45+ SAMPLE House Cleaning Checklists

What Is a House Cleaning Checklist?

A house cleaning checklist is a piece of document that represents the list of tasks or chores that needs to be done in order for the house to be clean. A house cleaning may vary depending on what the house or property needs. With the help of this the user will have an organized to do list. This can be of personal use or of professional use. For personal use this can greatly increase your efficiency and keep track of what needs cleaning and what is already clean.

On the other hand, this can also be used by cleaning businesses as it ensures consistency in their work and improves the integrity of their company.

What Should Be Included in the House Cleaning Checklist?

Before creating your own checklist it is very important to know what to input. Here are the elements needed:

Tasks:In a particular section in your cleaning checklist you need to categorize and identify all the household chores that need to be done.Frequency:This refers as to how often you should perform the chores included in the checklist. This can be categorized as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

In some cases, a checklist may require even more details such as:

Tools and chemicals:In the cleaning process, it is very important to have the right tools to accomplish the tasks faster and accurately. Without the proper tools a single chore will consume more time and effort. Detergent and other chemicals that are deemed necessary can also be included.Date and time:This applies when you have a housekeeper or a home cleaner. The purpose of this section in your checklist is to check whether or not a certain chore was done and how long it took to finish.

How to Create an Effective House Cleaning Checklist?

With the templates available you will have a basic understanding of what the checklist would look like. On the other hand, it is your duty to fill in all the necessary details.

Step1 : Identifying What Needs to Be Done

Without proper knowledge of what the property or house needs, the checklist will be of no use. Some examples of chores for each rooms are as follows:

These are only some of the examples. Your list depends on what your property needs.

Step 2: Identifying How Often Chores Should Be Done

Knowing how frequent a chore should be done is essential. For maintaining the house some chores are required to be done daily. An example of these are sweeping the floor and doing dirty dishes. But, for some chores they are done at an interval of weeks or sometimes even months.

Step 3: Identifying the Tools or Chemicals to Be Used

In everything that we do, there is an appropriate tool needed. Without the proper tool it will be time consuming and hard. Chemicals can also be included. This part can be specified by the homeowner depending on what their preference is.

Step 4: Date and Time

In order to be organized, you need to keep track of what you’ve accomplished that day. As we all know not all the chores should be done daily. Having a table for the date and time reminds you of what to do the following day.


What Is the Difference Between a Housekeeper and a House cleaner?

Housekeeper and house cleaner are often used interchangeably, as both their main job description is to clean the house. Both professions can be considered domestic workers. But, there is a huge difference and it is only polite not to interchange the two terms. Usually a housekeeper is a stay at home job. It is their duty to clean and maintain the house. While on the other hand a house cleaner can be an individual or a team that is set by appointment and goes to your house to do heavy cleaning. Included in a house cleaning service are their own tools and they take their supplies with them as soon as they finish the work.

Why Is Cleaning Important?

Whether it is your house or office it is very important to clean. In your house regular cleaning can reduce the risk of allergies and avoid the spread of germs. It is also a way to keep out pests. As for your office, it is a way to maintain your equipment functions as well as ensure the quality of your finished product. Overall the main purpose of cleaning is to guarantee that there is a safe and healthy environment for your family to live in and your staff to work in.

Should a Housekeeper Also Be in Charge of the Kids?

A housekeeper is someone whose duty is light cleaning and maintaining the house. If stated in your agreement a housekeeper can also be in charge of the pets and kids. But, it is highly recommended for you to get a professional nanny when it comes to taking care of the children.

Is It Possible for House Cleaners to Move Furniture?

It would be possible to move heavy furniture if you hire a team. But, if you only hire an individual you need to do the heavy lifting. This can be stated in your checklist. You can add details so that there will be no misunderstanding. In addition, being specific in the checklist also makes the job flawless.

The importance of having a checklist is to remind you of what needs to be done every time you will clean the house. For business purposes it shows your client that you are a professional and your offer is a top quality service. We are here to help you have consistency in your work and quality in each task. The goal of our templates is for you to accomplish the work with utmost efficiency.