What Is a Cleaning Contract?

As human beings begin their journey through life, they leave behind pieces of their identity and distinction. Some of the treasures are in the form of artwork, writings, and pictures. And others, through efforts done for the betterment of society. Needless to say, every person on this planet, despite differences in lifestyle and upbringing, has responsibilities in the workplace and at home. Part of that obligation will be cleaning and maintaining the tidiness of the property they own. Even when individuals can complete the household or office task, there are circumstances requiring the help of professionals. On those occasions, companies and homeowners need to draft cleaning contracts for the employment of the home or office cleaners.

In a simple definition, a cleaning contract contains the terms and conditions determined by two parties engaging in an agreement for sanitation services and maintenance. The real estate owner and the service provider go into details with the processes and arrangements of cleaning schedules. A cleaning plan works best for busy individuals and those homeowners with expansive properties. Moreover, house cleaning or commercial cleaning schedules will depend on the availability and preferences of the client. Additionally, the contract includes provisions on the limits of work rendered and the privacy of the other party.

On the Clock: Advantages of Cleaning Services

Every establishment requires cleaning from the smallest room to the largest area. While some areas are easy to dust and tidy, other places need the help of expert cleaners. According to a study conducted by Statista in 2018, the commercial cleaning services sector in America has over 3.2 million workers. In the report, janitors and cleaners make up most of the numbers. In an estimate provided by the researchers, janitorial cleaning services have a revenue of more than 60 billion dollars in 2019 alone. The job, even with its level of difficulty, exudes nobility. The business industry usually employs cleaning services to tidy offices. So, what are some advantages of hiring service providers?

Saves Time for Work: By hiring someone else to tidy and clean the space, the individual will have more time to finish designated tasks. For instance, novelists can spend time continuing to write on manuscripts and storyboards when they don’t have to worry about household chores. Scientists and economists also need sufficient time to finish their reports and proposals. When they employ service providers to complete thorough cleaning, they can focus more on the work they have to complete.Reasonable Pricing: Another advantage of hiring cleaning services is the prices. With practical and high-tech sets of equipment to sanitize the house or workspace, the price seems right. In 2018, the average price for cleaning services was between $30-$60 per hour. If by project, the cost would be between $60-$550, depending on the size of the room and the location. The given list may look expensive at first glance, but it is a reasonable estimate for the work done by professionals.Professional Experience: Having professional cleaners sanitize the dwelling can lessen the worries of homeowners or real estate proprietors. With their experience in the field, clients get a feeling of comfort. Moreover, cleaners can guarantee the safety and dependability of their performance. These people also know how to handle crises when it comes to renovations and unwanted house guests (pests). Sometimes, they can detect areas that require sanitation.Better Working Environment: Lastly, a healthier workplace diminishes the chances of people getting sick. When the surface has been cleaned properly, and everything has an organization, it boosts the morale of the people in the room. This particular example focuses on commercial industries, but it can also work for homeowners. Kids can learn and work on projects better if the house is tidy. Everyone can accomplish more when they see invigorating sights and smell the fresh air.

Dusting Panels: Types of Cleaning Services

With the rising numbers of victims falling under the harsh nature of the COVID-19 virus, experts advised the public to stay home and practice social distancing. But even at home, various hazards may be lurking around the area. In an effort to educate citizens, The American Cleaning Institute has a question and answer article on the sanitization of homes. According to Kathleen Stanton, the vice president of the institute, homeowners have to regularly sanitize surfaces frequently touched by everyone living in the household. Doing this action is one way of minimizing the spread of germs and viruses. Going back to cleaning services, what are the type of cleaning services offered by businesses?

Commercial Cleaning

As mentioned before, the commercial cleaning industry is a large and growing sector. And every time a flourishing business rises, the firm will need the services of a cleaning company. The service also focuses on sanitizing apartments, condominiums, corporate offices, and skyscrapers. The cleaning company can also offer window washing if they have sufficient equipment.

Residential Cleaning

For homeowners with hectic daily schedules, cleaning the house will be on the bottom page of the to-do list. Instead of doing the task themselves, many owners hire cleaning services to do the job. The primary duties of the cleaners are: mopping floors, washing windows, dusting rooms, and checking rooms. The task is less tiresome compared to other responsibilities. However, mansions take some time to finish cleaning.

