Decluttering and cleaning out unnecessary items feel liberating and make more space for essential items. However, instances arise that make it hard for individuals to clean their surroundings, especially those that work long hours. Most people opt for cleaning services when they cannot make time to clean at home or work. In this scenario, an individual calls for a cleaner, and the cleaner presents a cleaning contract proposal. Learn about a cleaning contract proposal, its definition, construction, and components, along with additional information from frequently asked questions. Read through the article below to find out about these documents.

What Is a Cleaning Contract Proposal?

A cleaning contract proposal or a cleaning service proposal is a document given by a cleaning service provider that supplies a company, organization, or client with information about their services and includes a proposed bid. It also contains details about the company, the vision, and mission statements. The cleaning service contractors detail the services they provide if the prospected company or client chooses to engage in a contract. It also states the frequency of services and the payment terms of the supposed cleaning service proposal. The service provider introduces the curated document to a client through a bidding process or a meeting with other contractors. Afterward, the client opts to choose the most appropriate proposal between contracts.

According to the research data collected by the Statista Research Department regarding the market size of janitorial services in the United States from 2011-2021, dating on January 2021, an estimated amount of 62.6 billion US dollars is foreseen for 2021, from the market size of said services in 2019. Much smaller compared to the amount in 2019 because of the impact of the pandemic until the present.

Components of a Cleaning Contract Proposal

Each cleaning contract proposal differs from one company to another. For one, each agency offers various services from another which are not available in another. A cleaning service provider needs to present a well-detailed proposal to inform their potential clients of provided services. Here are the main components of a cleaning contract proposal given to potential clients in exchange for services.

Client information: It is essential to attract the client’s details in any contract proposal, and it is on the first page of the document. The client information must include the company’s name, site address, email address, phone number, other contact details, and the category of building to be cleaned. Stating the data on the cleaning contract proposal assures clients the contract shows services based on the client’s needs and preferences.Cover letter: The cover letter grabs the attention of a targeted client of the cleaning company. It must detail information of the company’s ability in handling the assigned duties and responsibilities. It also shows the interest and enthusiasm of the cleaning agency to serve and assist the client in cleaning needs. The letter must explain why the agency is the perfect match for the opening and express the company’s passion for cleaning and housekeeping. It is also appropriate to highlight cleaners’ skills, including a list relevant to the work. These skills include attention to detail, organizational skills, wood floor maintenance, dry-cleaning, deep cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting. It is also necessary to indicate accomplishments and achievements through presenting facts and experience and expound on the work details.Company Overview: The cleaning agency states their company’s information, including the name and address of the company, with the history, about and views of the company. It also includes the company’s goals, objectives, legal structure, vision, and mission statement. The purpose of the company overview is to inform the clients of the positive qualities and beliefs of the company, assuring its future clients of the quality service it provides while upholding the company’s mission.Offered services: The cleaning company provides a detailed list of services they offer clients. It must state the name of the service with a comprehensive description of how the cleaners or utility services go about performing the task. It is also in this part the company provides a materials list to supplement the services they offer. In doing so, the agency assures the potential client they are well equipped in engaging a contract by having complete sets of materials to perform required services. It also guarantees the client they are not going to spend on supplies and only pays for services.Pricing details: In the proposal’s price list, a table of fixed amounts corresponding to a particular service. It presents possible prices of availed services in terms of a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It also gives the client price quotations, total amount due, payment methods, due dates, and late charge fees, if applicable. It must also contain a disclaimer stating that the prices may be subject to change or adjustments. It also helps to indicate a term date for when the amount offers expires.Terms and conditions: In any contract and proposal, terms and conditions are essential to protect both parties’ rights in the agreement. For a cleaning contract proposal, an acknowledgment clause assures that the client thoroughly and clearly understood the presented content of the transaction. The term of agreement supplies the length in which the contract holds its purpose, agreed upon by both parties. It must also contain a clause about payment terms and conditions, stating due dates, payment methods, and other fees. It must also present a work schedule the agency intends on observing following the agreement with the client. A service warranty guarantees the client that the cleaning company offers their best service, and if there are discrepancies in the quality, the client may address the issue. Indemnification agreements, amendment clauses, and governing laws are also in the contract under the terms and conditions.Signature line: Once the client and company agree to all related content of the contract proposal, both parties sign under the signature line. The document is valid and legally binding, covered by the relevant laws as stated in the proposal once signatures are present.

How to Create a Cleaning Contract Proposal

The purpose of a contract proposal is to show a potential client that the company excels in the services they offer. In a cleaning proposal, the agency aligns its services to the client’s needs to secure a deal. It also highlights the core values and missions aimed to accomplish while giving quality service. Here are helpful steps to take in creating a cleaning contract proposal to entice clients.

