50+ SAMPLE Spelling Tests

What Is a Spelling Test?

A spelling test refers to an assessment test of a person’s skill to spell words appropriately. For sure, you must have encountered it during your school years, particularly in English class. Meanwhile, a sample spelling test refers to the worksheet or template used to conduct the spelling test. Hence, a sample spelling test is a template that will be transformed into a piece of paper, spreadsheet, or document used by any examinee who will take the spelling test.

It has been reported that kids start learning the alphabet at two years old; by four years old, they can spell out basic words already.

Meanwhile, Statista’s 2020 research survey confirmed there were about 14,188 language mistakes published daily on the internet in Poland.

Why Are Spelling Tests Necessary?

A spelling test is needed so people of all ages become literate enough. Knowing how to spell is not about becoming a know-it-all but practicing effective communication. Incorrect spelling can trigger conflict, confusion, or misinterpretation. A concrete example is how there were over 14,188 language mistakes published daily on the internet in Poland. A single error could already change the meaning of a message may it be laughable or serious. And by taking spelling tests regularly, one shall master not only the spelling of words but also their meaning, pronunciation, and so much more.

Spelling tests are important since there is a level of advancement per test. It is okay to commit mistakes in the test because you will improve eventually. In fact, you can take an easy, medium, or advanced spelling test. Start at the very bottom until you are ready for the difficult route. That explains why spelling tests are also categorized according to 1st-grade spelling, 2nd-grade spelling, 3rd-grade spelling, and so forth. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be wise to ask a preschooler to spell the word ‘Xanthosis.’ The appropriate level is observed.

What Are the Basic Components of a Spelling Test Worksheet?

Now that you know how important a spelling test is, don’t forget to familiarize what components are found inside the spelling test’s worksheet. This form or document used by examinees who take the spelling test must be properly made. Otherwise, the whole exam could be a failure. So be sure to add the following components to the spelling test worksheet:

Title: For whatever spreadsheet, document, or tool you use as the spelling test’s worksheet, be sure to add the title ‘Spelling Test’ at the top of that sheet. This title sends a direct introductory statement that the document is used for a spelling test and not for any other purpose.Spelling Test Level: Include the worksheet’s spelling test level. This part specifies if the spelling test document is meant for preschoolers, middle schoolers, high schoolers, or college students. Without identifying the level, you might end up giving a very advanced spelling test to an audience filled with 1st graders.Name of Examinee: There will be individual sheets given per examinee in a spelling test. And in a sheet, the examinee should write his or her full name for identification purposes. That will make it easier in tracking who took the test and whose scores from the test they belong to.Date: The date section is self-explanatory. It is where examinees log the date of when they took the spelling test. The standard in writing the test schedule is indicating the time, day, month, and year of the test.Score: The score section will only matter when the spelling test sheets are checked. As teachers or anyone of authority will refer to the spelling answer sheets and check the answers of the examinees, they would write the score of each student in the score section—which is typically presented in a blank, circle, or box.Type of Spelling Test: Don’t forget to consider what type of spelling test to use in the sheet. There are four types of spelling tests which are the oral spelling test, proofreading-style test, multiple-choice spelling test, and the spelling bee. And you will learn about each type later on.Itemized List of Blanks: It is standard that spelling tests have an itemized list of blanks, particularly in the spelling bee and oral spelling test. Number 1 is where you answer the first spelling and then so forth. For some cases, like the multiple-choice spelling test and proofreading-style test, there are choices provided in choosing the correct spelling or you write the correct spelling instead.

What Are The Types of Spelling Tests?

There are many examples of spelling tests that are categorized according to four specific types. What exactly are they? In this section, you will learn about the major types of spelling tests.

Oral Spelling Test

One of the most common ways to conduct a spelling test is done orally. This usually applies in school where the teacher pronounces a word aloud and the pupils will write its spelling. And the examinee’s auditory skills will be put to the test here because how you hear the word matters. And for some words that are pronounced alike (homonyms), a definition should follow after uttering the word for clarification.

