Office cleaning is a menial work, but things about it are also formal these days. Even this kind of service has a proposal or a cleaning proposal. The janitorial team or company should give this to a company that requires commercial cleaning for their offices. The proposal letter is in a form of a bid at times. Sometimes it is a contract for a particular length of service. To give cleaning services is one job that is widely known today. It is sometimes beneficial rather than hiring a janitor. You can have a whole team that can clean your office as a package in the deal. It means that more labor can be bought with just a few amount of money. This benefit causes companies to hire a commercial cleaning company.

What is an Office Cleaning Proposal?

An office cleaning proposal can be a contract or a bid about a job for cleaning an office of a company. It is a letter that expresses the desire to clean the said office, providing janitorial services. This service can be given by a commercial cleaning company. They may be a carpet cleaning service or an overall janitorial services. The janitors will clean the office – its floors, windows, ceilings, chairs, computer, tables – all the rooms. They would do a greater much cleaning that is better than cleaning a house. Of course, an office should be more polished than a house. It deserves a much better sense of cleaning. It has to be vacuumed carefully and it should be like new always. If housekeeping has its way in hotels, commercial cleaning is the analogy for offices. After making a bid or submitting an office cleaning proposal, the commercial cleaning company waits for the acceptance of the proposal letter, and upon acceptance will start the work in the office. They would send workers or janitors that can do the commercial cleaning. Sometimes, it is critical for companies to hire cleaning services because they have to ensure that the office will be cleaned well. The contents of the office are delicate things so they have to choose companies that can be careful. The office has window glasses, tables are even made of glass sometimes, and computers are fragile. To give cleaning services is not an easy job to do. It requires a lot of labor and patience from all the workers.

Elements of an Office Cleaning Proposal

An office cleaning proposal has elements that you should put in it. They comprise the whole proposal and you should not miss any of these. Here are the elements that you should include in your office cleaning proposal:

Cover Letter A cover letter contains your thankfulness to the company for considering your cleaning services. Here, you can tell all your services and you can explain all the cleaning processes. You can tell how the work will begin and how it will end. It should also consist of an overview of your commercial cleaning company. This is to better introduced your company and your cleaning service to the company that you are giving a bid. The cover letter should be a good one because your proposal can depend on it.Price Quote The proposal should include the quote for the job that needs to be done. There are things to consider in giving a quote like the number of restrooms, the size of the kitchen, the kind of equipments and furnitures, etc. The quote should be enough for the cleaning that you have to do and it depends on the size of the whole space of the office. This quote cannot be varied in most times. It is a fixed amount unless you let the company to request for a lesser quote.Company Information A detailed information about the company is needed. Tell the client who you are. Tell them all the services that you can give. A good description of the company and all your services is a good way on how you can convince the client to accept the proposal. Give the history of the company and tell how long have you been doing the cleaning services. Tell also the type of your ownership. Inform the client with the process of your cleaning service. Tell where you can specialize. For example, if you do well on industrial kitchens. Enumerate your facilities and tell how your company stands out among the rest. You can mention to the client your hiring process and your uniform policies. This section provides you the opportunity to impress the client about you, so tell the company information in the best way that you can.Cleaning Service Description In this section, you will be definite in all the cleanings that you will do in the office. The details of the tasks and its frequency should be cited clearly. Give a full description of any cleaning service that you can give. Be careful not to include description of the things that you cannot do. If the client tells you they are the ones who will wipe their tables, do not include that in your services. Be definite. Or you may find the workers of that company asking you to do the cleaning that you do not have to do. Enumerate all the tasks that you can give and give an exact description on each of them. Give a right checklist for your services.Supplies and Equipments To impress the client, you must put the equipments and the supplies that you are going to use in cleaning. This shows that you are equipped in doing the job. If the client will see that you have all the proper equipments and supplies, they will be convinced that you can do the job well. Call this an accesory of your work that you greatly need. You cannot have a proposal without you bragging your equipments and supplies. Sometimes, it is what can convince the clients aside from the price. So before you lose your chance, list your equipments and supplies to your proposal.Quality Assurance To make the client accept your offer, you must provide measures for quality assurance. You must tell them how you are continually training your staff and assessing the job that they can provide. Ensure them that the service is often evaluated and that you monitor your staff regularly. Put a description how your company will keep to the contract. Do not waste the opportunity. In this section, rave to them about your commercial cleaning company and tell them how you can give services effectively.Frequency of Work This tells how often you will be going to clean the office. Have a definite schedule for it. You can suggest to clean every week or every three days. Ask the company how soon does their office gets dirty so you can know what is the frequency of work that you are going to provide to your client. There are companies who requires daily cleaning in their office. Be sure to offer this kind of service, too. Frequency of work should go along the tasks descriptions as not all tasks can be done daily.References Add references that will serve as a proof of your work to the client. These are past projects that you have done before. List the name of the companies that have hired your commercial cleaning company. You can also include the scope of the project that you have done with them. Payment Terms Things like invoicing should be stated in the office cleaning proposal. The client must know how they can pay you and you must tell them all your payment terms. Tell them all the methods that your company use in accepting payments. You must include a number of methods so the client can choose how they can pay you the bill.Terms and Conditions State responsibilities that you should have as your company do the cleaning process. These obligations must be realistic because you do not want the client to reject your office cleaning proposal just because the letter is burdensome. Lists a few things that both of you can adhere to and put proper terms about it if necessary.