Step 1: Do Communicate the Vision and Mission of the Company

Plenty of companies understand the importance of communicating what they do. Some companies specify how they do their products and services. However, very few companies focus on why they do these services and make products. It is worth mentioning that the very few companies that do ask why are the ones that are successful at present. Talking about why the company offers its services hugely impacts the customer’s perception of the company. It shows the client the organization’s vision, beliefs, and aspirations, and its introduction must be in the cover letter at the beginning of the proposal. In doing so, the client determines what sets the company above others and enhances the company’s chances of selection.

Step 2: Highlight the Diversity of the Company From Others

It is easy to identify the difference between one company and another. In a proposal, especially a business proposal, the client would want to see something other than the best or the first. It is best to identify the unique qualities the company possesses for the prospective client. If there is uncertainty about how the company stands out from others, think back on situations concerning employees, services, and goals. If the company shows a low turnover rate of employees, emphasize that. Explain how working with the agency benefits the customer, especially for first-time clients, and highlight why the cleaning agency is a perfect workplace. Feature a unique strategy in meeting the standards of quality, no matter how quaint or different. Also, if the company uses advanced technology to its advantage, mention that as well. Perceived improvements in communication and quality entice clients to hire the cleaning agency.

Step 3: Share Customer Feedback and Recommendations

Aside from pitching the company using its resources and services, it is also helpful to introduce customer feedback. Use previous customer statements, old or new, from existing customers falling in the same industry as the current client. It helps give the advantage to cater to specific customers and allows the company to broaden its client list.

Step 4: Communicate How the Services Impact the Customer

It’s more than just selling services. The client must benefit from the service that the cleaning agency offers. In large organizations, it is beneficial to attain a fresh perspective. A clean space boosts the organization’s morale and increases productivity. Cleaning the area proves helpful in lessening sick leaves because of the neat work environment and reduces decluttering on the part of employees. In a smaller organization, having a neat and tidy workplace makes good impressions on clients that come into their offices. It helps to be specific and concise in explaining the benefits to clients to understand and picture the changes.

Step 5: Project Commitment in the Job and Communicate the Next Steps

No matter the method the agency uses on the client, ensure they understand the commitment of the company and communicate about expectations once the agency’s employees start work. After which, notify the next steps the client must take once both parties reach an agreement. Ensure that the first few impressions and interactions of the relationship leave a positive note, and it helps to communicate payment and other conditions easier.


What is a price quotation?

A price quote or price quotation is a document or list that gives customers an idea of a fixed price concerning a project or service. The company offering the services gives a quote to a potential client, and it is worth noting that the amounts on the list are only valid for a limited period and cannot be changed once the client accepts. The contractor must indicate the number of days of the validity of the prices. The price quote is also subject to terms and conditions based on the contract. Quotes are more accurate than estimates, and once the client accepts the price list proposed by the company, it is the ultimate price despite the extra work or service. Indicate in the terms and conditions detail about additional charges when necessary to adjust the rates in the quotation. In finalizing price quotes, it is essential to communicate with the client based on their expectations and preferences. A contract bid or proposal then contains the detailed price quote.

Is it expensive to hire for a cleaning service?

The price of cleaning services varies depending on different factors. The size and condition of the home greatly influence the price range of the service. The bigger and dirtier the area is, the higher the price for cleaning. For this reason, most cleaners and cleaning agencies base the prices on the square footage as time, equipment, and supplies also play in sanitation. Messy occupants also contribute to the cost of services. The client must also specify the type of cleaning they prefer between a routine cleaning or deep cleaning. Basic cleaning is the cheapest option between the two as it only requires surface cleaning. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, requires more work and more expensive than routine cleaning. However, these two types go hand in hand as deep cleaning is required before regular cleaning starts. The frequency of cleaning also affects the costs of services as the cleaners keep a stable condition of the house, requiring less time to maintain and clean.

What is the importance of commercial cleaning services?

Commercial cleaning is large scale and hugely affects the individuals of the company. It helps with employee productivity with a fresh and clean work environment. Many businesses owner do not realize that viruses and diseases spread quickly in closed and airconditioned areas. Routine cleaning services help prevent the extent of unwanted illnesses, and it results in lesser employees taking sick leaves. In this sense, the company also maintains employees’ good health while working at the office. It also promotes a safer and healthier work environment. Regular cleaning of the office prevents dust and other allergens from accumulating in the workplace and prevents allergic reactions and other related conditions. The office also gains a positive and professional appearance in the application of regular cleaning and maintenance. A bright, clean, and well-kept condition of office space attract customers to do business with the company. The image the company projects to the consumers is essential for the success of company operations and performance.

A cleaning contract proposal helps the company in more ways rather than just keeping appearances. It improves the productivity of employees by having a safer and healthier environment to work. It helps with ensuring the company runs smoothly with all employees in their best conditions. Spending on cleaning services isn’t as expensive as it is, as long as there is a regular implementation of proper maintenance and daily cleaning.

A cleaning contract proposal also ensures the client and the cleaning agency agree on specific terms and conditions, including price quotes. In the words of Marie Kondo, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” Cleanliness must always be a priority, whether working from the office or at home. Find cleaning contract proposal templates above available for use and download, and start prioritizing the cleanliness of the workplace.