Car Washing Service

Rather than manually cleaning the exterior of cars, some people go to car wash stops to have their vehicles cleaned up. Although this service does not require contracts, some companies have strict rules and regulations to avoid accidents in the area. The car washing industry continues to grow as many entrepreneurs have to organize their time efficiently.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Having a swimming pool at home has benefits, particularly if the homeowner likes bathing in the sun or prefers lounging in the pool. Now, swimming pools require constant care and cleaning. Hence, swimming pools should have proper sanitation to avoid the accumulation of bacteria. Many homeowners hire weekly cleaners to disinfect and change the filters in the pool.

Washing Services

Laundry businesses cater to different customers. Some are students living in the city to finish their studies, and others are employees trying to complete various tasks. While washing clothes can be done at home or in apartments, there are buildings that prevent tenants from cleaning their personal items. In this case, renters look for washing services to do the job. Besides clothes, washing services also accept larger items such as bed sheets, blankets, curtains, carpets, and table cloths.


How to Formulate a Professional Cleaning Contract

Looking for a competent cleaning service company can be challenging, especially with all the choices right now. For the most part, enterprises or individuals have to scrutinize the business to see their relevance and branding. Apart from that, clients also have to weigh their options on the procedures of the cleaning company. If they do feel satisfied with the service provider, they can contact the company and draft a cleaning contract. It would be best if the customer has an idea about what he or she likes to happen with the arrangement. So, here are the steps in making the document.

Step 1: Determine the Areas

When making the contract, you have to start with the goals at hand. What specific areas need grooming? Which room gets untidy most of the time? For commercial buildings, cleaning services take care of the offices and function rooms by dusting and disinfecting tables. On the other hand, homes have more work considering the various rooms in the house. With that, the owner should provide details on places that require cleaning.

Step 2: Provide the Schedule

Next, the focus should be on the allotted schedules for sanitization. Will the owner need daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning? If so, what time and day would the cleaning crew come? By having a timetable, the two parties can work out the best plan in doing the work. Additionally, the owner can make sure the schedule will work for other people in the house or office.

Step 3: Settle the Payment Methods and Pricing

If the schedule is complete, the two parties can settle on the payment for the services. The service provider has a list of prices for the convenience of clients. The customer can choose which package will be suitable for the office space or house. When settled, the two will discuss the method of payment. Some clients choose monthly fees, and others prefer providing pay after every completed job.

Step 4: Confidentiality Agreement or Clauses

Not all cleaning contracts have confidentiality agreements or clauses, especially if it looks unnecessary. However, some clients value privacy in their business proceedings and structure. From that, the customer adds these provisions in the document. Large corporations, politicians, and celebrities have this clause to avoid confidential information from the public’s eye and scrutiny.


Will the hired cleaner be liable if he or she damages my property?

The liabilities and responsibilities of the cleaner will be on the contract. Hence, the designated cleaners can be held liable if they damage parts or items in the property. Nevertheless, both parties can settle the problem through compensation and replacement. However, if the situation escalates, you should call the company to discuss the matter.

Is it okay to give rewards to my cleaning service provider?

Giving tips or rewards can be an excellent way to thank the services of the person appointed by the service provider. Although you are paying service fees, you can still lend a helping hand to the cleaner. Sometimes, you can uplift the spirit and motivation of the employee through simple gestures of appreciation.

Can I extend my contract with the cleaning company?

Yes, you may extend the agreement by renewing the contract. On the other hand, if you think otherwise, you can use an extension agreement to change the end-date of the contract. Either way, you have the authority to make changes with the arrangement.

Should I be present when the cleaners clean my property?

You have the option to stay during the cleaning procedures or to leave the property. If you chose the latter, you should provide clear instructions to the cleaners to avoid confusion. And importantly, check the property after the cleaning service to see missed spots and other concerns.

Having a stress-free and clean surrounding can work wonders for anyone. The individual can think more, do other activities, and complete tasks at minimal time. But sanitizing the area and keeping things in order also takes up a lot of hours. Instead of giving the chore to employees, businesses should hire a professional cleaning crew to handle the job. And to avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding, a cleaning contract aligns the focus and goals of the two parties. At the end of the day, the company has a polished workplace and a happy environment.