How to Write an Office Cleaning Proposal

Step 1: Have a walkthrough.

A walkthrough schedule is needed before committing in an office cleaning. It can be done before submitting a proposal letter. A commercial cleaning company should see first the whole office to assess how much cleaning will they do and what is the right cost for it. If it is a 3000 square meters office, they can put the right amount for cleaning it. They have to be familiar with the measure of the space that they have to clean. Know if there are so many furnitures and equipments that should be cleaned. It is very essential before they can make the proposal. They will know what to put in their proposal after assessing the office that they were about to clean. With a walkthrough, they know that they will not get underpaid.

Step 2: Communicate with the client.

After assessing the office, you can come up with a quote that you can give to the client. Negotiate with the client. Tell them the possible services that you can give. Ask them the things that they need in cleaning the office. Know if they have requests in particular. This will make you more decisive with the price quote that you can put in the proposal. Having the first talk is not a bad thing before you will make an office cleaning proposal.

Step 3: Pick a template and write your bid.

Before you write a bid, pick a template on office cleaning proposal. You can find an office cleaning proposal template on service proposal templates. A janitorial proposal template is useful because it already has contents that you can follow. Search also for sample cleaning proposal or sample cleaning contract proposal that you can have as a reference. After finding these materials, you can proceed on writing your office cleaning proposal. Make a good bid. Impress the client with the best introduction that you can give. Emphasize details that can compliment your writing. Be specific about descriptions. The proposal letter should be attractive so it would capture the attention of the client.

Step 4: Reassure the client that you will give a good service.

For your bid to be effective, the client must see that you are going to give them a good work. With your proposal, you have to convince them. Aside from providing good details about the job, you must give a few sentences that would entice them to buy your service. Tell them how good your service is and that you will provide excellent work.

Step 5: Submit the office cleaning proposal after proofreading.

Proofread the proposal after writing it. Then when you see that it is complete and perfect, submit it to the client and wait for his approval. If the client will not response in a few days, then have a follow up. After all, its your persistence that can give you the job. If you will be lucky that the client will accept your proposal, then prepare your cleaning team to do the tasks. Provide uniforms to your staff so they would be a lot proper to do the job. Uniform is essential because they are going to enter a workplace and even workers there have uniforms. They should not be in civilians dress because that can cause confusion to the office, more especially if the workers of the client do not wear a uniform. After your team is set in cleaning the office, do the tasks as you have promised in your office cleaning proposal.


Is Proposal For Cleaning Services Necessary to Get Office Cleaning Jobs?

Companies now are so professional that they require an office cleaning proposal before they will give you the chance to clean for their companies. If this is what needed, you must make a proposal first and submit it to the client for approval. There is no other way around as this is how the normal way goes. Although, there could be some companies that accepts a verbal agreement, they can be rare. So if you want to get a lot of clients, you should make an office cleaning proposal.

What is the Best Frequency For Cleaning Services?

You can ask your client about this. They are the first that should tell how often do they want their offices to be cleaned. Frequencies can vary from daily to weekly, and sometimes it depends on the tasks that should be done. But whatever is the frequency, be sure to keep it.

Where Can I Find the Best Cleaning Services?

If you want popularity and the best service, you can search for that commercial cleaning company on the internet. It can provide you a number of companies. You can also ask your friends. They may know the best cleaning services near you. You can get the best service that you need without you hiring the best company, which may be costly.

Having a cleaning service is a good business that anyone can have. You just need to produce a staff of janitors and you just have to make an office cleaning proposal. Afterwards, you can make bids to companies that needs cleaning services. There are a lot of companies that can be your client. You have a whole lot of client ahead of you. So make the best office cleaning proposal to get more clients.