: Labels are crucial when it comes to shipping items. This includes having clear and legible delivery marks, ensuring labels are printed correctly, and verifying that the packages are not damaged.Visual Inspection: This element allows an inspector to visually check the items as they hold or walk around them. For example, a doghouse is being inspected for paint peeling, bad odor, or missing screws.Functional Testing: Functional testing could be unconventional to some items as it involves physically using or manipulating the product to ensure that it works properly. As an example, a doghouse is tested to ensure that the legs stand firmly without rocking. Physical Requirements: The fourth element is about making sure that an item’s dimensions match the specifications. Also, the product weight is inspected, and other physical requirements.Special Tests: Depending on your item’s attribute, you can develop a set of test that are unique to it. If your product requires assembly, you would want the inspector to check that every part fits together properly.Barcode Verification: Barcode verification is a special feature to secure your item’s safety. It includes making sure that all UPC labels match the purchase order information and can be scanned accurately.Carton Drop Tests: The reason why an item needs to be packed tightly and securely is that it should pass the carton drop test. After dropping the carton on the ground, there should be no dents, scratches, or any form of damage to the packaging.

How to Create a Quality Checklist

Start by thinking about what things could possibly go wrong with your product during the shipment. This will help you come up with a list of specific potential hazards. From there, divide hazards into different categories: major, minor, and critical. Keep in mind that your list will differ whether you have sold the item before or not. To make your quality checklist more effective, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select a Template

After completing the list of hazards, your next step is selecting the best template. But before that, make sure you fully understand the operation the items will go through in order for you to pick the most suitable template. Have you checked our templates above? If not, browse through our collections of printable templates fitting for your quality checklist.

Step 2: Modify the Template

To use the template of your choice, just click the download button. Then, open an editing tool that is compatible with your template’s file format. Begin modifying the template or leave the suggested content as is if it is precisely what you want your checklist to be all about. The best thing about working with a template is it gives you the option to customize or not.

Step 3: Add the Features

Refer to the list of elements above. What is listed there are the sections that should be present in your quality checklist. Put additional elements if it is necessary for your item. You can even add visual elements to neatly organize the content such as tables, bar charts, graphs, and so much more.

Step 4: Consider Electronic Checklist

Item production and shipment are made even more convenient with the help of electronic checklist forms. Also, if you want a sustainable operation that does not leave any trace, digital checklists can be your thing. And you create electronic quality checklists with our templates easily. Its best benefit is you are no longer required to produce printed copies as electronic checklists can be digitally used.


How to check product quality before shipment?

  • Inspection by an external inspector in the factory.
  • Final inspection on a platform.
  • Piece-by-piece inspection in the factory.
  • Training plan and auditing internal inspectors in the factory.

What are the different types of checklists?

Why is a checklist important?

A checklist is important because it contains the ultimate to-do list required to complete any task. With a good checklist, success is more likely to come through with everything you do.

The quality checklist is a foundation for ensuring good quality products and services. It also influences customer satisfaction and it dictates new clients whether to order again from you or not. Because a quality checklist keeps loyal customers, you should invest in creating one. For more sample templates that are useful, visit our website now to get a chance to sign up for any of our subscription plans.