Spelling Bee Test

A spelling bee test marks the most challenging out of the many types of spelling tests. There are even many spelling bee competitions in schools out there. This example is somehow related to the oral spelling test where someone utters a word to spell out. However, answering the spelling bee is done one at a time. So one examinee may have a different word to spell from another examinee. And in competitions, each examinee is expected to speak the letters of the word in front of an audience.

Proofreading-Style Test

The proofreading-style test is where examinees are given a sentence or paragraph to read through. But this is more than just a book review because your task is to search for the spelling errors in the sentences or paragraphs. After that, the examinee will provide the correct spelling of the misspelled word in the worksheet.

Multiple-Choice Spelling Test

The multiple-choice spelling test is where a test contains options of words. And the task is to find the correct spelling from those choices. For example, pick the correct spelling from the following: a. destraught, b. distraught, c. distaught, or d. distrauht. Hence, the examinee will encircle the letter b as the correct answer. This probably is the easiest type because you can compare the words from the given spellings in the test.

How to Create a Spelling Test Worksheet

Now for the main dish of the article, are you ready to make your own spelling test worksheet? Preparing a spelling test is quite easy because you only need a copy of the correctly spelled words and pronounce them to the examinees. But, you have to prepare a uniform and easy-to-use worksheet for the examinees to write down their answers. And you can create it by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a Sample Spelling Test

Making a spelling test worksheet from scratch is unnecessary. You can simply use any of the sample spelling tests listed above this article. Each sample template is customizable, making it convenient for you to use the MS Word version or the PDF version. Also, you can decide if the spelling test sheet should be printed or saved as a digital copy only. Go for whichever meets your purpose in making the worksheet until you are sure of how the output should turn out like.

Step 2: Insert the Standard Components of a Spelling Test

You cannot forget about adding the basic components of a spelling test, which were already talked about earlier. That means the spelling test sheet should be labeled from its title, spelling test level, name of the examinee, type of spelling test, date, and so much more. You can even add a few more relevant labels and elements that can improve the spelling test. Just don’t forget to arrange all the data accordingly to set an organized result.

Step 3: Observe an Easy-to-Use Structure

The spelling test sheets used by the examinees should be convenient for them to use. Otherwise, they might have a hard time navigating on where to write each answer. Another possible issue is when the spelling test worksheet has no instruction. Additional instructions are essential so examinees will be guided whether to fill in the blanks, encircle or box the letter of choice, etc. Conduct final evaluations until you are confident enough that the sheets are easy to use.

Step 4: Give Enough Space to Write Answers

It is possible that you already inserted a lot of components in the spelling test sheet from the title, place to put the score, type of test, etc. But, how about where the examinees jot down their answers? Ensure to give them enough space, particularly if the spelling test is a long one. The key is to make an itemized list, like a one-to-ten questionnaire. Putting numbers makes it easier for examinees to know which part to answer number one, number two, and so forth. And then, you are ready to start the spelling test.


What are some ways to master spelling tests?

You can definitely ace your next spelling test by reading more books, practicing with mnemonics, playing spelling games, spelling words aloud, or using those words from the tests often.

What are examples of the most misspelled words?

Words like separate, definitely, embarrass, consensus, occurrence, referred, unnecessary, bureaucracy, conscience, questionnaire, connoisseur, and broccoli are some words that are often misspelled by the public.

What is a spelling strategy?

A spelling strategy refers to the strategic plan where a person acquires a more precise spelling choice using a system that matches their learning style. That is because people learn differently so it is not a one-way approach only.

Whether you plan to create a spelling test for kids or a spelling test for adults, ensure that you provide the right tools for the examinees to use. As you take lesser spelling tests, it is easy to misspell certain words, which can be frustrating. It gets even more frustrating for the examinees when the worksheet used for the spelling test is the problem itself. And this is where editable, printable, and downloadable sample spelling tests are relevant—your go-to resources to craft professionally made worksheets for spelling tests. Download now!