What Is a Restroom Cleaning Checklist?

A restroom cleaning checklist, aka a bathroom cleaning checklist, is a reliable document used as anyone’s guide to conducting restroom cleaning effectively. It is basically a checklist containing steps and items related to restroom cleaning activities. And in every enlisted task precedes a corresponding checkbox where the cleaner puts a checkmark in the box after finishing that item’s task. Once all boxes are marked, you are through with your monthly, weekly, or daily restroom cleaning activity.

Based on a 2018 report, cleaning the toilet is reportedly the most disliked chore according to 41.80% of 2,000 Americans.

Also, did you know that Americans clean their main bathroom at least seven times a month? That is, according to the New York Post.

The Sweeping Elements of a Restroom Cleaning Checklist

While a restroom cleaning checklist’s meaning or function is clear, how about in terms of what the said checklist contains? Bear in mind that restroom cleaning checklists don’t have to be the same in terms of their enlisted tasks, format, and other details. But if you need help on what standard restroom cleaning checklists look like, they usually have the following sweeping elements:

Title: Although adding a title is optional, it is still helpful to state “Restroom Cleaning Checklist” in your checklist’s title. You might lose your checklist and the specific title or label should make it easier to identify, particularly when you lose it from loads of files. Thus, you can easily distinguish which checklist to use whenever it gets mixed up with different documents.Task List: The heart of the restroom cleaning checklist would be its itemized task list. Expect the checklist to contain a series of tasks and activities to clean the bathroom. From mopping the restroom floor, fixing the shower, replacing toilet papers, down to clearing up the clogged drains, expect a series of chores in this section. And how many tasks to add would depend on the bathroom size, number of furniture and fixture, etc.Tools and Equipment List: Besides the task checklist or different activities to pursue, you can’t forget about enlisting the tools and equipment needed to ace your cleaning tasks. Be sure to provide a separate checklist regarding what things to bring or prepare. You could list down a mop, broom, bucket, sponge, towel, and so much more. Because even if you know what tasks to complete but you lack the required tools or equipment, you could still fail at your chores.Checkboxes: What makes a checklist distinguishable from other documents and lists would be its checkboxes. A checklist naturally comes with checkboxes, which can also be circles and blanks, so that the ones using the document know where to put checkmarks for every completed task.Categories, Labels, and Figures: Besides a numbered list, checklists also contain categories, labels, and specific figures. So for your restroom cleaning checklist, figure out any creative or useful element you could add to organize and classify your checklist. Examples include inserting a chore chart, organizational chart, table, sketch, and many more.Schedule: Also an important element to insert into your checklist is the cleaning schedule. Anyone can make a detailed checklist but the problem is when the cleaner doesn’t have the commitment to do such tasks. Thus, set a specific time or schedule per cleaning activity to have a clear goal on when to finish the tasks. That explains why some bathroom cleaning tasks or cleaning, in general, can be divided into hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.Notes: For possible add-ons and other things you might want to add to the checklist later on, just leave an extra blank section meant for notes. Anything can be added there from your deadlines, cleaning budget, observations, etc.

What Are the Pristine Benefits of Restroom Cleaning Checklists?

Why do you need to create and use a restroom cleaning checklist, you might ask? In this section, you will understand the many advantages of restroom cleaning checklists and why they are important in the first place.

Forgetful No More

Instead of trying to memorize the many tasks to complete in effectively cleaning the restroom, using a checklist is a simpler reference. Every single activity is laid out in the checklist so you won’t forget a single thing on what to do from start to finish. Hence, anyone who easily forgets can simply refer to the restroom cleaning sheet or checklists to be guided accordingly.

Easy Routine

When you are trying to make a routine for a simpler and more convenient experience in bathroom cleaning, then using checklists is the best way to go. As you use your checklist regularly, the whole work becomes a routine. And as you are fully familiar with how restroom cleaning works, doing that job won’t be so difficult to adjust anymore.

Flexible for Different Uses and Purposes

Anyone can use a restroom cleaning checklist and for any purpose too. Just make sure you know what its purpose is so you won’t get mixed up. For example, restroom cleaning routines for your home and for an office would likely vary. The same goes in deciding if you are using the checklist for personal reasons or if it is the official instruction given to a professional cleaner.

Safety Assurance

The steps given in the restroom cleaning checklist were already planned, tested, and curated. So you can expect them to help you ace the cleaning process in the safest way possible. A safety checklist shouldn’t even be disparaged because a slippery floor whilst cleaning can be life-threatening. Thus, rookies shouldn’t head on to cleaning without a guide for their own safety.

Specific Instructions

The best part of a restroom cleaning checklist is its specific instructions. Being told that your task is simply to clean the bathroom sounds broad; the main question is how. And that is why checklists give out specific and complete instructions so cleaners won’t have to be perplexed about what to do and how to manage them.

Productivity Improvement

Maybe you already have an idea how to clean restrooms effectively but you aren’t productive in doing so. Thus, a restroom cleaning checklist exists to work as your daily reminder on how to be productive in completing them. That explains why a schedule or deadline is helpful for a checklist as they drive you to stay productive.

How to Craft a Spotless Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Be honest. Cleaning the bathroom isn’t anyone’s cup of tea but it is still crucial unless you want to continue using hazardous, damaged, or dirty restrooms. And since you received the whole introduction of a restroom cleaning checklist’s function, elements, and benefits, it is time to apply your knowledge in making the checklist itself. To be specific, here are the steps on how to make a spotless restroom cleaning checklist:

Step 1: Determine Your Restroom Cleaning Purpose

First things first, which restroom are you cleaning? Is it for a school, office, cafe, church, or simply for your house? Your purpose serves as a guide on what cleaning tasks and details should be added to the checklist. The same goes for who uses the checklist. Because if you used abbreviations or jargon that only you can understand, then you cannot do that for checklists meant for janitors or housekeepers. Thus, your audience matters too.

Step 2: Make a Draft Enlisting All the Cleaning Tasks for the Restroom

Now that you have an idea of what the restroom cleaning checklist is for, begin creating a draft of the possible bathroom cleaning tasks you need to incorporate into the checklist. A tip is to conduct a room inspection so you can figure out what cleaning activities are appropriate to list down. Because if you simply guess the task, what if you added a task related to cleaning the bathtub yet there is no bathtub in the restroom you are supposed to be cleaning anyway? Inspect the restroom thoroughly and you will know what tasks to deal with.

Step 3: Transfer Your Draft and Edit Using a Sample Template

It is okay if your draft still seems incomplete or disorganized because that won’t be your final checklist yet. Your next task is to find a sample restroom cleaning checklist template and you will transfer the important bits from your draft to your chosen template. Also, don’t forget to work your way into the printable bathroom or restroom template because it is editable, meaning you can change its appearance, content, format, and so much more. Take that advantage to optimize your checklist seamlessly.

Step 4: Polish Your Checklist’s Data, Organization, and Format

Improve your checklist’s data afterward. With each premade template you use, it can guide you on what possible cleaning tasks and standard formats apply to a restroom cleaning checklist. But you can add more and alter the format as well. The key is to write straight-to-the-point instructions so that they will be easy to follow. Organize your data carefully too by dividing them into tables, charts, etc. Be creative in doing the process.

Step 5: Create Separate Checklists

Sometimes, you need to break down your restroom cleaning checklist into more specific cleaning activities. For example, you have one cleaning checklist meant for the sink alone. That includes the faucet drain, mirror, and other elements near it. Meanwhile, you come up with a toilet cleaning checklist as a separate list meant for toilets and other elements beside it. That way, you won’t feel bombarded with endless tasks because you broke them down into smaller parts. You could have one checklist for the weekend and another checklist for Monday, perhaps. The decision is up to you.

Step 6: Complete the Basic Elements and Go for What Works Best

Of course, you can’t forget about completing the rest of the restroom cleaning checklist’s elements stated earlier. From title to notes, they should be around to complete the checklist. And most importantly, go for whatever decision works best to work on restroom cleaning conveniently. If you found an idea to simplify the process, then change your checklist. There is no need to go for difficult tasks when you could have made them easier anyway. And once you are happy with the outcome, start producing your finished checklist.


How often do Americans clean their bathroom?

According to the New York Post, a research survey confirmed that Americans clean their main bathroom at least seven times a month.

Here are highly commendable steps in cleaning a commercial restroom promptly:

  • Set up the wet floor signs for safety purposes.
  • Refill the toilet papers, soaps, and other fillable items.
  • Always empty the trash bins when they are full.
  • Mop the floor properly.
  • Clean the toilet, urinal, and other fixtures.
  • Ensure that no drains are clogged.
  • Always disinfect to prevent bacterial growth.

What are the best bathroom cleaning supplies?

Some bathroom cleaning supply must-haves are toilet bowl brushes or cleaners, plungers, glass cleaners, all-purpose cleaning sprays, sponges, rubber gloves, brooms, dustpans, rags or paper towels, tile cleaners, mops, deep cleaning tools, and disinfectants.

Maintaining a clean and spotless restroom isn’t just for visual purposes, although it is a bonus, as it is more on observing a health advantage and keeping a functional bathroom to be ready for use anytime. You can deter health hazards and keep restroom facility fixtures and equipment in top shape with periodic restroom cleaning. And to ensure that you won’t have to treat bathroom cleaning as a dishonorable and unsustainable task, use a sample restroom cleaning checklist for a seamless and polished experience. Download a template now!